Mandy, Transformed (gender transformation erotica)

Mandy, Transformed (gender transformation erotica)

by Ellie Saxx

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Mandy, Transformed (gender transformation erotica) by Ellie Saxx

In this sequel to "A Potion For Pounding!", we rejoin Mandy Larkin, a witch who's grown addicted to a potion that transforms her into her ideal male form. No problem, right? Well, guess what happens when her boyfriend's sister comes to town! The powerful potion makes it harder and harder for Mandy to resist switching to her male side, and her college co-ed visitor finds it impossible to ignore Mandy's new (and thick) equipment. That can only mean one thing: more erotic fun for Mandy, and even more crazy consequences!

Warning: This 4900-word story contains graphic descriptions of explicit sex, including oral sex, anal sex, and M/M and F/F scenes. The content is intended for open-minded, adult readers only.


(Author's note: at this point, Mandy has already transformed into her near-perfect male form...)

Melissa took a step closer to Mandy. “Oh, that sounds fun,” she said absentmindedly. She traced a finger on Mandy’s muscular forearm. “Do you want to watch TV too? This is supposed to be my big weekend. My escape from school. A time to get...a little dirty, you know?”

Mandy jumped back. “No! Yes! I mean, no, I don’t know, and I don’t want to watch TV. I need to get back to my room. You stay here. For God’s sake, stay right here until Mandy gets back!” And with that, she ran into her room and slammed the door shut.

A few seconds later, she heard a soft knock.

“Why’d you go away?” Melissa said sadly. The handle jiggled. “Can I come in?”

Mandy clicked the lock and leaned against the door. Her cock was so sore and so hard that she thought it might burst the seams of her pants.

“No. Go away,” she said. Her male voice sounded *so* harsh.

“Okay,” Melissa said. “I’m sorry.”

Oh, I’ll make it up to you, Mandy thought. Her powers of self-control were slipping. She did the only thing she could think of: she stripped down, freeing her cock, and forced herself to get in the shower under ice cold water. Not even that could quiet the storm.

Please please please let me transform back!

She thought that maybe, just maybe, if she had a little relief and fell asleep she might wake up as Mandy. Real Mandy. Female Mandy. She squeezed bath gel along her shaft and began to soap her cock, jerking firmly, with conviction, trying to wring an orgasm out as fast as possible.

It felt amazing. The slippery soap and her harsh grip sent shockwaves of pleasure through her body. She had to put a hand on the tile wall to steady herself. But every time she got close to a glorious release, Melissa’s image appeared. Melissa naked. Melissa bent over. Melissa kneeling. Melissa sucking. And instead of helping send Mandy over the edge, it only delayed and frustrated her.

She dried off, staggered to bed, and flopped down. She desperately fought an urge you and I both know she’d never be able to resist...

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BN ID: 2940014687652
Publisher: Ellie Saxx
Publication date: 07/04/2012
Series: Mandy's Sex-Change Potions
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About the Author

Ellie Saxx writes a wide variety of creative erotica. Check out her B&N best-seller, "Beach Bondage"!

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