Murder, Curlers, and Cream (The Murder, Curlers Series, #1)

Murder, Curlers, and Cream (The Murder, Curlers Series, #1)

by Arlene McFarlane
4.8 6

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Murder, Curlers, and Cream (The Murder, Curlers Series, #1) by Arlene McFarlane

“Smart, entertaining, and laugh-out-loud funny!” —Liliana Hart, New York Times Bestselling Author

Valentine Beaumont is a beautician with a problem. Not only has she got a meddling mother, a wacky staff, and a dying business, but now she’s got a dead client who was strangled while awaiting her facial.

With business the way it is, combing through this mystery may be the only way to save

her salon. Until a second murder, an explosion, a kidnapping, death threats, and the hard-nosed Detective Romero complicate things. But Valentine will do anything to untangle the crime. All she has to do is keep her tools of the trade in her bag, keep herself alive, and avoid falling for the tough detective.

In the end, how hard can that be?

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BN ID: 2940153518718
Publisher: Arlene McFarlane
Publication date: 11/08/2016
Series: Murder, Curlers Series , #1
Sold by: Draft2Digital
Format: NOOK Book
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Murder, Curlers, and Cream (The Murder, Curlers Series, #1) 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
Hpergo 6 days ago
Beautician by day, amateur sleuth by night; Valentine Beaumont is on the case! When one of her clients ends up dead during her appointment, Valentine decides she is going to find the killer herself. However, asking around is not only causing Romero, the sexy, strong detective to get in her way, she’s also now receiving threatening calls and notes. Asking a few harmless questions might prove to be more dangerous than she first thought! This was a fun read! The characters were enjoyable and the story had many laugh-out-loud moments. I am hooked and cannot wait to see what Valentine gets into next!
Lorraine_S More than 1 year ago
I’m always happy when I find a new author whose books I enjoy, and I will certainly be going back for more from Arlene McFarlane. This was a great book! The characters are funny and quirky without being caricatures, and Valentine Beaumont is a heroine I can really relate to. She is a strong, independent woman who is also not ashamed to dress up and wear makeup when she wants. When the body of a regular customer is found strangled in a spa room in Valentine’s salon, there are too many suspects to easily narrow down, even with tough and handsome Detective Romero on the case. To protect the reputation of her salon, Valentine sets out to do some detecting of her own. Despite a second murder, a fire bomb, and threats from a suspect, Valentine’s adventures and her ability to protect herself with a variety of beauty supplies and tools are both hair-raising and hilarious. Will Valentine escape with her life and her livelihood intact? And is Romero interested in her as more than a part of his investigation? This book is well worth reading to find out!
Missisue4 More than 1 year ago
Murder, Curlers and Cream by Arlene McFarlane is the first book in her Valentine Beaumont Mystery series and it really gets you going !!! I fell instantly in love with Valentine, her outfits, her employees and her life. She owns a beauty salon which has a mortgage payment coming due and one of the regular clients is found dead.....strangled by a cord while waiting in one of the treatment rooms. Even though her sister is on the police force, Valentine is not going to sit quietly looking pretty waiting for the police to find the killer. Even when she buts heads with the sexy Detective working the case, she will do whatever it takes to solve the murder and get life back into her salon. Murder, Curlers and Cream is full of interesting people that as you read you will wonder who did it and why ? Sure Portia wasn't a very nice woman but did she deserve to be murdered ? And in Valentine's shop ??? Put your beauty magazine down and pick this book up !! You will want to keep up with Valentine and Detective Romero.......
grandmareads102 More than 1 year ago
Valentine Beaumont is a beautician. Her business has been struggling since she stopped a killer from making her his next victim by using her perm rod. The publicity and the jokes have cost her big time. Her bad luck continues when another one of her clients is found strangled in her treatment room., Valentine is determined to find the killer and hopefully save her business. Can she find who did it? Valentine has keen instincts and determination on her side. Detective Romero is the lead investigator. He may be tall, dark and handsome, but she won't let him stop her from tracking down the murderer. Now she's a target. What else could go wrong?I liked Valentine. She is a unique character. When she and the Detective butt heads sparks fly. I enjoyed their interaction. The story is intriguing. The suspect are numerous and I was kept guessing until the very end. Arlene McFarlane has a writing style that pulled me in. Her characters are likeable, the mystery is filled with unexpected twists and the touch of romance is enjoyable. I'm looking forward to Valentine's next adventure. I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.
Mama_Cat More than 1 year ago
After reading this overall fun and suspenseful first novel in the Valentine Beaumont Mysteries series, one can never look at their beauty salon quite the same again! Val is a 5’4” spitfire with a reputation for permanently injuring a bad guy. She is more than a match for any bad guy and funnier than the Improv comics…Detective Romero had no idea what he was in for when he went to her salon after the murder of Portia Reynolds, one of the society matrons who frequented Beaumont’s. Portia goes into the salon for her weekly beauty treatments. While she was in a treatment room, someone came in and strangled her with the cord from the steamer. The local real estate mogul was awaiting treatment in another room and found her, and Detective Romero was called to the scene. Familiar with her history of curling a bad guy’s personals to keep him from killing her, Romero ordered her to let him to the detective work. He also suspected one of the delivery drivers who Val was convinced was innocent. Val was not one to sit around waiting for someone to find the bad guy while her salon lost more business. She was behind on the salon’s mortgage, and closing up for a long weekend after the murder could lose whatever clients the murder didn’t scare away. She took every opportunity to find and talk to people who either were present when the murder occurred or might be suspected. Even after receiving warnings, she persisted. Even after she was doing work in the office on the day the salon was closed, and the shop was firebombed. Even when the next death occurred … This salon definitely had its share of eccentric folks! Val is the best defined, especially as we see her communication style with clients, staff, friends, and the people she was asking questions of. I like her for the time she gives to the children at the hospital and with seniors. I became a little less comfortable with reading the growing frequency of her desires around Romero. Her staff members are as different as night and day from each other. Max, a long-term stylist, is a close friend and employee. Judy is quiet, pleasant, and good at her job; she had gone home sick early on the morning of the murder so we learn less about her. Phyllis was the deathbed promise Val made to her grandmother, that she would help her stay employed. We learn a bit about her because she is brash, messy, and doesn’t care much about other people. Detective Romero was an enigma through much of the novel as he stayed away from Val outside of business; it was pleasant to get to know more about him later in the novel. There were so many good suspects, so many with grudges against Portia! This is a delightful first in a new series offering with picturesque descriptions of events. There are a few I would have loved to be a fly in the wall for! Out of all the suspects that Romero and Val spoke with, the bad guy/ gal is the one I didn’t even begin to suspect until the very end. It was surprising, as well as a satisfying ending in which every loose end has been tied up. While I would have enjoyed hearing about Val’s first investigative tale from its first mention, even looking on Amazon to see if I missed a prequel, I now see why it was strategically placed. I highly recommend Murder, Curlers and Cream! From a grateful heart: I received this eARC from the author and here is my honest review.
bluegreen91 More than 1 year ago
I really enjoyed this first-in-series by Arlene McFarlane! I haven't read any other books with a beautician/salon owner, so it was a nice change of scenery. The Boston area setting is great, reminding me of when I lived there, and I felt myself trying to guess where the town of Rueland might be, based on some of the locations mentioned. I like the main character, Valentine. She's complex enough to be realistic, and she's likeable. Some of the supporting characters are great, too... Romero, Max, and Holly. Even Phyllis had my attention, wondering what rude or dumb thing she would do or say next. The plot moved at just the right speed, with plenty of clues to pick up on, but nothing too obvious to give away the killer. Several plausible suspects kept the story interesting. I didn't guess the culprit until right before he/she was revealed, which I like. I'd love to hear more about the supporting characters in the future of the series, especially Valentine's busy friend Twix. I'd recommend this book to an mystery lover and am looking forward to reading the second in the series! I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.