Lead with Hospitality: Be Human. Emotionally Connect. Serve Selflessly.

Lead with Hospitality: Be Human. Emotionally Connect. Serve Selflessly.

Lead with Hospitality: Be Human. Emotionally Connect. Serve Selflessly.

Lead with Hospitality: Be Human. Emotionally Connect. Serve Selflessly.


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Across all industries and levels of organizations, one key leadership trait inspires and motivates more than any other: hospitality.

We have all encountered inspirational leaders who've helped us, taught us, encouraged us, pushed us to get outside our comfort zones, or motivated us to become the best version of ourselves. What is it about their leadership styles that inspires us to do more for our team and our personal and professional growth? 

Turns out, we admire these leaders for the same reasons we love our favorite hotels, resorts, restaurants, or bars: How they make us feel is essential. Members of today's workforce—especially millennials and Gen Z—are looking for inspiring environments and work that truly fulfills them. Before anyone is compelled to do anything they first must feel. Speaker, consultant, and hospitality industry veteran Taylor Scott knows that the most effective leaders approach their roles with heart, emotionally connecting with their team members before attempting to manage them. Scott draws from his two decades in leadership roles at respected hotels, resorts, and restaurants. He distills the principles of gracious hospitality, translating them into actionable leadership lessons which apply in any industry, such as: 

   • How making people feel welcome fosters loyalty and keeps workers engaged with an organization's purpose
   • How serving people with empathy and compassion sparks workers' highest productivity
   • How making people feel comfortable encourages exploration, curiosity, and discovery while inviting everyone to lean into their creativity 
   • How making people feel significant drives them to deliver their best work

He also shares specific, practical steps you can take to put these principles into action. Scott shows how to connect, serve, engage, coach, and inspire your peers, teams, and even your own leaders. Lead with Hospitality is a call to action to connect with people on a human level which ultimately inspires teams, organizations, and companies to go to the next level.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781637745007
Publisher: BenBella Books, Inc.
Publication date: 06/06/2023
Pages: 256
Sales rank: 1,068,593
Product dimensions: 5.40(w) x 8.10(h) x 0.80(d)

About the Author

Taylor Scott has a passion for leadership that began at a young age, growing up in Kentucky as a Point Guard on his high school basketball team. He learned the power of influence and persuasion, which all leaders require. Scott has worked for notable brands such as Disney Parks and Resorts, The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, Wynn Encore Las Vegas, Gaylord Hotels and Resorts, Starwood Hotels and Resorts, and Disney Vacation Club. He graduated with honors from Florida Southern College, in Lakeland, FL, earning a BS in Business Administration. Later in his career, he earned a Masters of Management in Hospitality from Cornell University.

Table of Contents

Foreword by Jon Gordon


Chapter 1 Welcome Creating a Space Where People Will Stay
Find the Elephant in the Room
Wally World through the Eyes of a Child
You’re Welcome Here
When They Feel Welcome
Emotional Connection
Help Them Relax
Put Their Mind at Ease
Establish Credibility
Have Fun
Put Hospitality in Action—Activating a Sense of Welcome
Chapter 2 Acceptance Accepting Yourself, Accepting Others, and Accepting Organizational Realities
The Accepting Leader
Everyone Feels Accepted at Kimpton
How Times Have Changed
Accept Organizational Realities
Put Hospitality in Action—Activating Acceptance
Action Plan to Lead with Hospitality: CONNECT
Part Two SERVE
Chapter 3 Empathy Understanding before Explanation Wins Over Hearts and Minds
Leadership Empathy
A Tale of Two Leaders: The Superhuman Leader versus the Human Leader
Seek Understanding
Vocalize Your Understanding
Be Willing to Adapt
Put Hospitality in Action—Activating Empathy
Chapter 4 Service To Serve Is to LEAD—Listen, Educate, Act, Deliver
The Impact of Serving Your Team
How to Serve with LEAD
When You Serve Others, They Pay It Forward
Get in the Sauce
Put Hospitality in Action—Activating Service

Action Plan to Lead with Hospitality: SERVE

Part Three ENGAGE
Chapter 5 Comfort Curiosity, Productive Conversations, and Meaningful Relationships Happen Where People Feel Secure
Make Them Feel Comfortable
Conversations and Collaboration
Put Hospitality in Action—Activating Comfort

Chapter 6 Genuine Kindness A Gift Worth Giving because It’s Always Well Received
Kindness Is Truly a Gift
Kindness Is Contagious
Kindness Is Inspiring
Put Hospitality in Action—Activating Kindness

Chapter 7 Encouragement Uplifting People Fuels Hearts, Which Fuels Minds, Which Fuels Successful Teams
Recognition: Sawubona Means “We See You”
In Transition
At Least They See Me
Assistance: Be Like Joe
Put Hospitality in Action—Activating Encouragement
Action Plan to Lead with Hospitality: ENGAGE
Chapter 8 Importance Once People Feel Significant, They Lean In, Step Up, and Deliver Their Best
Make Them Feel Important
The Story of Sally and Significance
A True “Importance” Story
Put Hospitality in Action—Activating Importance

Chapter 9 Grace Amazing Grace Wins Every Time
Graceful Actions
Generous Explanations
Last Chance U
Your Own Leadership Docuseries
Put Hospitality in Action—Activating Grace

Chapter 10 Planning and Coaching Strategic Planning Charts the Course, and Effective Coaching Steers the Ship
Simple Planning Goes a Long Way
Your Personal Disney Vacation Club Guide
Sales Is Leadership and Leadership Is Sales
Help Them Set SMART Goals
How Are You Spending Your Time?
Let It Go
Tough Accountability Conversations
Put Hospitality in Action—Activating Strategic Planning and Coaching

Chapter 11 Inspiration Why People Do More, Become Their Best, and Deliver Their Best Work
What Scholars Found about Inspiration
Speaking of Progress
Stories to Tell
Creating Self-Motivating Environments
Meaningful Work
Put Hospitality in Action—Activating Inspiration
Action Plan to Lead with Hospitality: INSPIRE
Appendix: My Hospitality Journey

What People are Saying About This

From the Publisher

“This is the secret sauce leaders need to elevate their game!”
Laura Cazatt, senior manager of brand merchandising at The Walt Disney Company

"Connecting with people on a human level opens up the pathway to leading them to become their best. Taylor Scott paints a perfect picture of the threads between gracious hospitality and transformational leadership. This book is as educational as it is entertaining, and as useful as it is inspiring."
—Chip Conley, strategic advisor for hospitality and leadership at Airbnb and founder of Modern Elder Academy
“Taylor Scott proves that authentically connecting with your employees and treating them with  . . . hospitable guiding principles, is what elevates leaders to greatness. By sharing his own personal experiences working with some of the hospitality greats, he lays out a plan that is not only actionable, but enjoyable.”
Sarah Moore, vice president of brand marketing at MGM Resorts International
“This book gets to the heart of what matters (or should) in organizations today. Taylor Scott has worked for some blue chip organizations and he's taken what he learned from experience and now teaches how these ideas will make your business better.”
Mark Sanborn, president of Sanborn & Associates, Inc. and author of The Fred Factor and The Intention Imperative
“Taylor Scott walks the walk! His ability to create genuine connections with his peers and teams is almost magical.”
Colleen Birch, Chief Operating Officer at Fontainebleau Las Vegas

"Taylor Scott's stories illustrate the power of leading with hospitality and his action plans offer step by step guides to setting yourself apart as a transformational leader. You can read this book today and be better tomorrow."
Joni Teragawachi, director of global learning design at United Airlines

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