Moonlight tales

Moonlight tales

Moonlight tales

Moonlight tales


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Little wonder why animals behave and look the way they are: fishes live in the water, penguins do not fly, cats (leopard, tiger, lion) are distinct, cats hate rats, kites hover over flames of fire, snakes have neither hands nor legs, toads have no tail, women do not grow beard?

Moonlight tales is a compilation of twenty fiction and short fantasy tales, nineteen of which are centred on animals. It explores and reveals the genesis and reasons why animals behave and look the way they are. Each tale ends with a simple crossword and questions that could help improve a child’s intellect and moral standards. The tales are accompanied by 40 full-page illustrations created by talented artist Tereza Dostálová.

It is a children picture book manuscript.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9788097335854
Publisher: Morandi s.r.o.
Publication date: 06/22/2020
Pages: 104
Product dimensions: 7.50(w) x 9.25(h) x 0.27(d)

About the Author

Okoye Johnson Obiora is an avid lover of stories, especially children's stories which he also tells. He enjoys writing story poems for publications. This is his first children storybook which promises to be interesting and insightful.

Tereza Dostálová, a young illustrator from Bra­tislava, Slovakia, studied animation and graphic design at Private Secondary Art School of Animation in Bratislava. While composition and ­colours being the strongest assets of her creative expression, she naturally inclines for children's ­illustrations in all its scope. With joy she embraced the task to create forty amazing illustrations for this book in a playful form with a traditional look in digital form. Tereza loves travelling, discovering different cultures and people and adores her dog Bessy. You can reach her at

Table of Contents

1 Why fishes live in the water 5

2 Why toads have no tail 9

3 Why kites prey on chicks 14

4 Why turtles have patched shells 19

5 Why bats fly at night 24

6 Why lizards nod their heads all the time and cant talk 27

7 Why women don’t grow beard 32

8 Why penguins do not fly 36

9 Why dogs sniff along the way 41

10 Why vultures have a bald head and eat carcasses 46

11 Why kites do hover over the flame of fire 50

12 Why cats hate rats 54

13 Why snakes crawl 59

14 Why leopards, tigers and lions are distinct 64

15 Why lion is the strongest animal 69

16 Why giraffes have long necks 74

17 Why elephants are the biggest animal 79

18 Why the nightingale has a beautiful voice 84

19 Why the rooster tells the time 89

20 Why the snail crawls slowly 94

Do you know 99

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