Live the Continuous Experience of Wholeness

Live the Continuous Experience of Wholeness

by Tom Stone

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Live the Continuous Experience of Wholeness by Tom Stone

You'll learn how to do the opposite of what you are deeply conditioned to do that keeps you stuck in your illusions of separateness. It fills the gap of the exact "HOW" that is missing in the works of Eckhart Tolle and others who have had spontaneous spiritual awakenings. It provides simple and highly effective techniques for rapidly resolving the emotional pain that comprises the pain body. It also provides clear descriptions for how to easily extract yourself from the identifications that make up the ego. These techniques represent major breakthroughs for the field of spiritual development. If you've been looking for a real, practical, super highway method for having your own spiritual awakening, you've just found it. Enjoy!

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Publisher: Tom Stone
Publication date: 02/04/2012
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About the Author

Tom Stone is an expert in the development of new techniques for resolving trauma and anxiety. He is the founder and CEO of Great Life Technologies, Inc. that is now providing trauma and anxiety resolution services of veterans and active duty military personnel and their families.
Tom studied classical guitar and composition at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music in the late 1960's. He developed a strong interest in the physics and mathematics of music which would later serve as a perfect background for the study of biophysics based medical concepts that are being pioneered in Germany. Tom was involved for more than 30 years with the practice and teaching of meditation. He also has a deep understanding of addiction recovery, has studied the homeopathic medical model developed in Germany in depth and is a leading teacher of applied kinesiology. Tom has given hundreds of lectures, seminars and training programs throughout the world.

Tom has been pioneering the new field of Human Software Engineering since the mid 1990's. His penetrating insights into the nature of human conditioning including his model - The Core Dynamics of Human Conditioning, shed new light on the real reasons behind the very limited capacity that most people have for resolving trauma and anxiety. His innovative 8 Pure Awareness Techniques teach people to become skillful at resolving trauma and anxiety within themselves. These techniques are currently being taught to veterans, active duty military and others who have experienced severe traumas. The results are unprecedented, thorough resolution of trauma and anxiety that appear to be permanent.

Tom is well qualified to be an expert in resolving trauma. On December 7th,1993, Tom was shot in the chest by a deranged stranger with a .44 caliber handgun. He miraculously lived through this assault and began his search for real solutions to the trauma resulting from this event. This lead him to the beginnings of the discovery of the techniques that are now being used to train Trauma Resolution Specialists world wide. In addition to veterans and active duty military personnel the techniques have been found equally effective for rape victims, victims of violent crimes, domestic abuse, natural disasters, first responders, etc.

Tom is an extraordinary and entertaining trainer and presenter. He has an unusual gift of making complex things simple and easy to understand.

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