Messages From My Grandparents... In Heaven: How You Can Keep Contact With Yours

Messages From My Grandparents... In Heaven: How You Can Keep Contact With Yours

by Andrea R Freeman
Messages From My Grandparents... In Heaven: How You Can Keep Contact With Yours

Messages From My Grandparents... In Heaven: How You Can Keep Contact With Yours

by Andrea R Freeman


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The passing of a loved one is never easy. There can be so many words left unsaid or plans still not arranged. It sometimes happens suddenly; sometimes it's just a matter of days. Among the many types of relationships that are hardest to face, losing a grandparent can be agonizing. They are the grounding, the bedrock of your family. Your idols suddenly aren't physically there anymore. However, the connection doesn't end here on earth.

As a Certified Angel Card Reader and Angelic Life Coach with intuitive abilities, Andrea R. Freeman has encountered her grandparents' never-ending messages all around her. She knows that they are well, safe, and guiding her always. You can experience this bond as well. The question is, Are you noticing the signs?

Messages from My Grandparents ... in Heaven will take you on a spiritual healing journey toward rediscovering your connection with your grandparents that goes way beyond your memories with them on earth. Once you begin, you will

  • distinguish methods in which your grandparents are connecting with you, with the help of your guardian angels;
  • -
  • embrace your intuitive abilities to be receptive of your grandparents' and guardian angels' energies;
  • -
  • find clarity, comfort, and restored balance in knowing you're not imagining the messages/signs that you are receiving; and
  • -
  • learn new ways you can enhance the connection with your grandparents.

Your grandparents are still with you each and every step you take in life-ever patient and always ready as you begin your days of healing. Let them begin today!

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ISBN-13: 9781504349864
Publisher: Balboa Press
Publication date: 02/23/2016
Pages: 108
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.22(d)

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Messages from My Grandparents ... In Heaven

How You Can Keep Contact With Yours

By Andrea R. Freeman

Balboa Press

Copyright © 2016 Andrea R. Freeman
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-5043-4986-4


See, Hear, Feel, Know

Perhaps they are not stars, but rather openings in heaven where the love of our lost ones pours through and shines down upon us to let us know they are happy.

— Eskimo proverb

You might be feeling too much grief, guilt, or sadness to feel your grandparents' presence. There might be things you didn't get to do with or for your loved ones before their passing. Human emotions on earth are nonexistent in heaven. There is no sadness, pain, anger, guilt, or fear there. There is only unconditional love, happiness, and peace. Living in the present moment — and not dwelling on the past — is real to those now in heaven. They do not look down upon us with disgust. There is a journey that we all must fulfill, and we can only try our best to live it. Those who have left this earth before us only wish to encourage us, and they would never feel shame or disappointment if we failed at something.

Once you're ready and willing to understand this and you release yourself from feeling any guilt due to your loved one's passing, you can begin to lift away the barrier you have put up against communicating with your grandparents or other loved ones. You will start to find your inner peace again and connect better with your higher self — the spiritual part of you that is connected to the wisdom of heaven.

You may not feel the presence of those who have passed on, because you are not open to various ways of communicating with them. In metaphysical studies (a branch of philosophy that explains the fundamental nature of reality as being and the world that encompasses it), there are four Clairs. They represent the abilities to connect through vision (clairvoyance), hearing (clairaudience), feeling (clairsentience), and knowing (claircognizance).

These communication methods or channels help us receive guidance and messages from God, our guardian angels, and loved ones who have passed. If you're having difficulty receiving messages, these areas might be blocked — and those ways of communicating will not be receptive. They may be closed because you aren't aware of their functions, or something may have occurred in your life that caused these intuitive abilities to be clouded.

Everyone has the capability to receive messages and guidance through these four channels. We all have at least one or two communication abilities that are naturally open. The others, through time, can also be developed further if you wish.

For each Clair description, I add my personal accounts with them. You might find a correlation to what you have already experienced that perhaps you didn't realize connects with these communication channels.

Clairvoyance (Clear Seeing)

This natural, intuitive guidance comes through visions that you see inside or outside your mind. These visions are recognized as small scenes within your mind's eye or images you see before you. If you see a coin or a feather on the ground, a heart-shaped cloud formation, or a rainbow after praying for your loved one, you are receiving direct visual messages from them.

In your mind's eye — or your third eye — you might see visions of situations and certain people within them. You may also notice that what you're seeing always arrives at the precise moment you need an answer.

It's quite possible that you can receive visual messages/images in your dream state. If you recently dreamed of a favorite blanket your grandmother made for you, you may have been thinking about her during your waking hours prior to the dream.

If you notice that, as a whole, you connect more with visual things in your daily life, then this Clair might be one of your natural communication abilities. However, if you dismiss these visual signs and feel you are imagining them, this communication ability may not function strongly. When you doubt what you see, you're closing and narrowing the window of opportunity that could make this ability grow stronger for you.

One of my natural communication abilities comes through as clairvoyance, especially while I conduct angel readings. Angel readings connect you with your guardian angels. They lovingly give you messages of guidance and advice in all areas of your life. I use specific angel card decks to do this. (More information on angel readings can be found in Chapter III.)

During one of my angel reading sessions for a client, I was able to see with my mind's eye the Blessed Mother Mary relay a message for me and for my client, Jessica. I was able to see Mother Mary lean over my right shoulder and rest her right hand upon it. The visual was like a mother looking over her child's shoulder when the child is doing homework. This image had a caring, vigilant, loving, and engaging appearance to it. I knew Mother Mary wanted me to tell Jessica that she was connected with her and was lovingly guiding her daily. I had no prior knowledge of Jessica's connection with Mother Mary, but after our angel reading session, Jessica mentioned how she would often pray to the statue of the Blessed Mother Mary when she passed the church in her neighborhood.

Your angels can visually relay messages through various ranges of light. For example, have you ever noticed various colors of little sparkles of light around you during the day or night? If so, these glittering, sparkling specks of light are the aura colors of your archangels or angels. Auras can identify which archangel or angel is with you since each one has a different color and representation of its abilities.

To briefly explain, while conducting angel readings, I often work closely with four out of the many archangels that are around us. The chart "Archangel Guidance" lists these four archangels, their representing colors, and how they assist us daily. While talking to the client, I would see these archangels' auras sparkle, as listed in the chart, along with sometimes silver light. I also see these lights when casually out with friends. Most of the time — if I'm out in nature — I see golden sparkles of light. Seeing these glimmering lights lets me know my angels are guiding me or informing me that they are with those I'm spending time with.

Archangel Guidance

Archangel Color


Michael royal purple, royal protection, courage,
blue, sometimes gold security, confidence

Raphael emerald green healing, travel,
guidance for healers

Jophiel different shades of pink beauty, grace of the inner
heart, clears and organizes

Gabriel copper, sometimes gold communication, creativity,
helps those who are messengers,
protects children

So right about now, you're probably thinking, Seeing all these flashes of light, perhaps you should consider going for an eye exam to find out if there's something wrong with your eyesight. This is a perfectly normal reaction. Rest assured, I've gone for regular checkups, and all is perfectly well with my vision. These sparkles of light are just a colorful and creative way for your angels to connect with you visually. If you are open to it, you will notice it quite often. Please take caution though. If you notice something troubling your eyesight that goes beyond the realm of what I've mentioned here, don't ignore those signs. Please see an eye doctor to diagnose treatment.


Humans also have auras. The color fields that surround our bodies represent our energy, which can be seen by clairvoyants. Aura colors range from different tones and shades that can change based on your mood, what you are accomplishing or experiencing in life, and other people's impact on you. You may have the ability to see the auras of other individuals. Have you ever noticed a pink glow around people while talking to them?

When I was a young adolescent, I was sitting in my cousin's car. I saw golden light emanating out from her and around her. I was too young to realize that I was witnessing her aura, which reflected her high spiritual vibration and integrity. I felt a comforting, safe, loving presence from the light. I had been going through some tough times, and seeing that light was a confirmation that all was well. I knew she would be there to protect me.

The following chart lists the various aura colors that you might see. It includes the representation that your guardian angels want you to be aware of. In the "Aura Meaning" section, you will notice color descriptions and color contrasts that will reflect whether the auras are shining vibrantly. If they need healing work, they will reflect darker, cloudier colors.

Aura Color
Aura Meaning

Creativity/Lacking Reason
Grounding/Feeling Worthless
Lack of Forgiveness/Hatred
White (Cloudy) Denial/Cover-Up
White (Clear) Compassionate/Inspiration
Integrity/Clear-seeing/High Spiritual


Clairaudience (Clear Hearing)

This natural intuitive guidance comes through what you hear from either outside or inside your mind. Sounds outside your mind can pertain to various things that you may not have realized hold deep meanings for you.

For instance, when was the last time you listened to a song repetitively? Was it something about the melody? Did you like the catchy chorus? Did it remind you of someone else? Did it answer your questions? What time of the day was it? All of these questions hold the key to why your angels or grandparents/loved ones are trying to send you messages through auditory means.

Another client had a similar encounter with messages through songs. Mary's husband had passed, and she was worried about some matters in her life. Right after praying and thinking about her husband and surrendering and releasing her concerns, her wedding song played on the car radio. Mary knew automatically that her husband was contacting her to let her know that all would be well — and that he would see her through every aspect of her life with strength.

The next time you listen to music, take notice of the following:

* What genre is it?

* What time of day did you hear it?

* How many times have you replayed it?

* What were you thinking of prior to it?

* Which lyrics/melodies grab your attention?

Songs are a playful and encouraging way for your angels and grandparents/loved ones who have passed to get your attention.

Another way your angels try to get your attention through hearing is when divine timing allows you to be at the right place at the right time and you overhear a conversation that might benefit your situation. If you are shopping or traveling to work on a bus or train, you might overhear a conversation where someone is in a similar situation. The person may say something profound that signals you to know how to tackle your current situation. This is your angel's way of helping you through your daily life.

You can also receive messages from inside your mind. This internal voice may sound like your voice or like someone else's voice. Don't let this scare you. I'm not talking about horror movies that scare you at night.

When I was in my twenties, I was running errands in my neighborhood. I was driving around alone and reflecting upon a discussion I'd had with someone earlier that day. I was confused and unsettled. While I was trying to understand why the dialogue took place, I heard a voice say, "She has fears." There was definitely no one in the car with me, and I didn't have the radio on. It was a calm, still, male voice that I didn't recognize at first. However, after I assessed the situation further, I realized it was Archangel Michael giving me a guided message to help me feel more secure about the situation.

When I was around eight, I was ordering takeout food with my parents. Out of nowhere, I was able to hear my cousin saying my name. My parents and I had just visited her, and we lived an hour and a half away from each other. I clearly was nowhere near her, but I was still able to hear her voice. She also has these abilities. When I spoke to her on the phone about this occurrence, she revealed that she was saying my name quietly to herself because she missed me. It still amazes me that I was able to hear her!

I can still hear high-pitched sounds with shifting pressure from each ear. This sensation doesn't bring any discomfort to me at all. I know my angels are trying to send me messages. Their vibrations are higher and faster than ours, and we tend to hear them as high-pitched sounds. The noises resemble an old television set being turned on in the other room. You can feel the elevated difference in sound — closer to you and switching between your ears. If you have experienced this, ask your angels to speak slower and lower to you so you can better understand their messages. You may notice a revelation or an answer to a question popping up soon after hearing the sound. Again, take caution. If you discover pain, discomfort, or ringing in your ears beyond the scope of what is mentioned here, don't ignore the signs. Please see a doctor who can diagnose treatment.

If you pay close attention to people's voices and music every day, clairaudience is one of your natural communication abilities.

Clairsentience, (Clear Feeling)

This natural intuitive guidance involves receiving messages through your five senses and also through emotional or physical sensations. This is my second most natural communication ability.

Messages through the Sense of Smell

When I was living with my parents, I would smell my father's cologne a couple of hours before he would come home from work. I feel that this was my angel's way — and possibly my grandfather's way — of letting me know that my father was safe and would be home soon. I would sometimes smell incense or candles without any of them burning near me. When this would occur, I felt that it was my guardian angels connecting with me and delivering a message of pure inner peace.

Messages through the Sense of Touch

Walking in the park is one of my favorite pastimes. I recall one beautiful, humidity-free day in Staten Island, New York, the sweet summer air felt cool and gentle. It was warm enough that I didn't need a jacket. While I was reviewing some situations that were troubling me, I felt a warm embrace from within my heart. It expanded all over my body. It felt as if someone was hugging me, yet I was not walking with anyone. I smiled and felt reassured that my angels and my grandfather were comforting me.

Messages through the Sense of Hearing

During another reading with Mary, I was able to feel and hear the demeanor of her late husband. I didn't know her husband very well prior to his passing, but I was able to confirm his messages for Mary through my clairsentience and clairaudience. I used Doreen Virtue and James Van Praagh's Talking to Heaven Mediumship Cards, and one of the cards validated his beautiful message for Mary: Life is a series of choices. Choose love.

Mary knew it was her husband's way of seeing life.

Messages through the Sense of Sight

Whenever I read for Deanna, her feelings about her father who passed always come through. It doesn't matter what topic is being discussed; he always wants his presence known. One of the ways he does this is through his lighthearted humor. As I bless/meditate on the cards in front of Deanna, a random card — or cards — will always flip out of the deck, causing fumbling of the other cards. It's something I only notice when reading for Deanna. We both laugh since we know he is joking with us and bringing some fun into the reading.

Messages through Emotional Sensations

At the end of October 2013, my husband and I took a cruise to the Caribbean. As we were walking the promenade deck one night, my clairsentience really kicked in!

Dressed in our captain's night finest, we passed several photo screen options for our evening pictures. Immersed in all the heightened glitz and glamour, I felt something catch my attention besides the wondrous festivities surrounding us. I felt a strong, heavy, familiar presence within my chest. It was definitely not a heart attack; it wasn't painful or uncomfortable. I knew the deep pulling of my attention was recognizable; a dear friend of mine who passed away days before my wedding in September 2012.

Ron brought great laughter into my late teens and my early twenties. He reintroduced me to the eighties through screenplays and lyrics. He taught me how to shoot pool, and he could make an outstanding cappuccino. When I found out that Ron had died, I felt so guilty for not keeping in touch with him more. I conversed mostly via text with him, especially my last text to confirm that he would be able to attend my wedding. Since his passing, I've come to terms with it being okay that we didn't connect as much later on in life. I realized Ron was busy in his own way. Though I miss him very much, I know we can keep in contact on a different level.

The sudden connection I felt toward Ron on the cruise ship was linked to a photo screen of the famous Titanic's main stairway. When James Cameron's 1997 blockbuster movie Titanic premiered, Ron and I watched it two or three times in the movie theater. We loved its haunting theme song.


Excerpted from Messages from My Grandparents ... In Heaven by Andrea R. Freeman. Copyright © 2016 Andrea R. Freeman. Excerpted by permission of Balboa Press.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
Excerpts are provided by Dial-A-Book Inc. solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.

Table of Contents


Acknowledgments, vii,
Introduction: Embracing Your Willingness to Communicate, xi,
Chapter I See, Hear, Feel, Know, 1,
Chapter II A Chakra a Day Keeps the Negativity Away, 13,
Chapter III Being Patient through the Transitioning Period, 17,
Chapter IV With Papa, Tic Tacs Solved Everything, 31,
Chapter V XYZ, Grandma Marie!, 41,
Chapter VI Grandma Rose: Reflections of Me, 51,
Chapter VII You're Not Imagining It-They Are Sending You Messages, 59,
Chapter VIII Letters from Home-Staying Connected, 73,
Chapter IX This Isn't Good-Bye!, 81,
Resources, 85,
About the Author, 87,
About the Artist, 89,

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