Maid Marian and the Lawman

Maid Marian and the Lawman

by Deb Stover

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ISBN-13: 9781611944204
Publisher: BelleBooks
Publication date: 12/13/2013
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 436,399
File size: 2 MB

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Maid Marian and the Lawman 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
robbielea More than 1 year ago
As children, Mary Goode and her brother grew up listening to their father read tales of Robin Hood and his Merry Men. In fact their father is so taken with the story that he names his son after the legendary hero of the common people. When their parents are tragically taken from them, Mary vows to protect her brother Robin, a young man with special needs who will always be a child, even at the cost of her virtue and her life. Maid Marian, as Robin thinks of his sister, rescues Robin from the nightmarish place where he has been institutionalized after their birth family is torn apart. Mary selects an unusual group of men to form the chosen family she creates for her brother and herself, unaware that their activities are drawing outside attention which may threaten their peaceful life in Sherwood Forest. A little man with a mysterious identity is leading the band of merry thieves in search of plunder that will surprise readers and make them smile. This is such a sweet story with characters who are likable and appealing. Of course, there is a villain to make sure danger is lurking in the peaceful forest and to keep the story from being too predictable. And where there’s a villain, there’s bound to be a very sexy lawman who is determined to protect Mary and her brood. The little man with the mysterious identity is being pursued by a beautiful gypsy fortune teller with a heart big enough to love the little man and she is accompanied by a long lost relative of the Goodes who may hold the key to their survival. Deb Stover has courageously included characters not typically written into romantic novels. Her sensitivity and creative treatment of the special people in this book are an added bonus for readers. Maid Marian and the Lawman is about love, acceptance, and family whether by birth or by choice and will appeal to all who like an old fashioned love story with lots of steamy romance and a happy ending.
jojoNE More than 1 year ago
I've come to rely on Deb Stover when looking for heartwarming historicals and her latest release doesn't disappoint. After the death of their parents, youngest child Mary vows to do whatever necessary to keep her mentally challenged brother safe. From the moment she rescues him, and befriends the two men who've bonded with him from the asylum, life becomes one based on fantasy while secluding themselves in the forest living a life like their storybook heroes. This ragtag family support and protect each other while trying to hold the future from outside forces at bay in an effort to save their idyllic haven. Cruel men, faces from their pasts, and a handsome man who gives Mary the chance for her own future soon invade creating heartbreak and life or death circumstances that alter all of their futures forever in one action-packed scene after another. Mary has devoted her life to her older brother Robin. With his being mentally challenged she constantly worries he'll be put away again and plans out a future where she'll care for him forever. She never thinks of herself or what she wants until the day a handsome stranger arrives at their doorstep in need of help. As she nurses him back to health he shows her that men can be kind and that she deserves love and a life of her own. Mary's an admirable heroine who's become such a devoted caretaker that she's lost sight of what her brother wants out of life too. It's a shock too see him finding love and it made me sad for all she's sacrificed. Luckily the handsome lawman Shane shows up to show her what could be. He at first is there under false pretenses but before long comes to think of this odd family as his responsibility. He sets aside duty to protect and claim them as his own. He's an admirable man who knowing what Mary's been through at the hands of a violent outlaw takes their relationship slowly. The sexual tension is there from the first moment but he helps her work through her fears in a sweet yet sensual way that ultimately concludes in a super steamy interlude. There are numerous delightfully depicted secondary characters inhabiting this idyllic place. From the midget Tuck (who has many secrets of his own) to Little John the Indian who's hard of hearing and slow and whose family land their haven resides on. Finally there's Robin, a kindhearted soul, who lives a life found in a child's book but is growing more adult much to Mary's dismay. These characters bring a strong sense of family to the story and supply many heartwarming moments. Along with the good are the bad and the worst is Angel Rodriguez who hurt Mary once already and continues to threaten her safety. It will take all of the newfound strength Shane has given her to finally set her free in a heartpounding conclusion. Other characters arrive out of the blue which stretch the story out unnecessarily and leads to an ending that's suspenseful but goes on too long. From its wonderful main characters to its sweetly building romance this story draws you in and is another nicely crafted addition to Ms. Stover's repertoire!
Tink1113 More than 1 year ago
This is a warm almost whimsical story with a lot of heart. I loved Marian's commitment to family and no matter how difficult their struggle became she never turned her back the brood she just kept moving on and made her concern for their safety. I truly enjoyed meeting the characters in this book as they were so special and I wanted so bad for for marian and her group of merry men to succeed and for her to be able to take care of her brother. I truly admired her tenacity and drive to make sure that they had the best life she could give her brother and his friends while her brother saw their life as a scene out of Robin Hood. When Shane finds Mary (Marian) they knew there was something special between them. Marian had to be careful for fear of loosing her brother and Shane had to decide what he was willing to put on the line and walk away from. Could Shane walk away from his badge and follow his heart? Would Marian let Shane in and trust him to be a part of her special family. I found myself wanting several things to happen and becoming the cheering section for so many things. Maid Marian and the Lawman is not my usual reading material but I did find it a light fun read with a lot of heart.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago