London After Recession: A Fictitious Capital?

London After Recession: A Fictitious Capital?

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The City has long been the main generator of London's wealth and, needless to say, the impact of the Economic Crisis in the recent years on the City has greatly affected the wider urban and surrounding region, not to say country as a whole. This book examines the impact of the recession and discusses London's future trajectory as an entrepreneurial city and capital of the United Kingdom. While recognising the enduring capacity of London to 'reinvent' itself - from being the centre of a vast Empire to becoming a global centre for financial and business services - contributors evaluate different dimensions of the city's current and future development through analyses derived from sociological, economic, cultural and urban studies perspectives.

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ISBN-13: 9781409483342
Publisher: Ashgate Publishing Ltd
Publication date: 10/28/2012
Series: Design and the Built Environment
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
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About the Author

Gavin Poynter, University of East London, UK, Iain MacRury, University of East London, UK and Andrew Calcut, University of East London, UK.

Gavin Poynter, Sean Collins, Andrew Calcutt, Richard Sharpe, Daniel Ben-Ami, Iain MacRury, Alvaro de Miranda, James Woudhuysen, Maxine Newlands, Andrew Blake, Graham Barnfield, Alastair Donald, Penny Bernstock, Justine Cawley, Karina Berzins, Michael Rustin.

Table of Contents

Contents: Preface; Introduction: a fictitious capital?, Gavin Poynter; Part 1 Global Cities and Responses to Recession: The global recession, Gavin Poynter; New York City's economy: more than Wall Street?, Sean Collins; The glittering prizes of Shanghai, Alan Hudson; Finance and culture: twin towers in London's lightness of being, Andrew Calcutt. Part 2 Financialisation and London's Economy: Historic transitions and circuits in London's financial services, Richard Sharpe; Opening and closing spaces for fictitious capital: the state and finance capital in London, Richard Sharpe; London's financial services: after the credit crunch, Daniel Ben-Ami; The apprentice: realities and fictions for the London skyline, Iain MacRury; A tale of two journalisms: counteracting tendencies in London's media, Andrew Calcutt; The real economy and the regeneration of East London, Alvaro de Miranda; Energy, James Woudhuysen; Carbon trading in the city of undoing, Maxine Newlands; Music from the storm clouds: the continuing troubles of the music business, Andrew Blake; Farewell Nathan Barley? The rise and decline of the freelance creative, Graham Barnfield. Part 3 Mobility and Social Policy in London: Overcoming the limits to travel, Alastair Donald; Immigration and London's economy, Gavin Poynter; The housing crisis, Penny Bernstock and Gavin Poynter; The health service of the future, Justine Cawley; Hard times for higher education: knowledge economy, economies of knowledge, Karina Berzins. Part 4 London’s Future: The crisis of fictitious capital, Michael Rustin; Toward a new urban economy?, Gavin Poynter and Michael Rustin; Index.

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