Miracles, Meditation, and a Higher Consciousness: A Guide to Enlightenment

Miracles, Meditation, and a Higher Consciousness: A Guide to Enlightenment

by Tony Ughy


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As we go through life, most of us will experience difficult times. We're often at a loss about how to deal with them. And when we experience spiritual intervention, we may be confused and even question our reality.

In his book Miracles, Meditation, and a Higher Consciousness: A Guide to Enlightenment, author Tony Ughy shares events of spiritual interventions and miracles in his life that some will find difficult to accept. Others will be able to relate to his experiences because of similar ones that have occurred in their lives. Ughy also provides meditation techniques taught to him by his spirit guides. These techniques will help you deal with difficult circumstances and move forward, unencumbered by the emotional baggage that can accompany them.

Ughy's spirit guides compelled him to write Miracles, Meditation, and a Higher Consciousness: A Guide to Enlightenment for you, people who are ready to find that there is more to life than what we can see through our two eyes. It is a book to enlightenment for all who are ready to receive the message.

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ISBN-13: 9781504303415
Publisher: Balboa Press Australia
Publication date: 07/22/2016
Pages: 80
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 7.99(h) x 0.19(d)

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Miracles, Meditation, And A Higher Consciousness

A Guide to Enlightenment

By Tony Ughy

Balboa Press

Copyright © 2016 Tony Ughy
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-5043-0341-5


In the beginning

I would like to start explaining how I came to write a book on miracles, as this book coming into existence is a miracle of its own. To understand why this book is a miracle you will need to know a little more about me. My father emigrated from Hungary, and my mother was born in the outback bush-lands of the central North Island, New Zealand. Before my parents divorced we all lived in our low-income suburb, just ordinary people living less-than-ordinary lives.

I feel it is important to note I have no official education, or any special letters after my name that depict I have any expertise relevant to the subjects I am referring to. On the surface it would appear, who I am is not altogether important, at this time. I wanted to bring this to your attention for one very important reason. That is to assure you, anyone can reach for enlightenment. It is not only for religious or learned persons.

What makes this book unusual is it was never my idea to write it. In fact writing a book would not even make it onto my to-do list. Right now you might be thinking this is not exactly the greatest endorsement to ensure you read on. But bear with me, as it will be much clearer by the end of this chapter. The fact is the only authority I have to write on the topics of miracles, meditation and a higher consciousness, is that I have been the recipient of many spiritual wonders in my life time. These true-life events are not the only miracles, and insights that have occurred in my life. However, I will start with these events, as they are relevant to the message I hope this book will give you.

I had never fully understood why miracles have played a big part in my life, but that changed one evening. In the middle of a conversation with a friend after a long day's work, I became overcome and instructed by the spirit: "Write" it said.

"Write what?" I instantly replied, but there was no answer to my question.

With doubt sinking in I thought, I have no idea what to write or the ability to even consider writing. Then the spirit energy injected once again by merely stating, "Write."

When the spirit came upon me for the second time tears rolled down my face. I replied, I can't even spell words phonetically, how can you ask me to write! But there was still no answer to my questions.

This intuitive conversation lasted for what appeared to be just seconds. My friend Rizky who was with me at this time, had no idea why tears had suddenly cascaded from my eyes. I tried to dismiss my tears as eye strain, but in the end I had to tell him what had happened. It had also cross my mind that it was his destiny to witness this event. He was a little taken-back and at a loss for words, as he had remarked, that he had never experienced anything of this nature, in his life time. Eventually we changed the course of the conversation, but for me this spiritual intervention would be a driving force until I finished this book.

The tears had flowed without warning for two reason. Firstly when you are touched by the spirit world, it is so powerful it will bring you to your knees. The other reason is that I had realised the impossible task before me, and it had immediately weighted me down. Over the years that followed I did think many times about not writing this book, as I had many reasons not to write it. Apart from been illiterate, during this time we had two children, and were living on one wage. To write a book is a challenged on its own, without the compounding issues of life. However it is said, you will never be asked to undertake more than you can accomplish. It is usually our own limited view of ourselves that holds us back. So I can tell you this, when you find your spiritual destiny, or it finds you, you will find no rest until it is completed.

In refection I do recall a number of times when the universe had hinted that I should write a book, but I had ignored them. Like the time my mother asked me if I had ever considered writing a book. I thought, that's a strange thing to ask me, as I had never expressed any desire to write anything. I immediately answered with a definite, no. That was about fourteen years ago. Unfortunately she has now passed on, but I am sure she is looking down on me right now, and saying, "I told you so!"

After many years of learning to spell, and putting words to paper that might have meaning, I realised something. If I must write a book I will do so in the hope of lifting our consciousness into a new realm. I want this book to help us come to the reality that we are a spiritual entity, which has come from where all spirit entities reside, regardless of your religious believes. If we all could take this into consideration and put our worldly believes behind us, our world could be a better place to live.

Knowing it is my divine decree to write a book regarding miracles, I can see why the road I have travelled has been bumpy from the time of my birth. I now know why the universe keeps picking me up to finish the journey. As cosmic forces have guided me to this point in time, to write this book. Yes I have had many conversations with a higher consciousness from a young boy, but have remained a student of life, and still growing. I perceive what I have written will not be accepted by all, but write it I must, as I will get no rest until it is completed. So it is, that you are holding one of my miracles in your hands right now. Spiritual intervention is the only reason this book has come into reality. To fulfil a destiny I had no idea was mine, to write this book.

* * *

Miracles are received through the "knowing" you are a spirit now living in a body.


The darkness let in the light

When I first sat down to write this chapter, it was impressed upon me to be brutally honest regarding the facts of my life. What I am about to share with you has never been told, or known to anyone. I could have written this book under a pseudonym, but I felt this would leave doubt in your mind as to its authenticity. This secret, I am about to share with you is not something anyone would wish to share with the rest of the world, but write it I must, as it is another miracle.

At the age of about seven my parents divorced. My mother left, taking my brother with her. I stayed with my father, because my mother considered it was the best thing to do under the circumstances. Unbeknown to me, the loss of my older brother, and mother created underlining issues for me. I had resented my mother for leaving me with my father, as the reasons my mother had bitterness towards him became more apparent to me. In respect to my father who has now passed on. I would add, I grew to understand that we are all on a journey, and in his later years he evolved into a man I am proud to know as my father.

I now give credence to the fact that it was these events (my parents divorcing) that had led to the voice that came upon me. The voice would verbally condemn me and all others around me. It did tell me to do things, including bad things I didn't want to do. I never did any of these things, but this did not detour the endless barrage of verbal torment. I felt as if I was under attack by a demonic force, brutally harassing me with verbal assaults. I say "demonic," because its tone and words used were nothing short of pure evil in nature. The voice would emulate from almost any noise, day or night. The tick of a clock, the hum from the washing machine, or the static coming from the TV.

One night the voice attacked me from three different sources in succession. Starting with the ticking of the clock, which I put in a dresser draw, and smothered it with clothes. Then the TV broadcast came to an end, releasing another barrage of demonic verbal torment from the static transmission. I jumped up and turned off the TV only to have the voice resume its attack from my father's snoring.

As I struggled to fight off the voice it appeared to me another voice had come. This voice spoke but six words, in a soft and calm manner, which extinguished the hellish voice from my life forever. It said, "Don't listen to the voice, Tony." I thought to myself, Isn't that what I've been trying to do? Without further analysis I put these words at the front of my mind. From that moment the evil voice was eliminated from my life forever. The quiet spiritual voice had acted as a release from the battle. As it is when we battle against things we give energy to the fight against ourselves. When we let go of the battle there can be no war.

In the darkness even the smallest light will shine though like a 10,000-watt candle. This is how I felt, illuminated out of the darkness, as I had now made contact with a higher consciousness. Guard your thoughts, as it is always by choice (or lack of choice) that bad things can come upon us. If I had given into the voice I am not sure where I might be today. These attacks would be a terrifying experience for any person to go through, let-alone a seven-year-old boy. On the other hand the voice was also a blessing. It had exposed a whole new world to me, a world where miracles were just a realisation away.

You will probably not realise just how happy, and relieve I was to put this harassing, satanic voice behind me. At the age of seven I had no idea what I had really gone through. It wasn't until having learnt about it later in life, I discovered it was without question, a trauma induced psychosis called Schizophrenia. Approximately fifty-one million people suffer from schizophrenia worldwide, and most if not all, will never fully recover, as there is no known cure. So you see why I say this is a miracle. As I have never been diagnosed or suspected of having Schizophrenia, or any other mental condition in my lifetime. I would suggest a cure might be spirituality. Let God in, become spiritually aware, and listen out for your higher consciousness, which is trying to guide you out of the darkness.

You see people become spiritually aware through many different doors, and sometimes that door can be a miracle. Unfortunately it is usually through adversity you may need a miracle in your life. Although it is a treacherous road to spirituality, from what I can see it is the most direct route. As you can imagine I have never forgotten this spiritual intervention, as it is forever etched into the very fabric of my soul. It is important to note, that although a door to my spiritual awareness had opened, the journey had just begun.

I did convey my story to the Schizophrenia Society in the hope it might lead them to a new understanding into schizophrenia, but the only reply was a membership to the Schizophrenia Society. I guess scientist and doctors alike, swear they know the dis-ease better than I do, and on some level they do. As they have studied its material substance, given it a name, and put it in a holding pattern with drugs.

* * *

There can be no darkness without light and the light lives in you.


Constant connection

Spiritual intervention it not just for miracles, it can become a part of your everyday life, provided you are open to the realm of infinite possibilities. It can be an open channel where the unknown is an open book. When you are completely open to the unseen world, the spiritual realm can communicate with you on a regular basis. Then there will be no limits to what you can experience. As there was a time when I would receive guidance in every part of my worldly life.

There have been countless examples of these events in my life, but I would like to share just a couple with you at this time. The first example I would like to share with you happened when working on an engineering contract. As I prepared my kit to climb a tower to the platform above, my higher consciousness informed me, I needed a stick of engineers chalk. I stopped, and gave some thought to this spiritual input. I went over the task at hand, again and again, and then decided I had no need for the chalk. You have probably already guessed what happened. Yep, hadn't been at the top for more than five minutes, when I discovered I did indeed need the chalk. A mistake in the mounting bracket required a piece of chalk to mark out the changes I needed to complete the task. I will say this many times throughout this book, when you are guided by your higher consciousness, don't analyse the knowledge or information shared. Just presume it is the truth, as the spirit world can see more than you can imagine.

Another example I would like to share with you happened one day at a popular city beach. It was the middle of summer, and there must have been at least six hundred people or more, enjoying the hot summers day. From where I lay on my towel I could hear the waves gently lapping onto the shore. Where most people had set up their sun shades, and towels on the hot white sand about sixteen meters from the tide-mark. I had been there for less than an hour when I was guided by my spiritual consciousness to come away from the beach, and sit on the stone wall behind me. So I packed up my kit, and sat down to watch the wave's splash gently onto the shore.

I had no idea why I should do this, but I did it anyway, and two minutes later I witnessed an extraordinary event. The tide came in, all the way up to the wall where I sat. It travelled the full sixteen meters and about a foot deep in one swift movement, and did not go out again. It wasn't life threatening, and no-one was injured, but still an unusual event to watch, unhindered from my dry panoramic view. I watched as everyone scrambled for their towels, sandals, bags and other belongings now floating all over the ocean. To my surprise a group of people had approached me later, and asked how I had known this was going to happen. As it was obvious to them I had in some way perceived the event. At the time I did deny I knew it was going to happen, as I thought it would be too difficult to explain. Is this a miracle? Yes, for me at least, as miracles are defined as: "A welcome event that is not explicable by natural or scientific laws and is therefore attributed to a divine agency."

There is an old adage, "You can live your life two ways. One as though nothing is a miracle, the other is as though everything is a miracle." It is a great feeling to know the universe can warn us of anything that could hinder us, not just life threatening situations. Which is why at times I annoy my partner with my seemingly care free attitude. This is mainly due to my connection with my higher consciousness, as I intuitively perceive I am guided from danger.

Once you come to realise spiritual intervention is there to help you at all levels of your existence, you can experience spiritual guidance at multiple levels of your being. I can remember a time in my life when everything I did was guided by a divine entity, and I mean everything, I could virtually do no wrong. This is a powerful tool, and if you reach this level of consciousness you will need to be very careful. As it will create a battlefield for your ego, as your ego tries to prove its worth to you. The fact is, I did turn my back on this spiritual awareness because I wasn't truly ready to live this life. For me, it felt like I needed to feel the normality of making mistakes, my ego had won.

The important lesson here, is you should pay heed to the messages received through your spiritual awareness. When it informs you of the unknown you need to act. As doing nothing will send a signal to the universe that help is not required, or you are unreachable. It is also important to note your divine messenger will never ask you to act in any why that is detrimental to you or anyone else. When you can remain in remembrance that you are a spirit entity, seeing miracles is not so hard to do.

* * *

See the world as a balance of cosmic forces and miracles will follow. See the world as life balanced on chance, and miracles will be lost upon you.


Spiritual intervention

About the age of thirty I lived on the outskirts of town, on a small hobby farm. Every morning I would drink my coffee on the porch, soaking up the morning sun before heading off to work, and this morning was no different to any other.

The drive to work consisted of fifteen kilometres of quiet country road, with very little, or most cases no traffic. I was in excellent spirits on the drive to work, but after four or five kilometres a heavy vibe came over me. I immediately knew the spirit world was trying to warn me of something. As I pondered why this feeling was upon me I looked around and could see no cause for alarm. The further I drove the heavier the weight of concern bared down upon me. By the time I had reached the brow of a small hill in the road, I had slowed my car to thirty kilometres or less. That's when I saw a baby standing directly in my path, right in the middle of the road, and lined up with the centre of my bonnet.

Who would have envisaged, while driving down a quiet country road in the early hours of the morning a baby would be standing all-alone right in your path. I couldn't see the baby until I was right on top of him. Because of his height he stood just beyond eyesight, below the brow of the hill. If I had driven any faster I could not have stopped in time. When I say baby I guessed he was about twenty-months-old.


Excerpted from Miracles, Meditation, And A Higher Consciousness by Tony Ughy. Copyright © 2016 Tony Ughy. Excerpted by permission of Balboa Press.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Table of Contents


Dedication, vii,
Preface, ix,
Part 1–Miracles, 1,
Chapter 1–In the beginning, 3,
Chapter 2– The darkness let in the light, 9,
Chapter 3– Constant connection, 13,
Chapter 4– Spiritual intervention, 17,
Chapter 5–Destiny, 23,
Part 2–Meditation, 29,
Chapter 6–Meditation stage one, 31,
Chapter 7–Meditation stage two, 39,
Part 3–Higher consciousness, 45,
Chapter 8–Enlightenment, 47,
Chapter 9–Religion, 51,
Chapter 10–Science, 57,
Chapter 11–The big picture, 63,

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