London's Best Kept Secret

London's Best Kept Secret

by Anabelle Bryant

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In Anabelle Bryant’s latest novel of ardor and ambition, a lord will stop at nothing to possess the woman of his dreams . . .
In monetary matters, Jeremy Lockhart, Viscount Dearing, is used to being in control, but from his first sight of Lady Charlotte, his carefully cultivated world is rocked to its foundations. Determined to best her other, more eligible suitors, he goes to great lengths to ensure his betrothal to Charlotte. A locked black leather box holds the dark secret that has assured his success.
Innocent Lady Charlotte is baffled by her new husband’s behavior. Why does Lord Dearing seem so distant one day, and so attentive the next? Her family’s dire financial straits did not allow her the luxury of an extended courtship. If only she could entice him into the marriage bed! When at last Charlotte’s efforts are rewarded, she revels in Jeremy’s unexpectedly bold possessiveness. But outside of their bedchambers, her groom’s guardedness quickly returns. Passion is no longer enough for sweet Charlotte, who vows to unlock the mystery of this complicated man. The truth, however, might be more than her principled heart is prepared to handle. . . .

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ISBN-13: 9781420146462
Publisher: Kensington
Publication date: 03/26/2019
Series: Midnight Secrets , #2
Sold by: Penguin Random House Publisher Services
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 320
Sales rank: 12,241
File size: 2 MB

About the Author

Anabelle Bryant holds a BA, MA and is ABD in earning her PhD in Education. She has studied at Rutgers College and Kean University of New Jersey and is an avid traveler. When not in front of a classroom she can be found in front of her laptop writing Regency romance and pursuing daydreams. Visit her at

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London's Best Kept Secret 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 11 reviews.
Anonymous 6 months ago
This delightful regency romance will make you laugh and cry. Another good one by Anabelle Bryant.
ECD 7 months ago
I found the first three quarters of the book frustrating. The facade of a marriage between Charlotte and Jeremy was evident. The constant reminders of Jeremy's worry that his deep dark secret would be revealed and he would lose his wife was a little daunting. It really consumed a lot of reading time. I also feel that the situation with Louisa, one of Charlotte's younger sisters, was haphazardly thrown into the story with no conclusion of how that situation between Louisa and her lover ended up. It also did not help that Charlotte, who asked for no secrets come between her and Jeremy, did the exact opposite. She lied and kept secrets from him. Charlotte put her sister before her marriage to Jeremy. Now this is where the story became a little more interesting. Malice, jealousy, greed and revenge drove Lord Mallory to malign Charlotte or Jeremy or both preferably. Jeremy had a strange ally in his friend Lord Lindsey who made himself useful by offering advice and gossip. Lindsey made it his business to know whatever was going on at the club. This inevitably became utterly useful to Jeremy. Unbeknownst to Jeremy, Mallory ended up at his townhouse waiting for him. When Charlotte returned home, she received him. Mallory knew of Charlotte's secret and decided to use it against her. He revealed his own intentions and alluded that Jeremy was hiding things from her. She dismissed him and flew to her chamber. A few minutes later, Charlotte's curiosity got the better of herself and she was determined to find any and all secrets Jeremy may hold in his study. At the same time Jeremy was with her father confessing his darkest secret. Charlotte found out what Jeremy was hiding and she fell apart in agony. She flew to her dear friend Amelia's country estate. When Jeremy returned home to confess all, Charlotte was gone. He pursued her, explained everything and shared his deepest feelings for her. Jeremy could only hope that Charlotte would see the sincerity of his words and forgive him. Charlotte was also worried about what Mallory was going to do. When the culmination of everything came, it was anticlimactic. Even though the story tried to capture my attention, it was not enough for a higher rating. There are several stories within the book. Concentration on one or two would be enough for a strong storyline. The major themes I take away from this is deceit, secrets, lies, anger, malice, greed, selfishness and a sort of half hearten romance. There is potential in this story. I just felt a little disappointed and unfortunately do not recommend it.
Pokeybooboo 7 months ago
This interesting historical romance is Book 2 in the Midnight Secrets series by Anabelle Bryant. I didn't read the previous book but wasn't the least bit lost; I wouldn't imagine anyone else would have any problems, either. I think I would enjoy the first one a little more than this one, though. This story was entertaining, but some actions on the parts of our two leads frankly got on my last nerve. Charlotte and Jeremy had an arranged marriage. Her family was deeply in debt, and Jeremy bailed them out by marrying Charlotte, whom he secretly loved. Once married, though, Jeremy's secrets were keeping them apart. They still hadn't consummated their marriage after 10 months! She was falling in love with her husband and wanted a real marriage. Things seemed to be finally progressing...but then Charlotte's secrets began to interfere. My irritation with the story can be summed up with one word - secrets. Everyone had them! Jeremy. Charlotte. Charlotte's father. Charlotte's sister. Jeremy's best friend Lindsey. As much love that existed between the parties, it seems no one could be honest. It was difficult to warm up to these characters with all the lying that was going on. However, I really enjoyed reading about the couple from the first book, and the little snippet from the next book totally intrigued me. Even with my annoyance with the plot here, the story ended well, so I will definitely be sticking with this series. I received an ARC of this book courtesy of the publisher and NetGalley. I received no compensation for my review, and all thoughts and opinions are entirely my own.
momof3boysj 7 months ago
He sees her and must have her, and he orchestrates a financial difficulty for her father, marries her by paying off the debts, and then fixes her father's situation. It's all a secret and it wears on his heart so much, he won't touch her. She, too, has secrets. Which one will be revealed first or will it be too late for the love and HEA? **received a review copy on netgalley**
georgia1 8 months ago
This story brought forth that amazing feeling of when I read my first historical romance. Mesmerized, enchanted and in love with the characters with the desire to read as many as I could! Yes I have the bookshelf to prove it! All of the elements of a little humor, hidden secrets, underlying desire and emotions that come off the page were woven into one of the best love stories I have read this year. Throw in a black adorable kitten and a secret the hero is having a hard time dealing with and I was hooked. Jeremy, Viscount Dearling had offered for Charlotte without her even knowing him. Her family needed the money and he satisfied that with his funds and led her father to believe he had been enchanted with her since the first time he had heard her play the pianoforte. He was a reserved quiet man confident in his ability in finance but not of the heart. Charlotte had grown up in a loving houshold with three sisters. She was ready to make her marraige a real one, but there was one problem. They had been married ten mos and he had not spent any time with her let alone touched her! You see he was hiding a terrible secret that he felt she would hate him if she knew. But as he sees other men attracted to her, he begins wooing and spending time with her. Can their marraige survive and become a real loving one? What if she find's out? Anabelle Bryant has endeared my heart and I will forever be a fan since reading this story. Her characters come alive and her writing pullsthe emotions off the pages. This will go on my keeper shelf to be reread and cannot wait for the next book in this series!! I read this through NetGallery
DebDiem 8 months ago
London's Best Kept Secret is a fabulous historical romance by Anabelle Bryant. Ms. Bryant has provided readers with a well-written book and furnished it with outstanding characters. Charlotte was hoping to have a love match when it was time for her to marry. She was instead, forced to marry a stranger to help her father's finances. Jeremy saw Charlotte across a room and wanted her enough to sabotage her father's business dealings until he was on the brink of bankruptcy and then swooped in to offer to marry Charlotte. Jeremy and Charlotte's story is loaded with drama, misunderstandings, guilt, spice and humor. I enjoyed reading London's Best Kept Secret and look forward to reading more from Anabelle Bryant in the future. London's Best Kept Secret is book 2 of the Midnight Secrets Series but can be read as a standalone. This is a complete story, not a cliff-hanger. I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book that I received from NetGalley. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
Sissymae1 8 months ago
London’s Best Kept Secret by Anabelle Bryant is book Two in the Midnight Secrets Series. This is the story of Jeremy Lockhart, Viscount Dearing and Lady Charlotte Lockhard. I loved the previous book, but feel this is a standalone book if you choose to do that. Charlotte's family were in dire finial need so she was to be married off to bring in finial help. Jeremy is the man that won her hand and now several months in their marriage of convenience they are no further in knowing each other. Jeremy does hold a secret that may turn Charlotte away from him but he guards it. They both start to want to learn more about the other...opening the door to their feelings growing. I am such of fan of Ms. Bryant's writing! I just love her books...she is my go to author when I need a great romance this book.
Cindyvon73 8 months ago
Anabelle Bryant has done it again! Another heartwarming, engrossing tale of longing, lies, betrayal, redemption and ultimately love. Charlotte and Jeremy, Lord Dearing wedded after Jeremy made an arrangement with her father, due to the family suddenly being without funds. What Charlotte doesn’t know, Jeremy bankrupted the business owned by her father just to gain Charlotte’s hand in marriage. He did it out of desire, and longing. Her beauty and skill on the piano captured him completely. Once married, guilt sat it. Would their marriage work, would Charlotte ever love him? Charlotte had secrets of her own, is her longing for a loving marriage enough to break the ties that bind them to their secrets. Read, and you’ll find out.
Anonymous 8 months ago
Charlotte Lockhard, Lady Dearing, is being gifted a kitten by her friend, Amelia Beckford, Duchess of Scarsdale. But, Charlotte knows that her husband, Jeremy Lockhart, Viscount Dearing, will not let her keep the adorable little ball of fluff. Jeremy had rescued Charlotte’s family from financial ruin and Charlotte’s parents informed her the she would wed the man. Now, after 10 months, the marriage has yet to be consummated. One thing Jeremy likes to do is find investments that may seem risky, but have made him quite wealthy. But, Jeremy has a secret about the financial transaction he made with Charlotte’s father. Should she ever learn the secret, he fears she will hate him. Therefore, his secret is locked in a leather box on his desk and he carries the key with him everywhere…until one day he loses it. Jeremy spends a lot of time in his study working on his accounts. But he breaks away when he hears Charlotte play the piano in the afternoon. She is an accomplished pianist. They both long to break the ice between them and make their marriage a real one. When Jeremy realizes how attractive Charlotte is to other men, he decides it’s time to woo and court his wife. Before long, they are spending more time together and getting to know one another. Can their marriage become a loving one? Should Charlotte ever learn the secret he carries, will she hate him? The author did a great job writing this love story that grows in steps. Both Charlotte and Jeremy are well-constructed characters and I found myself rooting for them to open their hearts to one another. Of course, when you add a kitten to the mix, it can’t help but be a fun story. Well done, Annabelle Bryant! Copy provided by NetGalley in exchange for a fair and honest review.
Historical_Romance_Lover 8 months ago
I really enjoyed Jeremy and Charlotte's story! Since meeting them in the first book in the series, I've wondered what their story was and Bryant didn't disappoint! It was love at first sight when Jeremy laid eyes on Charlotte and with all her beau, he would do anything to make her his. But he might have gone a bit far to win her as his wife...what will she do when she learns the truth? After reading the first book in the series, I was so interested in reading Jeremy and Charlotte's story. He appears to be so cold when he is around her, but he does little things that make you think there is much more to the story...which there was. Charlotte just wants to have a loving marriage and even though they didn't marry for love, she thought it would grow with time. But not if her husband never spends time with her. I loved watching these two come together and it broke my heart when Charlotte learned the truth about her how her marriage came to be. But as we know, it all works out in the end. I'm excited to see what Bryant comes up with in the next book in the series!
charleneC 8 months ago
the secret you ask? I'll never tell! What I will tell you is this book is fantastic! Wonderful complex characters and a fun storyline with lots of twists and turns. This book will keep you wanting more and you won't be able to put down! I cannot wait for the next book by this author! She is a fantastic writer and writes with such clarity you feel you are in the story and are with the characters. Everything is so vividly clear!