Math Is All Around Us: A Collection of Story Problems for Students and Teachers, Grades 5-7

Math Is All Around Us: A Collection of Story Problems for Students and Teachers, Grades 5-7

by Gail Brown Slane


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Math Is All Around Us: A Collection of Story Problems for Students and Teachers, Grades 5-7 by Gail Brown Slane

Math Is All Around Us is a collection of story problems for students and teachers that can be done independently or in a group setting. They can also be used at home for maintaining math skills.

These math story problems deal with many of the traditional topics covered in 5th through 7th grades. Included are: addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, averages, decimals, fractions, measurement, percentages, time, factors, factoring, probablility, rate, ratio and math vocabulary. Also included are mixed reviews dealing with such topics as holidays, field trips, and going back to school.

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ISBN-13: 9781468552003
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 02/23/2012
Pages: 84
Product dimensions: 8.25(w) x 11.00(h) x 0.17(d)

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Math Is All Around Us

A Collection of Story Problems for Students and Teachers, Grades 5-7
By Gail Brown Slane


Copyright © 2012 Gail Brown Slane
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4685-5200-3

Chapter One

Add it Up

1. Last year, 62 students played in the band. This year, 14 more students play in the band. How many students play in the band this year?

2. On Thursday, 189 fifth graders visited the Washington Monument. On Friday, 248 sixth graders visited the monument. How many students went all together?

3. How many marbles between them would two boys have collected, if one had saved 64 and the other saved 356?

4. Is the sum of 258 and 874 greater or less than the sum of 997 and 290?

5. Marta sold 347 tickets on Monday and 259 tickets on Tuesday. How many tickets did she sell in all?

6. Allyse bought 3 biscuits at $.75 each and a loaf of bread for $2.79. How much did she spend in all?

7. Valerie made 30 cookies. Nick made 20 cookies. Alexander made 40 cookies. How many cookies were there in all?

8. John and Emily saw that there were 50 pencils in a box, 19 erasers and 15 sharpeners. How many things were in the box? Tell three facts about the number!

9. Kayla's mom spent $12.95 on Monday and $13.49 on Tuesday. How much did she spend in all?

10. Lillian had a student book with 80 sheets. Hannah had 120 sheets, and Laura had a notebook with 282 sheets. How many sheets did they have in all?

11. Courtney bought 3 pounds of bananas for $2.75, 2 bottles of water for $2.25, and she bought a team T-shirt for $19.95. She also bought jeans for $39.45. What is the sum of her purchases?

What's the Difference

1. On Friday, 264 people saw the movie. On Saturday, 345 people saw the movie. How many more people saw the movie on Saturday?

2. Hannah earned $6.50. She spent $3.79 for a book. How much money did she have left?

3. The motorcycle weighs 920 pounds. The 3-Wheeler weighs 1,680 pounds. Find the difference.

4. At the candy store, a Mars Bar costs $.60 and a six pack of Oreos cost $.95. How much more do the Oreos cost?

5. There were 765 bananas in the store. The manager had to toss out 469 because they were rotten. How many bananas were left?

6. If Jeff has $300.00 and he spends $158.53 on his school trip, how much will he have left?

7. Eric has $42.51. He wants to buy a computer game that costs $52.75. How much more does he need?

8. Jon ate 46 candy bars. James ate 60. How many more did James eat? Do we know who would get sick faster? Do we know whose face would break out from all the sugar?

9. Alex had 597 kilograms of coal. He gave 146 kg to Jan and 123 to Dennis. How much did Alex give away? How much does he have left?

10. Elise's Used Cars has 23 Fords, 7 Mercedes, 20 Volkswagons and 37 Hondas. How many more cars does she need to have 100 cars?

11. Emre bought 5 CDs for $12.95 each. He also bought 2 games for $45.00 each. He gave the clerk $200.00. How much change did he get back?

12. Ceyda's family has $589.50 to spend on a new TV. The one they really want costs $899.68. How much more money do they need?

Giving and Taking Away

1. Jeff had 412 pounds of clay. He gave 138 pounds to Adam, and he gave 143 pounds to Ben. How much did Jeff give away? How much clay does Jeff have left?

2. James went shopping. He bought a bag of tomatoes for $2.50 and 2 steaks for $5.46 each. How much did he spend? How much change would he get back from $15.00?

3. Ben works 7 hours and 50 minutes on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. He works just 4 hours on Friday so he can play golf all afternoon. How long does Ben work during the week? Does the information tell us if he won the game?

4. Eric bought a pair of headphones for $15.89 and 3 tapes for $7.89 each. Altogether, how much money did Eric spend? Could he have bought 2 more tapes if he hadn't bought the headphones?

5. Anna bought 12 markers for $7.98, an easel for $9.45 and 10 pieces of extra-large poster paper for $12.00. How much did Anna spend? How much more did she pay for the paper than the easel?

6. Kaitlyn purchased a BBQ Sandwich for $2.95, fries for $.99 and a small drink for $.89. What was her final cost? If she gave the clerk $10.00, how much change would Kaitlyn get back?

7. Three cows weighed a total of 1,076 kilograms. One weighed 332 kg, and another cow weighed 50 kg. How much did the third cow weigh? The _______ System uses kilograms!

8. There were 5,735 toys on the truck. One evening 3,591 were taken. How many toys were left in the truck? List two facts about your number answer.

9. Travis bought a comb for $1.84, neon shoelaces for $3.49 and a new bike for $69.29. How much did Travis spend in all? How much change did he get back if he paid with a $100 bill?

10. Donovan had 46 movies. He lost 29 of them. He bought another 38 movies. How many movies was he left with? Why do you think he was losing so many movies?

11. Lillian rafted down 1,400 miles of one river. Kiersten rafted down a river that was 2,714 miles long. Find the sum and the difference of the numbers.

12. At the end of the first day of camp, Jeff counted 47 bites. The next morning he counted 114 bites! How many new bites did Jeff get? Explain why 114 is an even number.

13. There are 334 boys in the school and 289 girls. How many students attend the school? How many more boys are there?

14. There are 36 girls in the fifth-grade classes at the International School of Stuttgart. There are 5 more boys than girls. How many boys are there? What is the total number of students in 5th grade?

15. The Amazon River is approximately 4,000 miles long. The Mississippi River is approximately 2,347 miles long. How much longer is the Amazon River? Explain why 2,347 is an odd number.

Multiplication ... Speedy Addition

1. The caterer baked 85 pies in a week. She sliced each into six pieces. How many pieces of pie did the caterer have?

2. Courtney packed 30 marbles into each rectangular box. She filled 49 boxes. How many marbles did Courtney pack?

3. When Kunal stood on his toes, he was 5 feet 11 inches tall. How many inches tall was Kunal when he stood on his toes?

4. Mrs. Slane will make pies for her 22 7th graders and her 15 6th graders. She will cut each pie into eight pieces. How many pies does she have to make in order for everyone to have a piece?

5. Michael worked at the ticket booth. He sold 129 tickets to the student-vs-teacher volleyball game. Each ticket was $1.25. How much money did Michael collect?

6. Malin is 62 inches tall. Help her convert this to centimeters (cm) by multiplying 62 by 2.54. Remember to place your decimal point back two places.

7. Rudolph noticed that each cracker had 15 holes in it. How many holes would 144 crackers have?

8. Rebecca bought 37 posters. Each poster cost $4.89. How much did she spend in all?

9. The monkeys eat 24 pounds of bananas each day. How many pounds will they eat in 14 days?

10. The Coppens planned to eat 14 meals while traveling. They budgeted $18 for each meal. How much did they budget for all their meals?

11. Shateria read where it takes 9 minutes per pound to defrost a turkey in the microwave. How long will it take to defrost a 25 pound turkey?

Multiplication Madness

1. Harley sneezed (7x8) + (41x49) – (4-2) times. How many times did she sneeze?

2. The bird collected string for 21 days. It collected 18 pieces each day. How many pieces of string did the bird collect in all?

3. Jean bought 4 mystery books for $6.85 each. How much did she spend?

4. Porcha, the puppy, earned 10 doggie treats a day for two weeks. How many treats did she earn?

5. Mr. Baker sold pieces of cake at the fair. He sold 124 pieces! Each piece was $.75. How much did Mr. Baker collect?

6. Kevin and Tim were playing "Name That Product" last night. Tim said the product of 815 and 3 was 240. Was Tim correct? If not, what is the correct answer?

7. Will saw 108 orange trees in a grove. Each tree had 95 buds on it. How many buds were on the orange trees?

8. The science teacher bought 50 new lab books. Each one cost $2.95. How much did she spend on lab books?

9. The baseball team needs to raise money to go to the capital for a championship game. They need to raise $250.00. They want to have a car wash. How many cars will they need to wash at $6.00 per car in order to achieve their goal?

10. Bill loves his ice-cream! He eats two small bowls a day. Each bowl has 210 calories in it. How many calories worth of ice-cream does Bill eat in a week?

11. The restaurant serves 11 ounce steaks. The manager needs 350 for tonight's meal. How much steak should be delivered to the restaurant?

12. Abby ate 650 scoops of ice cream in one week! At this rate, how many scoops will she eat in 6 weeks?

13. Lucy steps on 1,266 ants in a year. At this rate, how many will she step on in 5 years?

14. Harold flies approximately 7,000 miles each month. Approximately how far would he travel during 12 months?

15. Most of the fans who attended the baseball game came in 4 buses. Each bus held 70 people. How many fans rode the buses?

16. Each of the three jets that the students flew to get to France weighed 58,414 pounds. How much would three planes weigh?

17. Yushi loved reading his science book. He read 25 pages each day for a year. How many pages did he read in a year? (Hint: 25 x 365)

18. Mary Ellen wrote a fiction book. She sold 98 to her friends and family. Each book was $6.95. How much money did she collect?

19. The local school will order 232 new math books. Each book costs $18.95. How much will the school spend on new math books?

20. Gauri earns $3.00 a day for an allowance. How much does she earn in a year?

21. Constantin, Joshua, Sophia, Seda and Anjelika each spent 18 hours working on their science fair project. How many hours did they spend in all on the project?

22. Help Niall and Malin find the answer to 49 x 42.

A Great Product

1. Coco's plant drops 6 leaves a day. At this rate, how many leaves will it drop during the year?

2. Mom already made a dozen (12) cookies. She is going to make 12 more sheets of a dozen. How many cookies will mom have after she is finished in the kitchen?

3. Christopher wanted to buy 25 Team Canada jerseys. Each costs $75.00. How much will he spend?

4. There are 130 children at Kent Middle School. How many pieces of pizza are needed if each child eats 3 pieces? If each piece costs $2.25, how much money will be needed to pay the pizza man?

5. A whale can swim 15 miles per hour. If it swims at this rate for 4 hours estimate how far it will swim.

6. Mr. Lawler ordered 24 books that cost $3.95 each, and he also ordered 16 workbooks that cost $4.95 each. How much did his order come to?

7. Eleven horses have _____ legs, _____ ears and _____ tails.

8. On Friday, 315 people visited the ISS Open House. On Saturday, 407 visited, and on Sunday 900 visited the Open House. If each person donated $2.50 to the school, how much money was collected?

9. The school band practices for 55 minutes each day. How many minutes will the band practice in 18 days?

10. Moyuru had 18 bundles of newspapers. Each bundle had 35 papers. How many papers did he have?

11. Victoria averages 65 miles per hour driving on the interstate. If she travels at this rate for 8 hours, how far will she travel?

12. Martina earned $25.00 for each lawn she mowed. If she mowed 12 lawns, how much would she earn?

Dividing It Up

1 Nine encyclopedias were stacked on a shelf. If 2 of the encyclopedias weigh a total of 64 ounces, all nine books weigh how many ounces?

2. The school bus holds 60 people. How many buses are needed to take 288 people on a field trip to the aquarium?

3. A total of 396 entries were received from 4 schools for the talent contest. How many entries were received from each school?

4. There were 231 people seated in 77 trucks along the road to watch the space shuttle land. How many people were in each truck?

5. The 5th grade teacher bought a total of 56 treats for the students to enjoy during a special drama presentation. He paid a total of $37.52. What was the cost of each treat?

6. Tom paid a total of $57.15 for 9 model kits. How much did he pay for each?

7. Helen and Vilma made pumpkin, cherry, peach and pecan pie. There are 32 students in their class. How many pieces should each pie be cut into?

8. Oliver ate 600 calories worth of Thin Mints that he got from Jessica. Each cookie was 40 calories. How many cookies did Oliver eat?

9. William spent $35.34 on pizzas. He got six. How much did each pizza cost?

10. How many 6-inch pieces of yarn can Sophie cut from an 86-inch piece? Will there be any left over?

11. Mr. C'Ya donated 29 books to the local library. He paid $377 for them. How much did each book cost?

12. A clown divided a bunch of 108 balloons evenly among 9 children. How many balloons did each child get?

13. Lucy was on Jeopardy. Alex said, "The answer when you divide." Lucy pressed the button quickly and yelled, "What is the __________ ?"

14. Ashley, Tessa and Maya drove 537 miles in one day. How far could they travel in 3 days at the same rate? If each girl drove the same distance per day, how many miles did they each drive?

15. Anton put 157 photographs in a photo album. He put 8 photos on each page. How many complete pages did Anton fill up? How many pictures were on another page?

16. One-hundred twenty students from around Germany participated in the Challenge Spelling Bee. Five schools were represented. How many students came from each school?

17. A total of 384 students toured Pisa, Italy. They took 6 buses. How many students were on each bus?

18. Takayoshi, Kevin and Max each had 10 extra pencils. They decided to give the pencils to their classmates. There were 6 other children. How many pencils would each child get if the boys divided them evenly?

19. There were 200 people in a restaurant. Each table had 4 people. Kevin said there were 52 groups eating in the restaurant. Is he correct? If not, find the correct answer.

20. Rishabh answered 115 math problems on 5 homework assignments. What was the average number of problems on each assignment?

21. Ouri has 2,000 well-packaged cookies. He plans to eat 27 cookies a week. How long will the cookies last? Will there be any left?

22. The detectives solved 21 mysteries in seven days. How many mysteries did they solve each day?

Part Time

1 Ben gets 600 apples each week to feed his horses. He has 20 horses. Each horse would get how many apples?

2. There are 60 Gummi Bears and 12 children. How many should each child get if they are divided evenly?

3. Mark drove his Porsche 105 miles a week. How far did he drive each day? Note: He works 7 days a week! Poor guy!

4. The nose of the Statue of Liberty is 54 inches in length. Give the length in feet and inches. Remember there are 12 inches in a foot.

5. Allison answered a total of 115 problems on 5 homework assignments. What was the average number of problems on each assignment?

6. Mrs. Slane baked 110 cookies. If there are 22 people who work for GTE, how many cookies should each person get?

7. The trip from Tampa, Florida to Washington, DC is 1,231 miles. How many driving hours will it take if Harold drives at 65 miles per hour?

8. The cruise ship is 1,236 feet long. How many yards is this? Remember: 1 yard = 3 feet

9. Aleksi is going to decorate cars for the parade. He needs 420 meters of crepe paper. If each roll has 30 meters of crepe paper, how many rolls will he need?

10. Tom has a stamp album with 650 stamps in it. The album has 26 pages with the same number of stamps on each page. How many stamps are on each page?

11. A group of 12 students read a total of 156 books. Each student read the same number of books. How many books did each student read?

12. In the telephone book, there are 6,240 names that begin with the letter B. There are 20 pages in this section. Approximately how many names are on each page?

Just Average

1. The Porsche dealership sold 470 cars, 530 cars, 62 cars, 560 cars, 460 cars and 480 cars. What was the average number of cars sold during the first six months of the year?

2. A student took 6 science tests. She scored 60%, 62%, 64%, 68%, 98% and 99%. What was her average score?

3. Ben had 450 pages to read, Scott had 30 and Rudolph had 300 pages to read. How many pages had to be read? What was the average number of pages that had to be read?

4. The art teacher purchased 46 red pencils, 44 orange pencils, 42 yellow pencils and 38 green pencils. What was the average number of pencils that the art teacher purchased?

5. A boy ate 18 chocolates on Monday, 16 on Tuesday, 21 on Wednesday, 15 on Thursday and 10 on Friday. How many chocolates did he eat? What was the average number he ate per day?

6. Jolie spent $400 on a CD player, $50 for a Nintendo game and $82 on a leather jacket. How much did Jolie spend? What was the average cost of her purchases?

7. Carlos played 90% of his notes correctly on Monday. He played 98% of his notes correctly on Tuesday. What was his average?

8. Stephan jet-skied 24 minutes in the morning, 36 minutes in the afternoon and 47 minutes in the evening. How many minutes did he ski? What was the average time he skied?

9. Find the average of 420 kg, 384 kg and 243 kg.

10. Quentin bought five students an ice cream cone. The students had a 3 scoop, a 4 scoop, a 5 scoop, a 6 scoop and a 7 scoop cone. What was the average number of scoops?


Excerpted from Math Is All Around Us by Gail Brown Slane Copyright © 2012 by Gail Brown Slane. Excerpted by permission of AuthorHouse. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Table of Contents


Addition (Add it Up)....................1
Subtraction (What's the Difference)....................2
Addition and Subtraction (Giving and Taking Away)....................3
Multiplication (Multiplication Speedy Addition)....................5
Multiplication (Multiplication Madness)....................6
Multiplication (A Great Product)....................8
Division (Dividing it Up)....................9
Division (Part Time)....................11
Averages (Just Average)....................12
Averages (What Do You Mean)....................13
Decimals (I Get the Point)....................14
Fractions (Fractions ... A Part of the Solution)....................15
Fractions (Fantastic Fractions)....................16
Fractions (Let's Have Piece)....................18
Measurement (Measurement Matters)....................20
Mystery Numbers (Undercover)....................22
Mystery Numbers (Solve It)....................23
Percentages (Popular Percentages)....................24
Percentages (A Part of It)....................26
Time (It's About Time)....................27
Time (Time Out)....................28
A Bit More Challenging....................30
We've Got Problems....................32
A Little Bit of Everything....................34
Mixing it Up....................36
Around the House....................38
Back to School....................40
Daily Dose....................42
Food for Thought....................44
Holiday Story Problems....................46
It's a Hurricane....................48
Keeping Up with the Skills....................50
Maintenance Department....................52
Our Nation....................53
Path to Understanding....................55
Popcorn Sales....................56
Scientific Facts....................57
Taking Flight....................58
The Class Trip....................59
Friendly Math Reminders....................62
Answer Key....................65

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