Miss Quince and the Can-Do Crew! The Mysterious Teacher and Her Class of Unlikely Super Heroes

Miss Quince and the Can-Do Crew! The Mysterious Teacher and Her Class of Unlikely Super Heroes

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Kids Living Large! A mysterious teacher, adventures, bullies, a big mean dog and super heroes all wrapped together! --- Do you have BIG dreams? Every kid (adults too) dreams of living out big dreams and having great adventures, but can you still "live large" after an injury or when born with a disability? This book is about living out Better Dreams - Even When it seems that you have limitations and the walls and barriers around you appear insurmountable.

You'll find that the possibilities are endless when you have a "Miss Quince" by your side! Disabled superheroes? Children�s adventures from a wheelchair or using a cane? Impossible, right? Well, not when you meet Miss Quince. You see, in the beautiful bay-side town of Windswept, comes this teaching-dynamo named Miss Quince who brings with her an amazing and delightful ability � she completely transforms the lives of her disabled students. The band of bullies had best beware, for there�s a �new sheriff� in town and she�s bringing with her the most unlikely group of super-heroes this world has ever imagined.

Book Themes Include: Courage under pressure, overcoming bullying, perseverance, true friendships, excellent teacher model, living large in spite of a disability, and genuine super heroes!

Special needs student�s bring very different gifts and abilities �to the table�. They appear to be �disabled� with autism, or downs syndrome, blindness, cerebral palsy or spinal injuries or the like, but are they? You see, the students in Windswept are about to receive a whole new understanding of just how really GREAT, being different can be.

In this episode, you'll follow Marcus and his new Can-Do Crew friends as Marcus starts a whole new way of living after a life-changing injury. Soon enough, he'll find that being disabled is simply a bit of an inconvenience and NOT the handicap that most think it is - in fact, he's never had so much fun before. It begins when he enters the classroom behind the yellow door and finds among this unlikely group of students, a CAN-Do spirit, and with it some very cool and unique skills.

Children from 9-12, but frankly kids and adults of all ages dream of being something special, a hero who can "slay giants". This soon to be a best seller will warm your heart, bring a tear to your eyes and most of all give you, your kids and anyone battling a disability - brand new hope. Yes, it really is possible to maximize whatever talent God has given you, and Miss Quince will pave the way for that to happen. This book brings a �magical� touch to kindle children�s books, but more than magical, it�s filled with courage and possibilities.

The authors bring their own unique understanding to this book. In that, Mark is disabled from a spinal injury, Katie works with disabled kids as a speech-language pathologist and together they have one son who is autistic. As such, they add heart and authenticity to their writing.

Who�s this book for?

* �Kids� of all ages, able and disabled.
* Disabled children.
* Parents of special needs kids.
* Special education teachers.
* Parents/teachers who want to teach their "normal" kids that kids with disabilities are pretty "normal" too.
* Dreamers and adventurers who want to dream big and live large.

So hold on to your seats, this "train" is about to leave the station...Miss Quince is in town and she's gonna shake things up.

** A free audio book version is included - see the table of contents for the audio download after purchase.

Product Details

BN ID: 2940148158455
Publisher: EnvoyBooks
Publication date: 02/20/2014
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
File size: 3 MB
Age Range: 9 - 12 Years

About the Author

Mark and Katie Whyte know a bit about disability both personally and by career. They are the parents of an autistic son (their oldest) and Mark is physically disabled. Thus the interest in writing on the topic of living well in spite of a disability. Married since 1985, they have 3 fun-loving (and crazy) young-adult children (all in their 20�s).

Mark, a college professor, broke his neck (cervical 6-7) as a college wrestler at age 20. He lived on crutches from 1977 until 2010 and has since moved to a manual wheelchair. Katie is both a registered nurse and a Master�s level Speech-Language Pathologist. She has worked most of her career (and continues to do so) with developmental disabilities of various kinds, including autism.
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