Love Machine

Love Machine

by Kendall Ryan

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BN ID: 2940162123484
Publisher: Kendall Ryan
Publication date: 07/16/2018
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 8,490
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About the Author

A New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today bestselling author of more than two dozen titles, Kendall Ryan has sold over 2 million books and her books have been translated into several languages in countries around the world. Her books have also appeared on the New York Times and USA Today bestseller lists more than three dozen times. Ryan has been featured in such publications as USA Today, Newsweek, and InTouch Magazine. She lives in Texas with her husband and two sons.

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Customer Reviews

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Love Machine 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 30 reviews.
JWright57 More than 1 year ago
Yet another 5 Star read from the very talented Kendall Ryan and in Love Machine we get to know Keaton and Slade who happen to be best friends. Keaton spent a disastrous night at her friends bachelorette party and has now convinced herself she needs help between the sheets and she can’t think of anyone better that her wingman Slade for the job. Slade is happy to point her in the right direction because after all Keaton is a woman who is easy on the eyes and she also happens to be his best friend but rules need to be made and the number one rule is they will still remain best friends after the lessons have finished........... This is a brilliant stand-alone and if you love friends to lovers with a lot of hot funny banter this is a must read. I fell for Slade hook line and sinker and Keaton was the perfect partner for him, the characters have sizzling chemistry but they also have a charisma that draws you in. I couldn’t put this book down and once again I find myself saying this is the best I have read from this author well until the next book because Kendall Ryan become one of my go to authors.
Anonymous 8 months ago
Couldn’t stop reading, finished it all in a couple hours!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Khrista1029 More than 1 year ago
Sexploration 101 Love Machine was a funny, light hearted romance. It is a best friends to lovers story that has a lot of humor and light hearted moments, I really enjoyed reading it. Keaton has been so focused on climbing the corporate ladder that her private life has suffered. Feeling like she is missing out on fun and intimacy she is desperate to try all of the sexual things she has missed out on. Keatons only problem is who is going to teach her all the stuff she doesn't know. Slate is a woman's man! He is never short on female attention and he happens to be Keatons best friend. When Barbados him to be her "sexploration" partner he couldn't turn her down, who better to teach her the joys of sex than him!! The whole situation changes when hearts become involved.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
TBR_Book_Blog More than 1 year ago
I love a good friends-to-lovers romance! And Slate! Slate is amazing! I love him so much! Yes he’s a gorgeous hunk of man but he is determined to help Keaton on her mission. And Keaton! I love a good nerd girl romance! Nerds need love too! She had definitely gotten a raw deal until she seeks out Slate to help her with what she sees as issues. There is never disappointment with a Kendall Ryan Book. Ever!
BookAngel_Emma More than 1 year ago
Keaton is utterly adorable, although she has introvert tendencies with a dose of underlying insecurities, she is also a powerhouse of independence and has never met a task she wasn’t able to learn. It is this trait that leads her to a somewhat unusual situation following a cucumber induced trauma at a bachelorette party Determined to up her game in the bedroom, Keaton enlists the help of her best friend and resident player, Slate. Having been bf’s for the past ten years and knowing each other deeply adds to the sense of security for Keaton to tick off each item of boudoir basics, lol. What could possibly go wrong, especially as both Keaton and Slate are aware of each other’s limitation where relationships are concerned. Determined to maintain their friendship and avoid catching feelings along the way; Keaton and Slate up their status to friendship with benefits I completely loved the switch up of roles within Love Machine, with a reversal of who you would expect to remain level-headed and who falls hard and fast embracing the changes as they occur. Slate ups the romantic gestures and creates a whole lot of swoon in the process; his reluctance to become involved in relationships is understandable when his history is revealed. However, it is his ability to self-reflect and grow as a person that really draws you to him It is obvious to all those around them that Keaton and Slate belong together, what others have recognized takes Keaton and Slate a while to catch-up. The journey they take to reach that point is full of sugar and spice with a little dash of bitter to keep things interesting
AmberC23 More than 1 year ago
Love, Love, Love this book. They always say "Don't judge a book by its cover" but this cover is hot and so is the book. Slate is such an amazing guy and friend to Keaton. They have an incredible friendship and strong bond which makes friends with benefits so risky. Their chemistry is undeniable once they allow it. This book is fun, flirty, sexy, and Slate is definitely book boyfriend material. Great job Kendall. Enjoy!!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
But very enjoyable read.
Arys More than 1 year ago
Love Machine by Kendall Ryan is a fun and fast friends to lovers romance. Keaton Henly has a problem. It seems that her focus on her job has lead to some sexual inexperience. In a drunk moment she asks her friend Slate Cruz, who has no trouble finding hookups, to help her. When Slate hears Keaton's request he tries to help her hook up with guys to allow her to have some sexplorations, but when he finds himself sabotaging the attempts he realizes that he wants to be the one to help his friend with her education. Keaton and Slate were cute and awkward while still having all their years of friendship to fall on. Something that was nice about this friends to lovers is it was not a case of one or both of them having secret feelings. When the deeper romantic feelings start to develop neither of them see it or believe it. It was a nice twist. Overall I enjoyed Love Machine by Kendall Ryan and the progression that the characters go through. It wasn't a simple dawning of realization, it was a fight, but Slate's drive to always go for what he wants and Keaton's methodical planning make for an additional opposites attract aspect. (I voluntarily reviewed an advance review copy of this book I received for free in exchange for my open and honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.)
whatsbetterthanbooks More than 1 year ago
Sweet, provocative, and rewarding! Love Machine is a charming, friends-to-more romance about the intelligent, dedicated Keaton who’s finally decided she needs a little help in the seduction department, and the handsome, enthusiastic, Slate who’s confident he’s the perfect man for the job. The writing is humorous and hot. The characters are easygoing, personable, and appealing. And the endearing plot is a marvellous blend of drama, friendship, emotion, attraction, heat, witty dialogue, jealousy, unconditional love, and delicious chemistry. Overall, Love Machine is a cheeky, fun, passionate tale by Ryan that I am confident will be a big hit with romance lovers everywhere.
S_Lewis_TMLA More than 1 year ago
This is probably favorite ever Kendall Ryan book. It was this amazing slow kind of build up between friends. When one friend is in need, what do you do? You help out right, even if they want you to help the bedroom! It's fun, it's sexy, it's fabulous! Kendall always has a way to make her characters so relatable and fun. They are so real and you just can't help but to fall in love with them! “Love is friendship, but it is friendship with fire in it’s belly.” - The best quote ever!!
DMarie216 More than 1 year ago
Keaton is a successful girl living her life the best way she can. When she realizes she’s not as experienced as she should be, she asks her best friend for help while drunk after a night out with girlfriends. She wants a man but needs more sexual experience first. Or some sexual lessons, yep that’s what this gal needs. Who better than to help her with her sexual lessons then her best friend who is a player, Slate. Will Slate and Keaton be able to keep these lessons strictly platonic? I won’t squeal, okay maybe just a little bit of squealing. Eeeeeeekkkkkk! This is one of my most favorite tropes! I love it when best friends get together and I love it even more when someone needs sexual lessons. It just makes the story so much more fun and exciting! I devoured this story in one sitting. I absolutely loved these characters and their chemistry. After being friends for YEARS, who would have thought these two actually were perfect for each other all along?!?! If you are a fan of Ms. Ryan, you will love this story! I still have this giddy and love struck look on my face weeks after finishing Love Machine. 5 purely perfection stars!!!!
CoffeeGoddessTK More than 1 year ago
So, say you're a smart by not very, erm, experienced girl. And say that your bestie is not only super-hot with plenty of experience, but he also always has time for you. It only stands to reason, then, that you'd turn to him in your quest to get your groove back. And the rest, as they say, is history... Kendall Ryan's contemporary romances are guaranteed feel-good reads. I mean, it's impossible not to enjoy the heck out of yourself when you crack open one of her books. She's got a handle on all of the tropes, and they never cease to appeal. In LOVE MACHINE, Kendall tries her hand at the 'friends to lovers' story, with a touch of the 'secret romance,' and, well, she's got another winner on her hands. Keaton and Slate are both extremely likable, her for her nerdy earnestness, and him for his desire to be truly available to Keaton, and not just on a physical level. I love that their relationship has stood the test of time, and that they are actually invested in each other. Them making their way to each other seems more like a 'when' than 'if' scenario, and they are perfect for each other. The secondary characters are fun and supportive, especially Penny, the cat, who steals the show, and help make LOVE MACHINE the easy 4 stars (and probably one of my top KR reads) that it is. Kendall's fans, or any romance lover looking for some pure enjoyment, will want to make sure to grab this one right away and put it at the top of their summer TBR pile.
CrystalsBookWorld More than 1 year ago
What can I say about Love Machine???? IT WAS EVERYTHING!!! OMGEEE. Okay now that I got the screaming out the way, I seriously have to say I floved this book hard. Keaton's and Slate's relationship is the best. The best friends persona you get is perfect to the T. Once Slate decides to ask Keaton for a little "ahem" lesson under the sheets, the book takes off from there. Love Machine has become my favorite book written by Kendall Ryan. This is why I am a forever fan!
Katiekoz More than 1 year ago
Love Machine was a funny and cute read! I really enjoyed the concept and found it quite entertaining. Keaton and Slate are great characters. They were easy to like and connect with. I loved all of their interactions. They make an adorable couple for sure. Them being friends first made their new connection even stronger. They just fit with one another and everyone knows it. I wish there would have been a little more background information given about the two of them. We find out a little bit, but I would have liked to know even more about them. Love Machine had me laughing, smiling, awwing, and close to tears at one unexpected part. It was a great read!
RandysGal69 More than 1 year ago
Go One Click this book and get ready for a fun and sweet story of friends to lovers. Keaton & Slate will have you laughing and swooning all around as you read. Knowing why Keaton wants Slate to help her with being more experienced in the bedroom, I loved how we got to see the whole package of their friendship and seeing where this scenario would take them. Slate & Keaton having a long friendship that never crossed the line sexually till now had me giddy. I mean how did Keaton not fall hard for Slate for all this time? Loved the interactions, the connections and the romance that Author Kendall Ryan brought to us with these two characters. Get your Swoon on with this fantastic read & find out if a long time friendship can turn into one Hard Loving Machine of a relationship.
KaraHildebrand More than 1 year ago
Love Machine is Kendall Ryan's new best friends to lovers romance and I was swooning all over the place over Slate. Kendall always delivers the sexiness, humor and fun. Slate and Keaton are best friends. Yes, a man and woman can be friends. They share pizza and beer on a regular basis. Brunch with friends and Keaton plays his wing-woman often. But when Keaton decides she needs help with her bedroom skills Slate is happy to just show her the way. Until they kiss. Then he wants to really show her the way. Touch her. Kiss her. Do all the things he didn't know he wanted to do to her. She's already sexy, sweet and fun. She just needs to bring out her inner sex goddess. Slate is more than happy to unleash her on himself. He shows her how to have fun, ask for what she wants and stop thinking. But what happens when feelings get involved? Can they go back to being friends or do they take the leap to more? I loved this story! I especially loved how Slate wasn't afraid to express his feelings. He didn't want to lose his friend, but he never felt this way for a woman before and he wasn't going to not tell her how he felt! Love Machine had all my favorite things: sexiness, humor, witty banter, friendship and love. "That's okay. You can much on my muffin anytime." "You're killing me." "Next time we come, I could butter your bagel." He must feel me ogling the delicious curve of his backside because he asks, "Do you need some water to rehydrate from all that drooling?"
JennaStrick More than 1 year ago
Ooh this was a super sexy friends to lovers story. I loved Slate so much. He was a "playboy" but super sweet to Keaton. I loved the way the story flowed and it was just the perfect blend of sexy and sweet
mamalovestoread22 More than 1 year ago
When it comes to computers Keaton knows her stuff, she can talk computer shop with the best of them and confidently show she has serious game... but when it comes to her prowess in the bedroom that's another story. After taking part in a friendly little game at a bachelorette party, and failing miserably, Keaton knows her sex skills are seriously lacking, she needs some help, and fast. So she decides some lessons are in order, and her friend Slate Cruz would be the perfect teacher, he's well versed in bedroom etiquette and she is certain he has plenty of expertise to bestow upon her. So without truly thinking it through she drunk dials him and bravely asks him to teach her how to rock men's worlds in the bedroom... and winds up getting far more than she ever bargained for!! Slate Cruz has always thought of Keaton as just a friend, someone he can depend on, have fun with, and share lots of things with... but the thought of sharing a bed with her has never crossed his mind. That is until she drunk dials him, and asks him to teach her how to be a better lover, she doesn't have a ton of experience with men, and she wants him to help her improve her skills and broaden her horizons in the bedroom. Which he thinks he can handle, but after one night on the town, with him coaching her to pick up a man, he realizes this little deal of theirs is going to be a lot harder to follow through on that he originally planned... Between the pages of Love Machine you will find a delightfully satisfying friends-to-lovers tale that will squeeze your heart and leave your fingertips permanently singed!! Within minutes of diving into this one I knew I was about to embark on a unforgettable journey, with the mere mention of a slightly awkward women looking to let her inner vixen out and her sexy highly skilled best friend offering up his services I just knew there was a lot of heat and emotion up ahead, and boy was I right... so damn right!! These two lured me in, made me feel right at home as the inconspicuous fly on their bedroom wall, privy to their darkest desires, left to witness their tender moments, and of course their blush-worthy encounters too... and I loved every single second of it! This is by far one of my favorites from Ms. Ryan to date, it gave me everything I hoped to find and SO much more, I highly encourage you to read this one, it is outstanding!! I requested an advanced copy of this title, and I am voluntarily leaving my honest and unbiased opinion.
bbarneybooks28 More than 1 year ago
Every time I see the title of Kendall Ryan’s new release, Love Machine, I instantly start singing The Miracles’ song with the same name, and while I didn’t really know all of the lyrics, once I looked them up, it was easy to connect the song to Keaton and Slate’s story, especially this particular line of verse: ‘I'm just a love machine And I won't work for nobody but you (Yeah, baby) I'm just a love machine A hugging kissing fiend I think it's high time you knew Whenever I think of you My mind blows a fuse’ But turning Keaton into a ‘love machine’ is not an easy process; in fact, her sexual inexperience, her nerdy girl and people pleaser personality, and her professional drive all seem to be road blocks when it comes to the opposite sex. Keaton desperately wants to improve her ‘bedroom game,’ which means she needs a ‘sex tutor,’ a personal ‘sex coach’ who will help her with her sexploration goals and prevent her from approaching every sexual act analytically. What’s most interesting to me in these kind of friends-to-lovers romances is how the characters’ relationship, almost from the onset, is put in the ‘friend zone’ indefinitely despite an underlying attraction because the best friend bond that’s shared is not something they’re willing to mess up, but then all it takes is an ‘indecent proposal’ from one of them to change the dynamics of what they mean to each other, knowing that, if they cross that line, nothing will ever be the same between them despite how they’d like to think otherwise. Readers are privy to all of Keaton and Slate’s thoughts and feelings as they transition from friends-to-lovers, and as Keaton’s booty camp progresses and their romantic connection grows, it’s clear that these two are in for a world of hurt if they can’t believe in one another’s true feelings and accept that a friendship is no longer what they want or even need. Kendall Ryan’s Love Machine is a fun, flirty story that proves that nerdy girls can let their sexy side loose with the right partner and explore every lewd and sensual act in sweet and sultry ways. It’s a fast-paced read that’s on the lighter side; the drama actually stems from the characters’ insecurities, which need to be worked out on their own so that how they truly feel about each other can soak in and lead them to discoveries that go way beyond sexual. 4 Poison Apples
LynnB888 More than 1 year ago
Steamy with a touch of sass! A really fun read that puts a tasty quirk on the typical friends to lovers storyline. She wants him to teach her how to be bad ... oh so bad! Kendall Ryan always delivers a sassy set of characters that are really easy to fall for and who keep us entertained with the witty banter she's famous for. This one was no exception! Keaton Henley is tired of her staid life. She wants to be the exciting one for a change, the sexy one! She is so under-rated in the sex department that it's not even funny ... but she can't become the bomb that she wants to be in the sack without a little help! Who better to ask to be her sexual mentor than the sex god of all that is holy, Slate. Slate Cruz has been her best friend since college. They are polar opposites ... she's a nerdy numbers girl and he's a charismatic lady's man. He'd do anything for her, and when she puts the invitation out there to teach her the ways of life, well, he can't wait to get his hands on that tight little body of hers! It's all fun and games until feelings start to grow and when it's time to set her loose on the world to show her new-found prowess, well, he doesn't want to share anymore!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Keaton and Slate have been best friends since college. When Keaton blurts out she needs sex lessons Slate decides he is the man for the job. Super sweet, swoony friends to lovers romance. Slate is the perfect blend of alpha male and sweetheart. Keaton is strong with a center of vulnerability. Fun interactions and steamy scenes. Perfect blend of steam and sweet.
AmyBosica More than 1 year ago
Sometimes you just want a book that’s a ton of fun and doesn’t have a ton of drama. And for me, Love Machine was just the book I was looking for. Told from dual points of view, Love Machine follows the story of Slate and Keaton. Keaton is smart, fun and sexy. She’s married to her job and totally confident in what she does. However, the one area she is lacking her confidence in is the bedroom. As much as she doesn’t want to admit it, it’s time for her to master it and who better than to call on but her bff Slate. Slate is a walking, talking sex machine. He oozes confidence and is totally comfortable with himself. Having your best friend help you in bedroom should be a recipe for disaster, but these two have a friendship that can withstand anything. Lessons will be taught and lines will be blurred. So sit back, relax and enjoy the ride. Slate and Keaton’s story is about to take you on one satisfying and exciting ride…. Love Machine was such a fun read. I mean I just loved it. Keaton and Slate were impossible to not fall in love with. Their friendship was so solid and completely special. You could just feel the sparks jumping off the pages. I loved watching these two interact with one another and the ease between them. Their chemistry was intense and you could tell just how deep their feelings ran, even if they didn’t want to admit it. The road to happily ever after was a little bumpy for these two, but I’m happy to report that the angst and drama is pretty light in this story. Love Machine was just the book I was looking for. It was a quick and easy read for me. Love Machine was well written and just a ton of fun. It gave me everything I could ask for in a friends to lovers romance. From great banter to a fun story-line to moments that made you laugh like crazy and left you with a big smile on your face. To moments that steamed up the pages and had you swooning all over the place. Love Machine was a total hit for me and is another great summer read.
A_British_Bookworm More than 1 year ago
One of the things that I enjoy so much about Ms Ryan's stories is the humour.  There is a light touch applied which will have you smiling along with the plot line, even when things heat up a little. But it isn't just that.  It's the characters and the way their interactions are laid out on the page.  This is no exception.  Keaton and Slate's story is just so easy to read; a story that will take you along with them. A wonderful summer read. I voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book.