Modulation on the Stand-Alone Scalar Carrier Wave: Freedom or Incarceration
Modulation on the Stand-Alone Scalar Carrier Wave: Freedom or Incarceration

Modulation on the Stand-Alone Scalar Carrier Wave: Freedom or Incarceration

by Frank Scott, Nisa Montie

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Key points of view are brought to the forefront, illuminating the way to Remembering your Higher Self, as you begin to Return.

And before you know it, the flight nears its destination. You begin your descent into this New City, where you can begin anew Life charged with the Intelligence of a Being of Light, with the Knowingness and Lovingness of a servant of God.

We pray and hope that as the Spirit of this series resonate through this volume, deep within you, your carrier wave will, in return, vibrate the melody encoded in the message of a new Love shared.

May you experience that Joy now and forever.


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ISBN-13: 9781504398213
Publisher: Balboa Press
Publication date: 03/02/2018
Pages: 214
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.49(d)

About the Author

Frank K. Scott, after his tour of duty for the United States, graduated from Southeastern University, Washington D.C., succeeding as a business entrepreneur, while carrying on his career of writing and speaking upon the nature of the universe and its dimensional realities. Having dozens of out-of-body experiences, near-death personally over six times, his insights have fascinated, and continue to open the minds and hearts, of his varied audiences.

Nisa M. Montie obtained her Bachelor of Arts in English and Creative Writing from Oberlin College, and her Master in Education from George Washington University. Her pilot film, Nisa Natures Adventures, was produced in 2003 for an educational Television series to teach children about self-respect and respect for nature and the environment through an entertaining musical format.

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Clarity of Mind and Purity of Heart

A direct experience of the lack of human understanding of the Oneness of the Manifestations of God results in the absence of the periodic Teachings dispensed to humanity. This phenomenon brings about a disparity and irrationality to human behavior that, in the present time, has created a collective whose behavior lacks the boundaries that are both necessary and essential for the unity of mind and heart.

Those that ignore, or have reduced, the divine importance of the Lesser Covenant delivered by Moses, a Manifestation of God, some three thousand five hundred years ago, behave in ways that demonstrate their spiritual positions as disbelievers in the Divine Station conferred upon Moses. For example, many Christians have an understanding of the Mosaic Revelation that falls far short of the latter's importance to human spiritual development. They view the station of Jesus, son of Mary and the Holy Spirit, as being higher than that of Moses, the Law-giver through the Ten Commandments, when, in fact, all of God's Manifestations, being manifested from the One, Unknowable Essence, cannot be separated as to Their Perfections and Spiritual Station.

When entities (known as human by agreement) make false distinctions among God's Representatives, these deluded mortals create mind-world constructs that are in direct opposition to the Truth of the Principle of the Oneness of all the Manifestations of God as being One and the Same. As a result, the Teachings of God's Messengers, each emphasizing one or more aspects of the attributes of God, are reduced in value and in Their importance to humanity as a whole, resulting in the varying obstructions to the development of the human race, and to the process of unifying the family of mankind.

When humanity does not honor and integrate all the Teachings of all of God's Manifestations, disparate levels in the development of its spiritual understanding arise around the globe. No common standards for moral and ethical values can exist. Human behavior regularly goes beyond the bounds of moderation. Disorderliness prevails. Violations, ranging from lack of courtesy to physical, mental, and emotional violence, become common in relationships, be they of a personal or business nature, since what is not permissible in one social group may be acceptable in another.

This lack of a unified understanding casts a shadow on the importance of God's Revealed Word — intended to be a continuous, uninterrupted flow perceived as an ever-present Curriculum Designed by God. However, presently, God's Word is most often erroneously perceived as composed of separate and unrelated Revelations. When thus viewed out-of-context by the respective followers of each of the Creator's Representatives, Each Message, specific as is its to the needs of the entities experiencing a certain time-period in history in a particular location upon a particular planet, cannot be correctly understood.

Only when each Revelation is understood as indivisibly related to the Dispensation given by every other Manifestation of One Common Source, will the Unifying understanding occur that is necessary to uplift humanity to its true station.

Those called to a particular Messenger, who believe in that One's Message to the exclusion of the Revealed Truth dispensed by the Creator's other Messengers, ignore the Truth of His Oneness at their peril.

In some small cases, the acceptance, by the followers of one Manifestation, of other Manifestations of God (Who appear in different physical forms — or Temples — with different Names, emphasizing different Divine Attributes) is minimal; or this acceptance is limited only to some aspects of the Content of the Dispensation of another Manifestation, so that an understanding of the Whole, necessarily encompassing the unity of all Manifestations and Their Dispensations, and essential for the achieving of the objective of Remembering and Returning to each one's True Self, is unfortunately, unavailable.

As such, the human race has a long way to go before it can reconcile its fundamental differences, its members divided by arguments drawn from differing mind-world constructs, or points of view, based upon incomplete information resulting in a mental and spiritual condition that stands in the way of world peace under one roof. The basic unity offered by the Lesser Covenant (the Ten Commandments) delivered by Moses is not available due to the continuous violation of the tenets of this Covenant (Agreement) across the globe, by most inhabitants. The resultant inordinate behaviors, and their consequences, plaguing the human race have formed the basis of disunity and disease.

Similarly, the distinctions attributed to each Manifestation, rendering or delegating One or More to a lesser role, or no role at all, have created a violently divided family of mankind, with belief systems quite difficult to harmonize, making the accomplishment of world peace at all levels — from physical, to mental and emotional, to spiritual and Soul-based, nearly impossible.

For as long as humanity fails to accept the ongoing delivery of a Whole not meant to be parceled or fragmented, not meant to be chipped away at, or interpreted out of context, the destiny of humanity is questionable, at best. Unity and Oneness are the only way to deliver all creatures to that lofty destination Designed by the Creator Who loves His Creation.

It is clear that the quality of the fifth-dimensional domain, the Spirit of Life and Intelligence of a planet, with all its regions, groups, clusters, and local systems and subsystems of Intelligence and Life, as imperceptible fields of activities, determines the overall state of well-being manifested throughout — the inter- and inner- connectedness as the overall ambience invisibly housing all living and non-living inhabitants and material components.

The travelers' treatment of, and attitude and actions towards, their shared planetary home result from their connection with this Spirit of Life, underpinned by their awareness of Life's Higher Purpose through their Soul-based awareness.

Each entity bears the responsibility for aiding his or her planet, in this case the Earth, in maintaining a healthy living and intelligent dynamic system — or not.

Within the Simulator and Trainer, entities (as points of view) are meant to contribute to the harmony and balance necessary for sustaining the energetic flow of Life, while further preserving and maintaining the necessary order for Its preservation and continuing manifestation, in alignment with God's Plan.

Thus, clarity of mind, and purity of heart, become fundamental requirements within the Simulator's intelligent design, requirements promoting responsibility to the Whole, from the inhabitants. This specific demand is enforced upon each component layer, being embedded and superposed throughout to create the emerging reality travelers are meant to experience.

When this harmony and balance is missing or threatened, through the travelers' lack of understanding or denial, greed and competition increase. Gradual entropic changes then alter the conditions of peace and the tranquility required for life itself to blossom. Just as an individual body — a unit of travel — requires the proper attention and responsible use by its traveling entity, so does the planet, as a unit of shared resources, require the nurturing stewardship of its (visiting) inhabitants.

This responsible behavior, as well as a clear and grateful understanding of all guests as to their indebtedness to their gracious planetary host, assure an amicable interfacing among all living and non-living components. The most beneficial adjustments and effects thereby take place in the running and sustaining of the system of planetary Life and Intelligence, while continuing to serve the intended purpose of its Creator's Plan.

That is, the third- and fourth- dimensional aspects of this system must be a continuing platform and nest for the spiritual development of all its inhabitants, sustained by the fifth-dimensional, imperceptible field of activities manifesting all necessary requirements, as needed.

An entity in balance, dimensionally speaking, will assess where he or she is on the Infinite Journey. Does a traveling entity know whether he or she is moving towards, or away from, his or her Higher Self? Is the traveler cognizant of his or her motion on a track of time, providing the necessary clarity to realize its value? These and other questions emerge when we stop long enough to contemplate on the nature of the experience of one's sojourn, whether the traveler feels lost in the surrounding poverty or wealth in his or her life, or whether he or she is well-anchored deep within, knowing at all times how to read his or her own book, while never being lost within his or her higher Self.

Otherwise, the flow of time carries the traveler away from an eddy of contemplation, one of the many opportunities given as life motions the traveler forward to another port of entry.

Each sojourn on the shores of consciousness follows a pattern. When an entity's sphere of awareness first arrives in a world of time, the light of a fledgling physiological state of consciousness is more intense, requiring shutdowns of consciousness, to a small degree, of gradually shorter and shorter time-spans. As the baby grows, its moments of wakefulness increase in number, and with that change, its opportunity to know and understand its place and purpose in the grand scheme of existential activity increases. The traveler's physical unit grows and ages, and the entity expresses his or her purpose on the planet until, finally, the entity receives the message signaling the end of the sojourn in the plains of consciousness. Physical death of the unit arrives, and the entity's sphere of awareness moves on.

When a traveler looks back upon his or her life, at all the days that have come and go, hopefully that life may be viewed as a decades-old adventure, rewarding in the accrual of valuable information that translated into a greater sense of Knowingness and Lovingness. The traveler will look forward to the many more chapters of the Scroll of Existence to be read and played, those that will lead the true seeker away from worlds of time, and towards the One, Eternal, and Ever-present Realm of Glory.

Each traveler must understand that the roles played as a guest on this planet come with the responsibility to acknowledge the right of others, who, being guests as well on this planet, must also show the appropriate respect befitting that understanding. To be responsible is to be accountable and conscientious, during the brief assignment upon a planet, in this, or any other, fractional and temporal, existential sojourn. Each and all travelers have a shared responsibility, interpreted and understood as our rights as humans (by agreement) during our stays. Understanding this shared responsibility develops lifetime attitudes, intentions, and actions from the correct basis.

That which all entities manifest from this understanding may then be carried forth successfully, transforming how we organize and utilize our time on the planet for the improvement and advancement of everyone, and for all times. Concerned about the impact and consequence of these cyclical visits on the planet, in line with the Creator's Plan, all entities remain aware of our Primary Purpose: to know our True Selves, and to return to our full, God-given Perfections as the engraved-upon-the-Soul Image of the All-Bountiful One, clearly reflecting His Beauty.

We take care of the Earth because of the importance it has both as a planetary home for all traveling entities, and as a theater of Life and Intelligence that serves as evidence of the spiritual degree of the entities' states of conscious awareness.

Each entity may look at his or her life on the planet in terms of happiness and harmony, and may observe the results of the level of inner coherence and functionality, and responsibility to the whole, that he or she has.

The reality we all share is a composite, layered and embedded into a dynamic system of superposed Systems of Intelligence and Life, each being, in appearance, independent of everything else, yet in fact, dependent on the overall coherence and functional quality of all its components. Its beauty reflects, as a continuing flow, the attributes innate and inherent throughout. Reality then acts as a whole, unified by the workings of each and all its imperceptible fields of activity, the Spirit at its core.

This Unified Field, or Unity that carries forth its Life and Intelligence, when it comes to each and all visiting entities, is spoken of as the Moral and Natural Principles safeguarding the Life and Intelligence of the Whole System.

Thus, in short, there are a number of Natural Mandates governing the manifestation of the third-dimensional, material composition, and its fourth-dimensional, mind-world construct as part of that reality shared. There is, as well, a Moral Framework and perspective built-in, a priori, governing the fifth-dimensional state, or the Spirit of the Universe, as a system of Life and Intelligence.

Violations of these Moral and Natural exigencies built-in the shared system of Life and Intelligence cause the reality made up of concepts and appearances (material and virtual) to suffer as a result. The system becomes unable to sustain and maintain the basis that unifies its content, and all of its complex activities, into a coherent and functional Whole. The end result is simple: an accelerated entropic process of decay and death providing the impetus disassembling a civilization.

In line with what was said all along throughout all our previous books, the Lesser Covenant — our collective agreement prior to embarking on the journey — represents, at its root, the basis for a uniform and reliable mechanism and process, a moral framework coupled to a natural, preexisting system of the Life and Intelligence of a planet, a Whole we all call our home, ensuring the safeguarding of its reality.

Without the fulfilment of this collective Agreement and moral imperative, by each and all travelers during their sojourns on a planet such as Earth, paired with an appropriate respect for the shared environment and all of its living and non-living components, the planetary system of Life and Intelligence recoils in shock from the chaos created by these disconnected entities.

The planetary system of Life and Intelligence responds with corresponding measures to purify the environment — often through extreme weather such as hurricanes, tornados, and earthquakes. These events are an effort to communicate and give notice to the inhabitants of the planet, paralleling a concern within the Simulator and Trainer, in conformity with the System's overall purpose.

We are, in fact, dealing with programs and/or programming imposing signals and information upon us, the travelers, as stand-alone, bi-directional and non-linear, scalar carrier waves. For as long as entities journey within the Simulator and Trainer, the process must remain uninterrupted. If said imposition of information is flowing tenth-dimensionally from the Soul-based state of pure awareness, the traveling entity is spiritually progressing. If, on the other hand, the egoic modulation interrupts, or resists, said flow and/ or programming, the entity is regressing, or not developing as ordained, and as fate may seal it.


Life is....

If the traveler stopped long enough to think about the nature of his or her existence within the immensity of this universe, there would be no answer. Such is the mystery of his or her reality deep within the myriad layers embedded and superposed that give rise to an assembly and composite the traveler acknowledges as reality.

Yet, the reality that represents everything exists only because God Wills it so, and it is. There is in fact only one Reality, the Reality of God.

Everything else simply exists because of His Will and Pleasure. As such, life is a mirror reflecting His Will and Pleasure on whomever He chooses. The effect of this state of realization upon the creature, the traveling entity, is so profound, that it may take hundreds, even thousands of sojourns to become fully aware of its implications.


Excerpted from "Modulation on the Stand-Alone Scalar Carrier Wave"
by .
Copyright © 2018 Frank Scott And Nisa Montie.
Excerpted by permission of Balboa Press.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Table of Contents

Preface, vii,
Clarity of Mind and Purity of Heart, 1,
Life is, 21,
A Divine Program: The Blueprint, 35,
Resonances and Hints between Worlds, 51,
The Role of the Manifestation of God, 63,
The Expression of Divine Information, 79,
Surrender and Obedience, 91,
Managing Divine Energetics of Change, 99,
The Cave, 115,
The Dead and the Sleepy, 121,
Separation and Disconnection, 159,
Soul Modulation, 187,
Books by Kito and Ling Productions, 195,

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