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Lucy's People: An Ethiopian Memoir

Lucy's People: An Ethiopian Memoir

by Mesfin Tadesse, Ianet Bastyan

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Lucy's People: An Ethiopian Memoir is the inspiring story of a country and a life. Young engineer Mesfin grows up under Emperor Haile Selassie I in Ethiopia. She is mother to all her people. Under her sun and moon, women walk tall. Many are warriors, including his mother and grandmother. The boy comprehends the burden placed upon ethical military such as his colonel father. He defends Ethiopian borders and the socially marginalised. Like him, Mesfin defies those who thrive on brutality and treachery.

With the 1974 communist revolution, how do the humane thrive? At the warfront, the conscripted teenager must never compromise his love for motherland and the children of Lucy. The humanoid fossil has survived almost intact for 3.2 million years in the Rift Valley. At what cost to her people does Ethiopia endure?

In and out of prison, Mesfin nevertheless qualifies as a construction and civil engineer. An ancient Abyssinian role model is Saba (Queen Sheba), the engineering queen of Lake Tana. Her people pioneered agricultural water use. He specialises in water development and works all over the country. 

Fresh disaster comes in 1991. Youth must choose: stay or flee?

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ISBN-13: 9780648828716
Publisher: Yerada Lij, Australia
Publication date: 08/15/2021
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 562
File size: 2 MB

About the Author

Mesfin Tadesse is an Ethiopian engineer. In Australia, he is a registered master builder. How he survived the communist Derg and served his people through work is an inspiring story. Never would Mesfin or his family compromise mother or country. His mother was Falasha, which is Ethiopian Jewish. From her, he gained unique insights into an ancient culture comprised of geniuses. He shares these in "Lucy's People".
Ianet Bastyan is an Australian teacher & librarian. Mesfin Tadesse told her about Ethiopian culture. Ianet said, 'What is it like to live in Ethiopia?' In 2016, they visited, then wrote his inspirational memoir. Ianet's grandfathers were soldiers and farmers. They faced the 1930s Depression. It was nothing compared to survival under the Ethiopian communist Derg 1974-91.

Table of Contents

Preface ix

Note xi

CHAPTER 1 - Gouder To Addis Ababa 

CHAPTER 2 - Harer 

CHAPTER 3 - Big Men 

CHAPTER 4 - Patriot 

CHAPTER 5 - Mama Teliqwa 

CHAPTER 6 - Arat Kilo 

CHAPTER 7 - Revolution 

CHAPTER 8 - Advisor 

CHAPTER 9 - Red Terror 

CHAPTER 10 - Books 

CHAPTER 11 - The Bean 

CHAPTER 12 - Heritage 

CHAPTER 13 - Calculator

CHAPTER 14 - Forgive Me 

CHAPTER 15 - Enough 

CHAPTER 16 - Khalid 

CHAPTER 17 - Western Influenced 

CHAPTER 18 - Second Home 

CHAPTER 19 - Hagere Mariyam

CHAPTER 20 - Market Day 

CHAPTER 21 - Departure 



Addendum - The Gold Chain 




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