Messages from the Divine: Wisdom for the Seeker's Soul

Messages from the Divine: Wisdom for the Seeker's Soul

by Sara Wiseman
Messages from the Divine: Wisdom for the Seeker's Soul

Messages from the Divine: Wisdom for the Seeker's Soul

by Sara Wiseman



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From the award-winning author of Writing the Divine comes a spiritual guidebook of attainable lessons and exercises to teach you how to engage in direct connection with the Universe and live a soulful life.

How can I live authentically? What is my life’s purpose? How can I tap into my soul’s wisdom? How can I receive Divine guidance?

To learn the answers to these questions, gifted intuitive, visionary teacher, and author Sara Wiseman gives you Messages from the Divine. Timeless and affirming, the lessons in this book will teach you the secrets of how to live from your soul’s wisdom and awaken to your true life’s path. And by living a soul-led life, you move from confusion, fear, and feeling unfulfilled to a life that is open, original, and profoundly meaningful.

After a harrowing near death experience that resulted in a sudden opening of consciousness, Sara’s spiritual understanding expanded, and she began to see “beyond the veil” and receive messages from spirit guides. It is from this process of Divine receiving that the lessons in this book were transmitted and transcribed.

Each of the lessons ends with a brief exercise—an easy-to-do practice, mediation, or reflection to help anchor the teaching—along with a short collection of anecdotes from the author’s life. Lyrical in style and meditative in experience, Messages from the Divine will inspire, empower, and awaken your soul and Sara’s writing “helps us slow down, feel into the moment, and find our Big Self everywhere” (Penney Peirce, author of The Intuitive Way).

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781501188282
Publisher: Atria Books/Beyond Words
Publication date: 05/15/2018
Format: eBook
Pages: 336
Sales rank: 739,241
File size: 5 MB

About the Author

A spiritual teacher and award-winning author, Sara Wiseman has reached tens of thousands of students worldwide via her books, courses, podcasts, blog, and music. Sara is the founder of Intuition University, hosts the popular podcasts Ask Sara and Spiritual Psychic with over 1.6 million listeners, and writes the Daily Divine blog. She has produced four award-winning music albums with her band Martyrs of Sound. She lives in Oregon with her family.

Table of Contents

Preface xi

Introduction xiii

Book I Living from Your Soul 1

Part 1 The Portal Opens 3

Interlude: New Soul 4

Lesson 1 Welcome to This Lifetime 6

Lesson 2 You Chose This 10

Lesson 3 You're Here to Learn 13

Lesson 4 You Choose Your Curriculum 16

Lesson 5 Everyone Around You Is Also in School 20

Lesson 6 You Learn at the Pace You Can Handle 23

Lesson 7 Failure Is a Part of Your Experience 27

Lesson 8 Skipping Ahead Is Encouraged 31

Interlude: Chambray Shirt 35

Part 2 We're Here for Soul Growth 39

Interlude: School Run 40

Lesson 9 Everyone's Big Lessons Are the Same 43

Lesson 10 We're Here to Find Love 46

Lesson 11 We're Here to Have Purpose 49

Lesson 12 We're Here to Find Meaning 53

Lesson 13 Dreaming Is One Lesson 56

Lesson 14 Being Is Another Lesson 59

Interlude: Sing with Your Heart Open 62

Part 3 Being Is The Way 65

Interlude: Big Red Binder 66

Lesson 15 We Come In as Pure Being 68

Lesson 16 So Much to Do, So Little Time! 70

Lesson 17 Learning to Be Is One of Our Biggest Lessons 73

Lesson 18 Being Opens Up Everything 76

Lesson 19 The More You Can Be, the More You Enjoy 79

Interlude: Break Room 82

Part 4 Everything is a Miracle 85

Interlude: Resurrection of Roses 86

Lesson 20 Everyday Enlightenment 88

Lesson 21 Numbing Out Is a Waste of Time 91

Lesson 22 Distractions Are Not Worthy of You 95

Lesson 23 The More Time You Spend Aware, the Better Your Life Gets 99

Lesson 24 Pure Consciousness Is 100 Percent 102

Lesson 25 If You're Not Blissed Out, You're Not Paying Attention 106

Interlude: The Burning Bush 110

Part 5 Surrendering to Everything 113

Interlude: 24/7 114

Lesson 26 You Are Meant to Live Embodied 116

Lesson 27 If You Don't Like How You Feel, Feel More 119

Lesson 28 You Can't Get Here from There 122

Interlude: High Water. Road Closed 126

Part 6 Becoming Free 129

Interlude: Rolling in the Deep 130

Lesson 29 You Can Waste an Entire Life in Pain 132

Lesson 30 You Can Waste an Entire Life in the Past 137

Lesson 31 Failure Is Growing 141

Lesson 32 The Mystery Beckons 144

Lesson 33 Living from Your Soul 147

Interlude: We Leave with Nothing 150

Book II The Universe Speaks 153

Part 7 Direct Connection 155

Interlude: One Drop More 156

Lesson 34 The Two-Fold Path 158

Lesson 35 No Middleman Required 161

Lesson 36 Direct Connection Is Yours 165

Lesson 37 How the Universe Communicates 168

Lesson 38 Why Vibration Matters 172

Lesson 39 Opening Your Windows 175

Lesson 40 The False Path 179

Interlude: My Little Basil Plant 182

Part 8 Divine Guidance 185

Interlude: The White Feather 186

Lesson 41 Guidance Arrives in Visions 188

Lesson 42 Guidance Arrives in Messages 193

Lesson 43 Guidance Arrives in Feeling 198

Lesson 44 Guidance Arrives in Events 202

Lesson 45 Receiving Creates More Receiving 206

Interlude: On the River of Life 210

Part 9 Divine Opening 213

Interlude: Scattering of Ashes 214

Lesson 46 How Meditation Opens You 216

Lesson 47 How Nature Opens You 220

Lesson 48 How Music Opens You 227

Lesson 49 How Sex Opens You 230

Lesson 50 How Peak Experiences Open You 234

Lesson 51 How Stillness Opens You 238

Lesson 52 You Can Read Anything 243

Lesson 53 Everything Is Your Answer 248

Interlude: Saying I Love You 252

Part 10 Direct Knowing 255

Interlude: The Brown Cabinet 256

Lesson 54 Radical Releasing 258

Lesson 55 Radical Compassion 262

Lesson 56 Radical Gratitude 265

Lesson 57 Radical Intuition 269

Lesson 58 Direct Knowing 273

Lesson 59 Letting the Universe Lead 276

Lesson 60 Living in Flow 279

Interlude: Rain 282

Part 11 Becoming the Beloved 285

Interlude: The Face of the Beloved 286

Lesson 61 Chaos Means Change 288

Lesson 62 Pain as Stuckness 293

Lesson 63 Fear as Stuckness 296

Lesson 64 Learning to Love 300

Lesson 65 Learning to Be Loved 304

Lesson 66 Becoming the Beloved 308

Interlude: Dreaming Your Death 312

Acknowledgments 315

Additional Resources 316

About the Author 318

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