Meant For This: The Mindset And Strategy To Achieve Your Most

Meant For This: The Mindset And Strategy To Achieve Your Most "Impossible" Dreams

by Erica Wernick
Meant For This: The Mindset And Strategy To Achieve Your Most

Meant For This: The Mindset And Strategy To Achieve Your Most "Impossible" Dreams

by Erica Wernick


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MEANT FOR THIS is for anyone with a dream inside their heart they can't ignore. The kind of dream that feels too big, or too impossible to ever become a reality. Whether you've put it on the back burner for years, or you've been working towards it your whole life, this book will breathe new life into it and create a whole new world of possibility.

As artists and dreamers, we're flooded with discouraging rhetoric: "That dream is going to be really hard." "Good luck winning the lottery!" "Do you really want to be a starving artist?" Not only does this tempt people to pursue something more "realistic," but it also robs us of hope and sticks us with a dead end.

Meant For This is just the opposite. Finally, a book that understands the artist's journey and guides you with a refreshingly motivating perspective. Through 20 chapters of personal stories, exercises, and actionable content, Hollywood's Success Coach Erica Wernick shows you the strategies and mindset that has helped countless artists turn their biggest dreams into reality.

Erica has built a career providing support and strategy in a way that was desperately needed in the Hollywood industry. Between Erica and her clients, they've booked work on over 60 television shows and films on Netflix, Hulu, HBO and every other major network under the sun, working with A-listers, starting their own companies, and landing opportunities they never had before.

This book will:
Give you permission to dream as big as you possibly can
Show you how to access your Star Power to unlock bigger opportunities
Help you map out a brand new strategy for your biggest dream
Make you feel seen and heard as an artist like you've never felt before
Inspire you to stop settling and finally lead the extraordinary life you desire

Erica first walks readers through the mindset of a High Achiever. It's about accessing your Star Power and taking on a set of beliefs that unleash your potential like never before. You want to achieve the exceptional? You want to achieve what most people never will? It starts within. You have to be exceptional to achieve the exceptional.

Then Erica shows you how to tangibly make your dreams happen. Once you become the person you're meant to be, you can take the actions that will propel you forward. Erica digs in deep to practical strategies about making connections, asking for what you want, and creating the most effective plan for even the biggest dreams.

The last section of the book covers the edge. It's the power behind the truly exceptional results. From breaking the rules, to expecting miracles from the Universe, this section is the cherry on top of the cake. It's what successful people do differently, beyond the principles we've heard before.

People who succeed at high levels do things differently. Meant For This will show you exactly what they're doing and how you can achieve everything you feel meant for.

This book gives stars permission to call themselves Stars. It gives dreamers the courage to do the big things in their heart. When you don't achieve something you feel you're meant for, the agony is one of the most excruciating experiences. This book ends that pain, replaces it with joy and epic fulfillment, and subsequently expands the light in a ripple effect of dreams realized.

No dream is too big or too impossible. If it keeps whispering to you, it's time to answer the call and live the life you've always dreamed of.

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ISBN-13: 9781098351168
Publisher: BookBaby
Publication date: 01/26/2021
Pages: 240
Product dimensions: 5.90(w) x 8.90(h) x 0.70(d)

About the Author

Twelve years ago, Erica had a dream of working in Hollywood, but she didn't know a soul, having zero connections. Despite all this, Erica was able to break in and booked her first TV show just two weeks after moving to LA. Over the past decade, Erica has lived her dream, designing graphics for television and film. You can see her work on hit shows like Glee, The Office, Superstore, and most recently Top Chef. After fulfilling her own dream, Erica felt called to help other Hollywood creatives with their dreams, and started a coaching business. Since then, Erica has developed a reputation as Hollywood's Leading Success Coach, and between herself and her clients, they've booked work on over 60 television shows and films on every major network, including Netflix, Hulu, HBO, and more.
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