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LETTERS TO THE HOME is a collection of poetry that seeks to explore family, memory, mental health, sexuality, grief, and trauma. The poems, ranging from four lines to one hundred, sliced in parts or told as one, written stream-of-conscious or slowly shaped, tell a story of grief and reconciliation. In these poems, cars almost crash, letters are never sent, odes are composed, and memories are unearthed.
Achingly personal and stripped bare, LETTERS TO THE HOME is a raw examination of what it means to grow up mentally ill; to be “other” in a world that values sameness; to reconcile memory with fact; and, at the center of everything, what it means to lose a sibling.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781486717996
Publisher: Flowerpot Press
Publication date: 09/10/2019
Series: The Southern Songbird
Pages: 92
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 8.90(h) x 0.30(d)
Age Range: 14 - 18 Years

About the Author

Michael Gray Bulla is a writer and poet from Franklin, Tennessee. He was named the 2017 Nashville Youth Poet Laureate with Southern Word and has won six awards from the Scholastic Art and Writing Competition. Currently, he is pursuing a degree in English. During the rare moments when he isn’t writing, he can be found drawing, consuming copious amounts of Diet Coke, or watching '90s cartoons with his niece.
LETTERS TO THE HOME is his first poetry collection. You can find him on Twitter and Instagram under @graybulla.

Kelly Cass Falzone is a poet, book artist, educator, and Master’s level counselor living in Nashville. Most recently awarded the 2018 Bea Gonzalez Prize for Poetry, Falzone’s work has appeared in journals such as Stone Canoe, Nashville Arts Magazine, Clackamas Literary Review, Poet’s On:, First Class Lit, and Cumberland Poetry Review, among others.

The Nashville Youth Poet Laureate is a joint program of the Office of the Mayor, Metro Arts: Nashville Office of Arts + Culture, Nashville Public Library’s Studio NPL, Nashville Public Library Foundation, Metro Nashville Public Schools, Urban Word, and Southern Word. The Nashville Youth Poet Laureate program aims to identify young writers and leaders who are committed to civic and community engagement, diversity and tolerance, and youth voice across Nashville.

Table of Contents

Part I

This is How the World Ends 8

A Letter to the Home 10

Cellblock 11

Battery 12

Neon 13

Shotgun 14

A Letter from the Youngest Child to the Middle about the Oldest 15

Swollen 17

Ether 18

Bone 19

Surgical 20

Graphic 21

Sleep Talking 22

Deadbeat 23

Sometimes When I'm Doing Well 24

Covet 25

Smother 26

A Poem about Glass 27

Amputation 28

Hospital 29

I Want to Write in Memories (Part I) Earth, Or: A Letter to Anyone 30

Who Will Listen 31

Birdsong 32

Memory Loss 33

A Letter to My Best Friend 35

Pertaining to My Inability to Connect With Others (Part I) 36

November Tour, Or; Happy Birthday You Piece of Shit 38

Tonsillectomy 40

"How Have You Been?" 42

Musing in the Airport Parking Lot Row 2F, 7:09 A.M 43

Drought 44

"Do You Have the Time?" 45

Wallpaper, Shovel, and Key 46

Missed Call 48

Part II

How to Turn Something Ugly 51

On: The Madwoman in the Attic 53

A Poem about Today 56

Silver Speech 56

On: Holden Caulfield's Believed Diagnosis of "Just Some More Angsty Teenage Bullshit" 57

Pertaining to My Inability to Connect with Others (Part II) 59

On: Enkidu's "Becoming" 61

In Defense of the Closet 62

Portrait of a Young Man 65

Fish 67

I Go to the Movies with a Boy 68

A Letter to the Girls Who Say They Converted Me 70

A Letter to the Boy on School Bus #35 Who the Other Kids Called "Fag" 71

Ode to My Car 72

I Want to Write in Memories (Part II) 74

Crowbar 75

I Thought I Saw You in a Grocery Store Parking Lot 76

A Letter to the Sister from the Little Brother 77

A Thank You Letter from the Youngest Child to the Middle 78

Roadkill 80

Home, Before 81

Albino 82

Bricks 83

A Letter to the Reader 85

Acknowledgments 88

About the Author 92

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