Missing in Mexico

Missing in Mexico

by Stuart Gustafson

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Sarah Johnson is a 19-year college freshman who, along with her roommate Mary, spent an extra week in Los Cabos, Mexico after a family vacation at Christmas. Unexpectedly, Sarah's not on the plane back to Seattle, and her parents hire Stan, a seasoned Private Investigator, to find her. Even with local help and some promising leads in the town of San José del Cabo, he's unable to find her, and he returns to Seattle to inform the parents. Months later he receives a mysterious letter from someone who says she can help him locate Sarah, and he jumps on the next plane to Los Cabos. Will this be the lucky break he needs to find her? Or will she remain missing -- Missing in Mexico?

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Publisher: AITEpublishing
Publication date: 04/17/2019
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About the Author

Million-mile traveler and author, Stuart Gustafson is America's International Travel Expert®. He combines his love of travel and the intimate knowledge of the places he goes to create fictional mystery novels that make you feel as if you are there! Once you read one of his novels, you will be saying to yourself and to others, "I must go there."

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Missing in Mexico 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 11 reviews.
ReadersFavorite More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Lynn F. for Readers Favorite In Missing In Mexico by Stuart Gustafson, nineteen-year-old Sarah Johnson, her parents and her best friend, Mary, take a trip to Mexico for the Christmas holidays; but when it's time to return home, Sarah's bags are on the plane, but she isn't. The Johnsons hire Private Investigator, Stan Walkorski, to find her, but he thinks it's more a case of a runaway, rather than an abduction. Sarah had put Mary's name on her bags, drawn money out of her savings account and kept several items that should have been in her bag...all clues that she had planned this getaway. Will Stan be able to locate Sarah and bring her home, or does she have herself so well-hidden that he will not be able to find her? One clue that Mary told Stan stood out to me. Can you catch it as you read? This is quite an interesting read. The chapters are written in Spanish and English with the correct pronunciation and meanings, so we not only get a lesson in Spanish, we also get a mini vacation to Mexico. With the descriptions of the town, the restaurants and bars, the Art Center and the beaches, the author takes us on a sightseeing tour of Las Cabos, Mexico. I was a little disappointed in Sarah's parents, or more so her father who seemed he was all business, and I felt like he wasn't really worried about his daughter. This is a cleanly written book with a touch of romance in it but no harsh language or sexual scenes. I feel like this book can be read by any age from the teenager on up.
2joysofmine More than 1 year ago
I thoroughly enjoyed this book! I feel like I could fly to Los Cabos, Mexico and know my way around based on the detailed descriptions provided. You could truly relate to all the characters in the book. I enjoyed traveling with Stan as he searched for Sarah in Mexico and interacted with the people there. I also felt like I was with Sarah's parents and experiencing their frustration not knowing where their only child might be. I truly hope that there is a sequel to this book. I'd like to see how the "rest of the story" unfolds....don't get me wrong, the story has a definite ending, but I feel like there's so much more to tell - especially with Stan. This is a great read for mystery/detective readers. I definitely recommend this book.
MeteorFlower More than 1 year ago
Sarah and her family were visiting Los Cabos, Mexico on vacation. Her parents leave early, letting her and her friend spend some time together before college classes start. When the friend comes back but Sarah is nowhere to be found, they hire Stan. The private investigator leaves seemingly no stone unturned and has to return empty handed. This appears to be a cold case until a mysterious letter turns up from someone saying they can help. Will this be the lead to crack this case or will she remain missing in Mexico? Missing in Mexico is a gripping mystery wrapped in the beauty of Mexico that can only be described by someone who has spent a lot of time there. Stuart Gustafson makes you feel like you are right there in Los Cabos with Stan looking for Sarah. You feel his frustration and his disappointment. I found myself wondering if there’d ever be a break for this poor guy and ultimately if he’d ever find Sarah. The descriptions of all the places Stan visits in his search are so vivid that I find myself wondering if you could use this book to actually travel around a bit in Los Cabos. While the case is wrapped up in a way that leaves no loose ends, there are some loose ends for Stan and I honestly wonder if maybe Stuart will do another story or two about him. I’d really like to know what happens. I highly recommend this book for mystery and detective genre lovers that want to really feel like they’re there and love characters that the reader can really care about.
Linda__ More than 1 year ago
Loved this book - a wonderful, well written story with a twist. The main character was someone you cared about. A very different type of missing persons story - that alone makes it well worth reading! An interesting addition was the Spanish language definitions at the beginning of each chapter. I look forward to reading more by this author.
RtBBlog More than 1 year ago
Review by Stephanie O: An only child, Sarah goes on Christmas vacation to with her parents and BFF Mary. Sarah's parents Robert and Tina leave both Sarah and Mary in Mexico for a few more days of vacation as they return home after the New Year. When it's time to board the plane, Sarah tells Mary go ahead without her, she will be right there. However, the plane is forced to take off without Sarah on it. Now it's a race to discovery where Sarah is. With so many questions, and very few answers will Stan be able to locate Sarah and bring her home to her family? Amazing amount of details, gives the reader the feeling as though they are standing there on the street. Seeing the cobblestone drive, feeling the breeze, and smelling the wonderful food of the area; the reader can get the sense they too are walking the streets with Stan as he searches for missing Sarah. Flash backs from the present to the past give the reader a glimpse of how young Sarah was raised. Until the past and the present collide; and we move forward. As Stan does some amazing leg work, following barely there trails; he finds himself getting emotionally involved with this case. As time flies by, Stan feels as though time may just be running out. Until a lead comes through that gets his hopes up. An amazing story of the love parents have for their children. Of a private investigator willing to go the extra mile, with the help of newly made friends. Filled with plenty of twists and turns, leaving the reader guessing; until the end when you just may need a tissue. Favorite Quote: "You call your computer a guy?" "Sure, why not? The stupid thing is slow and it stops working whenever it feels like it. You think I would call it a woman?" "No. I don't think you would." Stan agreed.
skstiles612 More than 1 year ago
Some books seem like they have been pulled right out of the headlines of the newspaper. This book is one of those books. I teach a lot of kids who come from Mexico. Never in all my years of teaching and talking with these students have I felt like I was there. Stuart's descriptions put the reader in Los Cabos. I believe I would really enjoy visiting. There were many twists and turns in this book. I think the reason I liked this book so much is because I love mysteries. I'm not good at solving them, yet I love trying. I felt so sorry for Sarah's parents when they discovered their daughter was missing. I remember the panic I felt when my son had been across the street shooting baskets, and I suddenly no longer heard his basketball. I called the neighbor, and the police, and was absolutely hysterical. Ten minutes later he walked in and told me he'd been across the street helping our 89 year old neighbor who had asked for his assistance. He'd never thought of coming to tell me first because he was 17 years old. I am sure many people will make connections similar to mine either from their own experiences or from the news. Want to know what happened to Sarah and what Stan Walkorski, the PI her parents hired, found when he went to Los Cabos? Read this book. One other thing I want to point out that I really enjoyed was the spanish throughout the book. I took great pleasure in refreshing my spanish.
KrittersRamblings More than 1 year ago
A plot line that was to die for and made you think about all the missing persons cases that have taken place abroad lately in the news. A story centering around a young girl who goes missing after a family vacation in Mexico. Was she kidnapped? Did she go missing willingly? You want to find out what happened to this girl and help get the clues as to where she has gone. With a PI named Stan, the reader goes on a journey trying to find the missing pieces to help him and her parents discover where she has gone and maybe even why. Throughout his investigation, you are treated to chapters here and there that take a glimpse back to Sarah's childhood - in these chapters you learn a lot about how she grew up and the person she is before she goes missing. To be honest - one of these chapters definitely helped spoil the ending, which one - I will not tell! The main reason my review is a like and not a love is the wordiness that occurred in a few spots that didn't keep the story moving. At times, I thought the author was trying to boast about their knowledge of the area. I would recommend this read to those who enjoy a little search and find with clues coming from all sorts of places.
LetsBookIt More than 1 year ago
If you decide to pick up this book, the number one thing you must be sure to do is read the chapter headings! There are a couple reasons for this: 1) they give you your Spanish lesson for the chapter. Each chapter is numbered in English and Spanish and the heading includes a Spanish word, pronunciation, meaning and a sentence to show context. I think it has already been established that I'm a bit of a geek and I really enjoyed these little lessons. 2) pay attention to the date included in the heading. There are a couple of chapters that are flashbacks. This really wasn't confusing, as long as the heading was read. Because Sarah goes missing in Mexico at the outset of the book, the flashbacks are used to introduce the reader to her character. I found these chapters interesting and helpful in getting to know Sarah. It is very obvious that Stuart Gustafson is a travel writer. This is his first travel mystery and it reads almost as if someone has taken a travel book and a mystery novel and shuffled them together like a deck of cards. That isn't meant to be a criticism. The mystery kept my attention but the descriptions of San Jose del Cabo have me searching the net for cheap airline tickets. I have a burning desire to go and see these sites for myself. I found that I enjoyed the mix. Stan, the private investigator, was an interesting character. I was amused at his attempts at romance. In other mysteries I have read, the investigator is so focused on his case that any romance involved, also involves the case. I think 'Missing in Mexico' shows a more accurate picture of what an investigator's life is really like. Sometimes the clues are really hard to come by. Sometimes there are days when nothing can be done and Stan may as well go out on the town and play tourist - maybe with a 'friend'. Sometimes waiting is the name of the game. It makes for a much slower paced plot than I usually enjoy but the descriptions of the setting helped to take up the slack. I also liked that the romance in the book was sweet and not forced. Surprisingly, I didn't connect at all with Sarah's parents. I found it hard to sympathize with them. Certainly if Sarah had been my daughter, I would have reacted much differently. Not only didn't I connect well with them, I also didn't like them very much. I don't know whether I was just really in tune with this author or if the mystery really was quite transparent but I did have it figured out within the first few chapters. While this did give me the satisfaction of feeling really smart, it also made me a little impatient with Stan the detective. The ending of the story was perfect. Perhaps too perfect. I always prefer a less than perfect ending. Overall, 'Missing in Mexico' was a satisfying read and I look forward to Mr. Gustafson's next travel mystery.
Dee224 More than 1 year ago
This was such an awesome book to read. I really loved it. It is about a girl, her name is Sarah, and she goes missing in Mexico and no one knows what happened to her. So her parents hire a private investigator to try and find her, and his name is Stan. This book really makes you invested in trying to find out what happened to Sarah. You start caring about a girl you don't even know. Was she abducted? Is she hurt? Stuff like that. This book was so detailed and interesting it was like I actually took a trip down to San Jose del Cabo, Mexico myself. I loved picturing how everything looks like down there. Its like I went with Stan on his trip to find Sarah. I was just as invested as he was. What happened to Sarah was definitely a shocker for me. I wasn't expecting it to end that way. Also this book ended perfectly with me wanting more. I can't wait to read another book by Stuart Gustafson. Awesome, fantastic, great read. =] Definately suggest reading it. =]
Cherylene More than 1 year ago
Missing in Mexico begins with a parent's worst nightmare - their child is missing at the end of a trip across the border. What could have happened to a 19 year old in the airport? How could she just disappear when her friend was with her every moment? These are questions to be asked by the private investigator, Stan, who has been hired by Sarah's parents to find her. I enjoyed this book. With the detailed descriptions of the area of Los Cabos, Mexico, I knew that Mr. Gustafson had been there. I could imagine the layout of the community, the plaza, and the clubs. However, the descriptions didn't take away from the story, as can happen at times. I could see the art district as Stan walked through the galleries. I had a real sense of somewhere I've never been. The story itself was well written and enjoyable. I had my suspicions as to the fate of Sarah at the beginning of the story, but they changed a few times as the story unfolded. Even with the hints given to Stan, I wasn't certain of the motivations for her disappearance or where she might be. There were plenty of twists to this story to keep me turning the pages. I enjoyed the Spanish lessons that were added at the beginning of each chapter, as well as the words thrown into the text. It added more to Stan's experiences as he learned more about the people of Los Cabos. Overall, this was an enjoyable, quick read filled with mystery and suspense, perfect for the young adult and adult in your family. I appreciated that it was a clean read as well. Never let it be said that the only stories worth reading must be filled with foul language and smutty details. It just isn't true, and Missing in Mexico is proof of that!
Burmcat More than 1 year ago
Missing in Mexico is a mystery novel set in Los Cabos, Mexico. When 19 year old Sarah fails to get off the plane in Seattle after a family trip to Los Cabos, Stan Walkorski is hired to locate her. In his search for Sarah, Stan must travel to Los Cabos and Guatemala. Exhibiting an intimate knowledge of each location in Mexico, its' citizens and culture, Stuart Gustafson, has brought it all: a well developed and interesting mystery with a nice guy PI, vivid word pictures of buildings, streets, art galleries, and restaurants, with mini Spanish lessons at the commencement of each chapter - all combined to keep you reading late into the night! A great read! A great first novel! The beginning of a great series!