Legend of the Death Race: Conquering Life with Courage, Power, & Wisdom

Legend of the Death Race: Conquering Life with Courage, Power, & Wisdom

Legend of the Death Race: Conquering Life with Courage, Power, & Wisdom

Legend of the Death Race: Conquering Life with Courage, Power, & Wisdom


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“Suffering is an authentic part of the human experience. But a form of sport? ...what motivates someone to test himself like this?” - Joe De Sena, New York Times Best Selling Author and Founder of the Death Race and Spartan Race

In the Green Mountains of Vermont, one of the world's most extreme endurance events pushes racers to their absolute limits. With no defined start or finish, the DEATH RACE strips away all of life's comforts and forces racers to dig deep within themselves to overcome the challenges they will face. In this riveting narrative, the former Director of Spartan Endurance, Tony Matesi, takes his readers deep into his journey to complete this event and shows how he applies the principles he learned overcoming the challenges we face in everyday life.

Discover the importance of conquering life's obstacles through courage, power, and wisdom, with Tony, who shares his three-year journey to finish the legendary race and earn the elusive finisher's skull. Matesi's incredible story will not only engage your mind, but it will inspire and invigorate your psyche and body as he shows us that everyone has the power to overcome any of life's obstacles -- and it all begins with having the courage to start.

This is merely one of the legends of the Death Race, to hear more tune-in to the Legend of the Death Race Podcast.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781734541700
Publisher: Legend of the Death Race, LLC
Publication date: 03/10/2020
Pages: 292
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.66(d)

Table of Contents

Foreword By: Joe De Sena - Founder Of The Death Race 1

Prologue - Before Death 6

Chapter 1 - Destination: Death Race, Vermont 12

Chapter 2 - The Beginning 16

Chapter 3 - Crawling Under Highways, Pink Swim Caps And Slosh Pipes 22

Chapter 4 - Bloodroot 30

Chapter 5 - The Tribulations Of Team Tire 39

Chapter 6 - Human Error Or Betrayal 47

Chapter 7 - Make It Hurt So Good 57

Chapter 8 - The Comeback Kids 66

Chapter 9 - And We'll Keep Fighting Til The End 73

Chapter 10 - Sleepyhead 82

Chapter 11 - Never Quit, Never Surrender 89

Chapter 12 - The Months After Death 101

Chapter 13 - Jet-Setter 110

Chapter 14 - Stairway To Heaven 117

Chapter 15 - Mile High Staircase 122

Chapter 16 - Ready, Set... 129

Chapter 17 - A Dance With Barbed Wire 139

Chapter 18 - The Unexpected 146

Chapter 19 - Between A Rock And A Hard Place: Bloodroot 155

Chapter 20 - Surviving The Delusions 162

Chapter 21 - Down With The Sickness 168

Chapter 22 - Swim To Death 174

Chapter 23 - The Spartan Life 182

Chapter 24 - Here We Go Again 188

Chapter 25 - Another Beginning 196

Chapter 26 - Return Of The Stone Stairs 205

Chapter 27 - Bloodroot Water Giver 212

Chapter 28 - Pocahontas And Porucpine Quills 219

Chapter 29 - Charred Axes And A Bucket Full Of Lies 227

Chapter 30 - A Ravine And A Cemetery 235

Chapter 31 - Endless Yoga 240

Chapter 32 - Comin' In Hot 250

Chapter 33 - A Tale Of Two Buses 259

Chapter 34 - The Final Hours 267

Chapter 35 - Skulls 274

Epilogue 286

Acknowledgments 289

Glossary 293

About The Author 298

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