Love Systems Routines Manual, Vol. 1

Love Systems Routines Manual, Vol. 1

by Nick Savoy
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Love Systems Routines Manual, Vol. 1 by Nick Savoy, The Don

Have you ever had these problems when talking to women?

* You see an attractive woman you want to talk to and you have no idea what to say to start up a conversation with her? The secret to ALWAYS knowing what to say when you see an attractive woman is – always have something to say when you see an attractive woman! It sounds simplistic, but, it’s really essential to have a bunch of good conversation openers in your head and ready to go BEFORE you need them.

* Have you ever had to resort to ”What’s your name?” ”Where are you from?” ”What do you do?” – EVEN THOUGH YOU KNEW BETTER – because your mind just completely blanked out at that moment? What you really needed was a “locked and loaded” arsenal of material that you could easily roll into right off of your opening. You needed material that you KNEW was good, that you had ready to go and that you knew would get the result you wanted with that particular woman or group of women.

* Have you ever gotten stuck on the conversation opener? We all have at some point or another. You know what I mean. When you start talking to a group of women and it goes so well that they can’t stop talking about whatever topic you started the conversation with. And if someone came into the group 10 minutes later you’d all still be talking about the topic you opened with. This is the DEATH of attraction AND your social value. You’ve lost control of the group. And this is ENTIRELY avoidable…

How much of a difference would having over 200 pages of the best conversation starters, openers, routines, stories and games make in improving your ability to talk with women?

* Would you like to have a 200 page volume of material and ideas from the masters in the community? Ideas that would literally flood your mind with possibilities and inspiration for starting and continuing conversations with women? One of the guys we showed an early version of this product to actually said he had to put it down because his mind was racing so fast with all the ideas for material he was flooded with!

* Would you like to have an entire catalog of routines – from the best of the best in the community – that have been proven, refined and field tested in the toughest Bars and Clubs and on the most beautiful women in the world? That’s right. I’m asking if you’d like to peer into the personal world of some of the guys who are the very best with women anywhere and hear the material they have personally run, over and over again, in some of the most unforgiving places anywhere. This is material that is PROVEN to work!

If this sounds good, keep going! There’s a lot more….

Last year, a bunch of us here at Love Systems set out to put all of our best stuff into one manual. We originally wanted to put all this stuff together just for the Love Systems bootcamp instructors – so the guys who were going out weekend after weekend, in the field, in some of the toughest venues anywhere would have access to the very best openers and routines to use and share with the students.

The Don and I actually decided to use this manual as the FOUNDATION for the Love Systems Routines Manual. I’ll admit, I took a lot of flak from the instructors! I mean, I WAS going to be giving away their best stuff! But, The Don and I decided this thing was SO USEFUL that it would make a great base for the Routines Manual.

So, there you go, we started with the Love Systems “Official” instructor catalog of routines. The catalog that contains all the best routines used and taught by our Live Program instructors. The guys who are out EVERY weekend teaching guys to attract women live, in person and in real time.
And it only gets better from there...

Invest in the Love Systems Routines Manual Volume 1 and get a free bonus book! Details inside...

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About the Author

The Don is a USC alum, originally hailing from NY, who currently lives and approaches women in the city of Los Angeles. In his civilian life, he is an accomplished writer, having sold and optioned several screenplays over the past several years.

A member of Mensa and an avid reader, The Don uses a combination of intelligence, humor and strategy to find and attract women of top quality; inside and out. In seminar, he focuses on teaching students the external tactics to generate attraction and internal ways to reshape their beliefs regarding what they are capable of with women. He believes firmly that success with women is a teachable skill and prides himself on being able to demonstrate and communicate Love Systems to help men transform their lives.

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Love Systems Routines Manual, Vol. 1 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Sam_N More than 1 year ago
This proved to be a great resource, with hundreds of scripted story’s or things to say. There were many times - and I think nearly all men occasion this problem - where I ran out of things to say, or, what I was saying wasn’t getting me much interest from a woman. I bought this book a couple of months ago and this problem decreased dramatically. What I particularly liked about this book was that each routine had a short explanation of the best circumstance to use it. First, rather than blindly saying something from the book to a girl, I knew roughly how long into talking with a woman I should be saying this or that. And second, I knew what things to say that worked particularly well with groups, as well as for one or two girls. Both these things really made the routines in the book all that more useful. I highly recommend this book.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I love the BS reviews on pick up material. It's either "Wow this product changed my life," or, "just be yourself you misogynistic pig." It won't change your life. "Yourself" isn't as good as you want. It's possible to improve your social life, so why the hell wouldn't you? Do you want to know what's in this book? A bunch of interesting conversation starters that also teach you how to talk to strangers and leave a good impression. A ton of great ways to get to know someone you're interested in. Ways to make her feel good about being sexual instead of guilty and dirty. And information about how to be a better person in general. If that's what you want, then click "Add to cart."