Lotto Wheel Five to Win

Lotto Wheel Five to Win

by Gail Howard


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Fifty-three (53) first prize lotto jackpots have been won with Gail Howard's systems in pick-5 lotto games: Fantasy 5, Cash 5, Take 5, Match 5, Little Lotto, Lucky 5, Cash Game, Lotto 5, Badger 5. The 2006 3rd edition of Lotto Wheel Five to Win contains all the Gail Howard wheeling systems that won pick-5 lotto jackpots and identifies which of the systems won one, two or three jackpots, also the system that won eight first prize jackpots! Whether you spend a couple of dollars or join a pool or syndicate, a choice of 333 systems, from $2 to $100's, gives you complete flexibility for any possible use. Fifty systems in this book cost an affordable $5 or less to use, and more than 100 systems cost $10 or less.

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ISBN-13: 9780945760313
Publisher: Smart Luck Publishers
Publication date: 04/01/2006
Edition description: REV
Pages: 452
Sales rank: 481,309
Product dimensions: 8.30(w) x 5.40(h) x 1.10(d)

About the Author

Gail Howard, America's original lottery expert, is internationally recognized as the creator of the most highly acclaimed and successful lottery systems used in the world today. Howard's are the only lottery systems credited with winning dozens of first prize lottery jackpots. Her remarkable track record in helping people win big money in lotto has led to appearances on hundreds of radio and television shows, including The Today Show and Good Morning America. She has been featured or quoted in major magazines and newspapers including Newsweek, Family Circle, Playboy, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Chicago Tribune, Los Angeles Times, and many more.

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LOTTO Wheel Five To Win

By Gail Howard

Smart Luck Publishers

Copyright © 2003 Gail Howard
All right reserved.

ISBN: 0-945760-25-6

Chapter One


The phenomenal success of Florida's Fantasy 5 game convinced lottery officials across America that players really did want Lotto games with lower odds and prizes that are easier to win -not just games with huge jackpots.

Pick-5 games are becoming increasingly more popular as people are discovering that they can win small prizes more often than they can in the higher odds pick-6 games. Many players use pick-5 games to win "seed" money to invest in pick-6 Lotto tickets when the jackpots are big.

Pick-5 Lotto games are those in which five numbers are marked on one game panel. Whether the game is called Cash-5, Fantasy-5, Take-5, Lucky-5, Match-5, Little Lotto, Rolldown, Hot 5, Mass Cash, Buckeye 5, Gopher 5, Show Me 5, Wild Money, etc., they are all pick-5 Lotto games. Now almost every Lotto state has its own pick-5 game, or offers Mega Millions, Powerball or Hot Lotto which can be wheeled as a pick-5 game. And England has Thunderball.

The pick-5 games have much lower odds than pick-6 games even with the same amount of numbers to choose from. The 5 out of 39 (5/39) Lotto game is an odds bargain compared to the 6 out of 39 (6/39) Lotto game.

The odds of winning a jackpot with all five winning numbers in a 5/39 game are one in only 575,757, while the odds of winning a jackpot with all six winning numbers in a 6/39 game are one in 3,262,623. The lower the jackpot odds, the better are your chances of winning any of the prize categories.

Pick-5 Lotto games not only offer better odds, but they are easier to handicap as well.

Number selection strategy is covered in depth in my book, Lottery Master Guide. (See page 53.) The key to winning more Lotto prizes is to use both wheeling systems and number selection strategies to lower the odds against you.

Scientific number selection and wheeling are equally important. Balanced Wheels[TM] are mathematical tools that give your money more leverage and dramatically improve your odds of winning. They should be used every time you play Lotto.

The wheeling systems in this book allow you to choose a large group of numbers in a pick-5 game, play scientific combinations of those numbers, and get a specific minimum win guarantee-if some or all of the winning numbers are in the group.

How often have you experienced the frustration of having chosen all the winning numbers, yet missed the prize because no ticket had more than one or two correct numbers? Balanced Wheels[TM] force all the winning numbers that are in your chosen group to come together to give you at least one specific prize.

Wheeling is merely a guide-but an absolutely essential guide-to show the order in which to place your chosen numbers when filling in your bet slips.

Wheeling does NOT choose the numbers for you. You choose your own numbers. Wheeling arranges your numbers into scientifically determined combinations that guarantee a specific minimum prize if you have the required number of winning numbers in your chosen group.

The object of using my Balanced Wheeling Systems[TM] is to create mathematically correct combinations that give you the most efficient coverage of the group of numbers you have chosen to play. Wheeling arranges your chosen Lotto numbers into a certain mathematical order on your bet slips as indicated by the patterns in the wheel.

When I use the word "combination," it means one set of five Lotto numbers, which is one game panel.

Each Balanced Wheel[TM] guarantees at least one specific prize if the five (four or three) winning numbers are in the group of numbers you have chosen. If you are lucky, you may win several prizes. Winning several prizes all at once makes these wheels exciting and fun to use.

If you are very lucky, you may even win the first prize jackpot-as dozens of my readers already have. In addition to the guaranteed minimum prize, my books and software also tell you the maximum number of multiple prizes that are possible to win with each Balanced Wheel.[TM]

In Lotto Wheel Five to Win, the minimum and maximum prizes you could win appear in chart form above each wheel. Read page 21 carefully, so you understand how to read the prize charts. You will be amazed to see just how many prizes you could win all at once!

Full Wheels cover every possible combination of a group of numbers. Balanced Wheels[TM] are shortened or abbreviated versions of Full Wheels. They cover just enough combinations to give the desired win guarantee of a four or three-number prize-which makes wheeling many numbers affordable. The more numbers wheeled, the greater the chances of trapping the winning numbers.

If you were to play every possible five-number combination (the Full System Wheel) of 24 numbers, you would have to play 42,504 games for just one drawing. But by using my abbreviated Balanced Wheeling System[TM], you can cover 24 numbers in just 54 games-with a minimum win guarantee.

The lower the win guarantee, the fewer combinations required-this means a lower ticket cost and more numbers that can be wheeled for the money.

If you were to take a group of Lotto numbers and create your own sets of five-numbers in the same amount of games, you would not be covering all possible combinations of the required prize category and you would not have a win guarantee. To cover the most Lotto numbers in the fewest combinations and have a win guarantee, you must use my mathematically correct Balanced Wheeling Systems[TM].

More important, I improved on the wheeling concept by creating totally different wheeling systems, not available anywhere else in the world. These wheeling systems were created to produce the most Balanced Games[TM] possible within each system itself.

Balanced Wheeling Systems[TM] are one of the two most important tools Lotto players can use to get the odds more in their favor. You will be amazed at your change in "luck" once you start wheeling your numbers. You can't expect to win every, time, but you certainly will win more often if you wheel your numbers than if you don't-and you will win more prizes.

If you have access to a computer, you can wheel your numbers in an instant with one key stroke. All the wheeling systems in this book (and more-475!) are available in my Wheel Five Plus[TM] software. See page 67.


It's really remarkable that such powerful systems can be so simple and easy to use. There is no faster, easier, yet effective way to get immediate odds improvement. And these wheels will work for any pick-5 Lotto game in the world. The size of the number field doesn't matter.

They could be used even in games in which five numbers were picked out of 100.

Once you understand how to use one system, you will know how to use all of them. They all work the same easy way. You won't believe how simple it is to wheel your numbers until you try it. Let's do one sample system before you go off on your own. This is the way it works. Assume, for this example, that you have decided to use Balanced Wheel 54108 for wheeling eight numbers.

Before using this system, choose eight different Lotto numbers. You can't use the same number more than once in any wheeling system. Look closely at the chart. You'll see room for your eight numbers in the eight boxes below the letters A through H. After you have chosen the eight Lotto numbers you want to play, write them in the boxes under the letters A through H, below "Your 8 Numbers to Wheel." Your numbers can be entered in any order, or from low to high.

Then in the five games below (under The 5 Games to Play), write the number you have placed under the A in all the boxes that have little A's in them. Next, write the number you have placed under the B in all the boxes that have little B's in them. Continue with the rest of the numbers you have written under the other letters until all 5 games in the system are filled in.

For this example, let's presume that you have chosen the following group of eight numbers: 3, 8, 14, 15, 21, 28, 34, 39. Having selected your eight numbers, you could place them in any order, or from low to high under the eight letters, A-B-C-D-E-F-G-H, in the boxes below "Your 8 Numbers to Wheel," as I have done with the numbers chosen for this example. Those letters tell us which of your chosen numbers should be placed in which lettered box to make the right combinations.

Under "The 5 Games to Play," notice there is a tiny letter in the upper left hand corner of each box. As shown below, simply take the number you have placed under the letter 'A' and write that number in each box in this system where you see a little A.

In our example, we have designated Lotto number 3 as A. So, if you were using the numbers in this example, you would place a 3 in each box that has a little A in it. Then do the same with the number you have placed under the letter B, filling in all the little B boxes with that number, which in this example is an 8.

Continue with the rest of the numbers until you have filled in every box in the system. When you have finished, your eight number picks will be perfectly wheeled into the five correct combinations-ready to be transferred to your bet slips so you can buy your tickets. That is all there is to it. I told you it was easy!

For the minimum win guarantee to be effective, you must play every game in the system-and be careful not to make any mistakes when filling in your bet slips. One mistake could cost you your win guarantee. It's always possible that you may win much more than the guaranteed minimum. The maximum number of prizes you could hope to win are shown above each system in the book. See page 21 to understand how to read the Minimum and Maximum Prize Charts.

System 54108 wheels 8 Lotto numbers in five combinations at a ticket cost of $5. It has a 4 out of 5 win guarantee, which means, if you get all five winning numbers in your chosen group of eight, you are guaranteed to win at least one four-number prize. If only four of your numbers are winners, you are guaranteed to win two three-number prizes. But, as with all my Balanced Wheels', you could win much more than the guaranteed minimum.

This is what the bet slip should look like after you have filled in all five games with the numbers used in the example.


In most pick-5 games you win with five, four or three correctly chosen numbers. Some, but not all pick-5 Lotto games, give a prize for two winning numbers. It's great when they do, because you win something almost every time you play. In most cases, the prize is a dollar or a free ticket. It's a welcome win-especially if the free ticket is not a Quick Pick.

Although the systems in this book can be used for the five number picks for Mega Millions and Powerball, these games each have nine prize categories.

The pick-5 game with a 5/39 format is the most prevalent. It is played in California, Georgia, Maryland, New York and Pennsylvania which have a combined population of 78 million. Because of the large number of people playing it, I will feature the 5/39 Lotto in all the examples given in this book.

According to the lotteries' published odds, you have one chance in 575,757 of randomly getting all five of the winning numbers on one game panel in a 5/39 Lotto game. That is because there are 575,757 different combinations of five numbers one could make. The only way you can be sure of winning the five-number jackpot prize is if you spend $575,757 on tickets and buy all the possible combinations.

The lotteries' published odds of getting four of the five winning numbers on one game panel in the 5/39 game are one in 3,387. This means that, at $1 a game, you could expect to win one four-number prize for every $3,387 you spend on Lotto tickets-if you don't use a Balanced Wheeling System.

Or you could expect to win one three-number prize for every $103 you spend on Lotto tickets-if you don't use a Balanced Wheel. You could expect to win one two-number prize for every $10 you spend on Lotto tickets-if you don't use a Balanced Wheel.

Unless you know the odds you are bucking, you can't expect to understand the benefits of using these wheels, nor appreciate how dramatically they work to reduce the odds.

The wheeling systems in this book can be used for any pick-5 Lotto game in the world.

The field of numbers from which the five are chosen doesn't matter, as long as five numbers make a bet. Currently, the number fields from which the five are chosen range from 30 to 53 numbers. Mega Millions and Powerball should be wheeled as a pick-5 game because the sixth number is chosen from a separate set of numbers.

The PUBLISHED ODDS CHART shows the actual odds of winning each of the prize categories in each of the existing number fields of the various state pick-5 Lotto games. Read the odds in this chart as "your chances are one in ...(whatever the number)".

Or place a dollar sign in front of the odds and you will know the average amount of money you would have to spend on lottery tickets to win each of the prize categories in the various pick-5 Lotto games-if you don't use a Balanced Wheeling System[TM].


The concept of wheeling is really quite simple to understand. "Wheeling" means using more numbers than you can play on any one game panel. For example, in a pick-5 game, you can wheel (play the combinations of) six numbers, seven numbers, eight, nine-or many more numbers. With each additional number you wheel, you increase your mathematical probability of winning one or more prizes.

In a pick-5 game, five numbers are marked on one panel of a bet slip. But let's say you have six favorite numbers, and you want to make every possible combination of those numbers so that no matter which five of the six are drawn, you are guaranteed to win the jackpot.

To cover every possible five-number combination of your six numbers-using the Full System Wheel-you would have to play six sets of five numbers (six game panels). That is because one additional number can be combined with all five other numbers exactly six times, as shown below.

By adding just one extra number and making combinations with the other five, the odds against you in a 5/39 game drop from one in 575,757 to one in 95,960. The more numbers you wheel, the lower the odds and the greater are your chances of winning.

When you play every possible combination of seven Lotto numbers in a 5/39 game, the odds against you drop from one in 575,757 to one in only 27,417.


Excerpted from LOTTO Wheel Five To Win by Gail Howard Copyright © 2003 by Gail Howard. Excerpted by permission.
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