Living With Lung And Colon Endometriosis

Living With Lung And Colon Endometriosis

by Glynis D. Wallace


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In 1958 100 women were written up in the literature with endometriosis on the lung causing it to fill up with fluid and collapse. Catamenial pneumothorax was considered extremely rare, but actually an under-recognized manifestation of catamenial ectopic endometriosis. 2016 record numbers of women have been diagnosed globally with menstrual lung collapse and other presentations referred to as Thoracic Endometriosis Syndrome.


A plainspoken chronicle of living with a dreadful case of a difficult-to-diagnosis disease.

What started as a minor pain just below her ribs would soon begin to impact the author’s breathing, and she was eventually diagnosed with pulmonary endometriosis. Endometriosis usually affects the mucous membrane of the uterus, but it can also be a traveler, with endometrial implants attaching themselves to the colon and the lungs. The tissue of the implants sheds, causing a monthly flow of blood that can lead to lung collapse. Desiring to call attention to the little-known disease, the author vibrantly recalls her 13-year struggle with the illness, the three major surgeries she underwent (in Army, Navy and Air Force hospitals) and the seven chest-tube procedures. She charts her progress and backslides, the expression of her symptoms and her close brushes with death. She also includes the surgeons’ narrative summaries of her operations. During her protracted battle with the disease, she faced countless debilitating procedures, including colonic resections and an abdominal hysterectomy with bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy. Though it may be expected that a military officer address each piece of new bad news with dignity and resolve, readers will still be impressed by Wallace’s fortitude, as well as the thoughtful, caring impulse that prompted her to write this book: to alert other women to this obscure, diagnostic nightmare of an illness.

A slim but sharp and valuable little book that will go a long way toward helping those who suffer from pulmonary endometriosis. Kirkus Discoveries August 31, 2006

First book published on Pulmonary Endometriosis/Catamenial Pneumothorax

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Publication date: 09/20/2005
Pages: 88
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About the Author

Dr. Wallace has a lot of faith. With her guardian angel on duty, she always completes the mission even with a collapsed lung due to endometriosis. Born in Midland, Texas and given a special mission to become a help to the nation she truly lives life with strength and courage, while battling this incurable disease. Glynis D. Wallace DMD, former Major in the United States Air Force. Diagnosed and treated at military facilities around the world during her illustrious military career. She is an internationally acclaimed champion and authority on living with this often under diagnosed and misunderstood disease.

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