Murder, She Uncovered

Murder, She Uncovered

by Peg Cochran

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An intrepid 1930s Manhattan socialite uncovers deadly secrets during an assignment to the Hamptons in this riveting historical cozy mystery for readers of Victoria Thompson, Anne Perry, and Rhys Bowen.
Westhampton, 1938. To the dismay of her well-to-do family, Elizabeth “Biz” Adams is quickly establishing herself as a seasoned photographer over at the Daily Trumpet. Growing more confident in her decision to pursue a career, Elizabeth is thrilled when she and her reporter sidekick, Ralph Kaminsky, are sent to Long Island to cover the story of a young maid found dead in one of the glamourous summer homes in the devastating aftermath of the Great New England Hurricane—also known as the Long Island Express.  
At first it’s assumed that the young woman was caught in the terrible storm, but when a suspicious wound is found on the side of her head, the police suspect murder. The maid’s death becomes even more tragic when it’s discovered she was pregnant, and with Elizabeth and Kaminsky at the scene of the crime, the Daily Trumpet scoops all the other papers in town.

The young woman’s boyfriend emerges as the likeliest suspect. But as Elizabeth follows the story, she begins to wonder whether someone in the household of the maid’s employers might be responsible—someone who’ll stop at nothing to keep the truth about the baby’s paternity hidden. . . .

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ISBN-13: 9780525479727
Publisher: Random House Publishing Group
Publication date: 05/28/2019
Series: Murder, She Reported Series , #2
Sold by: Random House
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 230
Sales rank: 36,666
File size: 1 MB

About the Author

Peg Cochran is the bestselling author of Murder, She Reported and Murder, She Uncovered; the Farmer’s Daughter Mystery series; the Cranberry Cove Mystery series; the Gourmet De-Lite Mystery series; and the Sweet Nothings Lingerie Mystery series (as Meg London). Originally from New Jersey, she now lives in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

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Murder, She Uncovered 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 15 reviews.
Mary_Russell 2 days ago
In the aftermath of the Great New England Hurricane (1938) many bodies are uncovered but one was not killed by the storm but human hands. “Biz”, an upper-class girl working as a photographer at the Daily Trumpet travels to Westhampton with crime reporter Ralph Kaminsky to cover the story. They soon realize that while the maid was murdered in Westhampton the motive behind the crime is in New York City. This book is the second in the series, I have not read the first, but I will be. Peg Cochran creates engaging characters and a wonderful sense of time and place. The mystery is well plotted and full of twists. There’s a little bit of humor, a splash of romance, and great historical details.
chicpanda 10 days ago
Book 2 of Cochran's Murder She Reported historical mystery series covers the great hurricane of September 1938. Elizabeth, known as Biz to her friends is now a news photographer assigned to Kaminsky, the seasoned crime reporter for the Daily Trumpet. A week after the storm, they are assigned to cover the discovery of a corpse found amid the wreckage left by storm dubbed The Long Island Express. Noeleen Donovan, a maid working for the Post family, was found on the third floor of one of the mansions in Westhampton Long Island. The local law enforcement agencies are overwhelmed dealing with the aftermath of the hurricane. The Post family lives in Manhattan so the case is transferred to New York City. Eager to prove his continued worth to the editors of the Daily Trumpet, Kaminsky and Biz investigate the story. A provocative detail, Noeleen, unmarried, was five months pregnant. Elizabeth's social standing is helpful here as she is able to easily interact with the members of New York's upper class. Kaminsky's seasoned approach to crime in New York, keeps her grounded. Will Detective Sal Marino be part of the investigation? Elizabeth is still very attracted to him although she knows the feelings are hopeless. Will societal norms keep them apart? Cochran, a best selling author, has produced a well researched story. Her description of the locations and use of dialogue create an accurate background to the mystery. The reader feels as if they might be part of New York City prior to World War II. The mystery itself is well designed, providing enough possible suspects to make the solution challenging. I look forward to Book 3 of Murder She Reported. Full disclosure: I received this e-copy from netgalley and Alibi in exchange for an unbiased review. Thank you for the opportunity.
KrisAnderson_TAR 16 days ago
Murder, She Uncovered is an action packed historical cozy mystery. Biz Adams is a socialite who wants a different type of life for herself. Despite her mother’s attempts to marry her off, Biz is still single and thrilled at being promoted to crime photographer. It also allows her to interact with Detective Sal Marino to whom Biz is attracted, but she does not see how it could work out between them with their differing backgrounds. When an Irish maid is murdered, Biz and Kaminsky are assigned the case. They want to discover who killed Noeleen Donovan and scoop the other papers. I like that the investigation is actively pursued throughout the book. They question a variety of people in their search for the truth. There are a couple of side stories as well. Ralph Kaminsky is the perfect partner for Elizabeth “Biz” Adams. They have different perspectives thanks to their diverse backgrounds. Kaminsky has a nose for news plus he has knowledge of the common man and Biz helps him navigate the upper class crowd courtesy of her upbringing. I also enjoyed getting know more about Biz’s family and her best friend, Irene Nowack. I like that we are learning more about Kaminsky a little at a time (he may be crotchety, but he has a good heart). There is great dialogue in Murder, She Uncovered (book is heavy in dialogue which I like) and Peg Cochran captured the lingo used in the 1930s. There are delightful descriptions that allow me to visualize the characters and the setting. I especially enjoy reading about Biz’s clothing and her cute hats. I appreciated the references to various books and movies like Rebecca and Bringing Up Baby. It was interesting to learn that Katharine Hepburn and her family were caught at the summer home during the hurricane. I can tell that the author did her research for the series. There are some great scenes with Biz having new experiences like eating hot dogs from a street cart and consuming pizza without silverware. Murder, She Uncovered is well-written with good pacing. I appreciated the author’s writing style which made the book a pleasure to read. While Murder, She Uncovered is the second book in the Murder, She Reported series, it can be read as a standalone. One of my favorite lines from the book comes from Kaminsky when he told Biz “It’s your life. Live it your way.” I am eager to read Murder, She Encountered when it comes out later this year. Murder, She Uncovered has snappy dialogue, an intriguing mystery, developed characters, a sweet ending and lively humor.
VWilliams 16 days ago
This is book 2 of the Murder, She Reported historical cozy mystery series, but I had no problem reading as a standalone. Elizabeth Adams, seeking some independence from her well-to-do Manhattan lifestyle, went to work for a local newspaper and landed the crime photographer position for seasoned partner, Ralph Kaminsky. Following a hurricane on Long Island in 1938, she and her partner are sent to cover the mysterious death of a young maid for one of the resident's wealthy homeowners. While there was certainly death and destruction due to the hurricane, the young woman exhibits a wound that could not have been caused by the deadly storm. Unfortunately, she is also found to have been pregnant. The character of Kaminsky is classic; chain smoker, sweating getting the next scoop to keep his job. Elizabeth (Biz) exhibits the characteristics of the wealthy class who survived the Great Depression. It also means she's a bit on the sheltered side, naive, innocent to the world out there, and even worse--working in a male dominated world. The era is an examination of the social mores then dividing class and a country confronting issues never dreamed about ten years previous. It's a fun romp in the time and tide of the country when women were just awakening to the opportunities that extended beyond the kitchen and babies. Elizabeth is a great character, still dodging her family and their judgment and discovering she is capable and can decide for herself whether or not the (wealthy) man groomed for her would be her choice (or not). And that was my only niggle--the comfort in her lifestyle, money, meals, and domestic help. It's still too easy for her to slip back into that monied position. I was given this download by the publisher and NetGalley and greatly appreciated the opportunity to read and review. The cozy is a unique and thoroughly enjoyable experience and I'm looking forward to seeing more in this series. Recommended for those who read cozies, but would prefer one with a distinctive premise in a different time and culture. 4.5/5 stars
CozyUpWithKathy 24 days ago
A complex mystery, a commentary on society, and an emotional tempest MURDER, SHE UNCOVERED by Peg Cochran The Second Murder, She Reported Mystery Despite being a socialite, Elizabeth "Biz" Adams is proud of the fact that she's a working woman, and even prouder that's she's been promoted. Now an official photographer for the Daily Trumpet Elizabeth and her crime reporter partner, Kaminsky, are called to Long Island after a devastating hurricane leaves hundreds dead. But it wasn't the hurricane that killed the Irish maid, Noeleen. She was murdered. As the duo investigate they find themselves discovering more bodies, and possibly uncovering more murders. Smart characters in a changing society form the backdrop to this historical mystery. I love the way the relationship between Biz and Kaminsky is evolving into a great friendship. They instinctively reach out to help each other, sometimes knowing what the other needs first and doing what they can to provide it. This second Murder, She Reported Mystery focuses on expectations: those thrust on you from society and your parents. What do you do when their expectations don't meet your own needs and desires? Indeed, your own values? Biz is just one of the characters facing this type of dilemma. The mystery is riveting, with lots of historical detail and red herrings galore. There's even another suspicious death that serves as a subplot! Shocking possibilities become even more profound when pregnancy, mental illness, and religion are brought into the equation. MURDER, SHE UNCOVERED kept me riveted from the opening raindrops to the devastation of the Great North East Hurricane and its aftermath. A complex mystery, a commentary on society, and an emotional tempest make this book a captivating read. FTC Disclosure – The publisher sent me a digital ARC provided through NetGalley, in the hopes I would review it.
BeagleGirl123 26 days ago
Peg Cochran's Murder, She Uncovered is her second book featuring Elizabeth "Biz" Adams, and I really enjoyed it. Ms. Cochran perfectly captures the New York of the late 1930's, and her wonderful descriptions (clothes, scenery, etc...) really added to the story! The mystery was very well told, and I kept going back and forth on who I thought the culprit was right up to the big reveal. Well done! A+++
Anonymous 26 days ago
I'm happy I requested this book because I discovered a great series. I liked the unusual mix of characters, high society Elizabeth and the reporter, as well as the good mystery full of twists and turns. This book is a page-turner I wasn't able to put down and read it in one setting. There's a sort of cliff hanger that makes me crave to read the next installment soon. It's a book I strongly recommend! I received this ARC via Netgalley in exchange for a honest review, all opinions are mine.
Anonymous 27 days ago
Main character, Elizabeth, comes from a well to do family but yearns to do more with her life in 1930's New York. Through happenstance she becomes a crime photographer. Together with reporter Kaminsky, they must discover who murdered a maid and get the scoop before any other newspapers. Elizabeth is also tasked with determining which life she truly wants; a socialite or an everyday working girl. The relationship between Kaminsky and Elizabeth is similar to a father/ daughter relationship. I truly enjoyed watching this relationship develop and learning more about Kaminsky's past. This series by Peg Cochran is fresh and exciting. We've all read the socialite becomes a sleuth novels, but this puts a fresh spin on an over-saturated theme. It's interesting to watch Elizabeth navigate being a working girl and the demands of both lives.
ebookaddictsuk 28 days ago
Murder, She Uncovered is the second book in the Murder, She Reported Series, and whilst I have not read book 1 I found you could read this book easily as a stand alone. Elizabeth “Biz” Adams is from a well to do family and it seems that she has broke tradition and is quickly establishing herself as photographer for the Daily Trumpet. Set in 1938 this was a good cozy historical mystery. I loved the relationship that Elizabeth had with her fellow reporter Ralph Kaminsky, who it seemed to be in the right place at the right time to get the latest scoop and be one step ahead of the police. Our Two reporters turn investigators when a death discovered after the hurricane turn out to be murder, the begin questioing for the paper but that soon becomes the catalyst to investigate further. There was plenty of intrigue and mystery throughout this book, and when I thought I had it all figured out, the author would throw something else into the mix and throw we off kilter. I loved the setting of the story and can't wait to read more from this series.
Shelly9677 28 days ago
The scene is the 1938 New York City. The war is underway in Europe and prohibition is over. The mood is a mixture of anxious and buoyant. A young Upper East side woman who wants to be more than a socialite wife has decided to pursue a career at The Daily Trumpet newspaper as a crime scene photographer. Elizabeth “Biz” Adams finds herself accompanying crime reporter Kaminsky as he searches for leads on the case of an Irish servant who was murdered during a tumultuous storm that rocked Long Island. The circumstances surrounding the young immigrant’s death and the description of her by those that knew her well don’t match up. Biz soon finds that no-one is really who they seem to be on the surface. This book is heavy on the dialogue, but it works. The pages flow and the plot moves along flawlessly. This was my first historical cozy, but it won’t be my last.
Anonymous 29 days ago
Murder, She Uncovered is the second installment in the Murder, She Reported series by Peg Cochran. Set in 1938 New York, Elizabeth Adams is an intrepid newspaper photographer in a male dominated world. She's young, rich, and trying to break from the confines set by society. This novel sees our young heroine looking for the next headline to help her favorite reporter, Ralph Kaminsky, and trying to solve the murder mystery of a young Irish maid. This book was so incredibly good! The characters are well written and the plot moves at a pace that keeps your attention. A real joy to read.
casey710 29 days ago
This is the second in the "Murder She" series about a young former debutante/socialite in 1930's New York. I read the first and there were some character quirks I found really annoying and distracting and some big plot holes but felt there was some potential and I am really glad I did. This second book is far more polished and sharp. The character is more fully developed and the story is a really entertaining historic mystery that kept me guessing until the end. Now I am hoping there is a third and that this series continues. Thank you NetGalley for the advanced readers copy for review.
chefdt 29 days ago
Murder, She Uncovered is the second book in the Murder, She Reported series. A week after a terrible hurricane has hit New York City and Long Island crime photographer, Elizabeth “Biz” Adams and crime reporter Ralph Kaminsky are headed for Long Island to the investigate a body that has been found in one of the mansions. Their first thought is that she got caught up in the storm, but they arrive and talk to the coroner they learned that she had been stabbed and found in the servants quarters of the Mr. and Mrs. Post’s home. They also find out that the victim, Noeleen Donovan, was 5-months pregnant at the time. There first thought was the father of the baby was the killer, he is the son of a prominent family in Westhampton. But they soon find other suspects to consider, she had lived in a boarding house where her cousin, Orla. They both had interviewed for the Post’s position, but when Noeleen got the job, Orla had to end up taking a job in a garment factory. The son the cook, Killian Brown comes under suspicion. The teenager is mentally challenged and tends to stalk the staff, making them very uncomfortable. Also, her priest, Father McGraph, had recently been transferred to her parish for unexplained reasons. But soon the priest is found hanging in his closet at the rectory. It’s unsure if he was killed or did he hang himself out of guilt. Biz and Ralph know that they need to pull out all stops before any more deaths occur in Westhampton. Biz and Sal Marino, a police detective who Biz had worked with in Murder, She Reported, seem to be developing some interest in each other. Marino has asked Biz to have dinner with him and his parents but Biz is hesitant. They are from different social structures and her folks, her mother for sure, wouldn’t approve of her being seen in public on the arm of a “police detective. I love this new interesting series. The stories are well written and told and extremely interesting. The characters are all interesting and well developed. The story is set in 1938 and the scenes seem to be historically accurate. I can’t wait for the next book, Murder, She Encountered and due out in December 2019, to see what stories Biz and Ralph will be following. And of course, to see if romance will be blooming for Biz and Sal.
Anonymous 29 days ago
Manhattan socialite Elizabeth Adams, now reporter and photographer on The Daily Trumpet, is making her way home from work when she is caught in a blackout and tremendous rain and wind storm. Little does she know that it is the edges of the 1938 Long Island Hurricane. The storm formed on the coast of Africa as a category 5 and stuck New York and New England as a category 3, killing nearly 700 and destroying millions of dollars worth of property. The next few days are taken up with storm coverage, but when a young woman is found in the wreckage of one mansion on Long Island, it's clear that she was not killed by the storm. This young woman was murdered, and it becomes the story that everyone is chasing. Elizabeth called "Biz" by her crusty partner, Kaminsky, dive headfirst into the story of the murdered girl, who immigrated from Ireland and worked for one of the wealthy summer families. Everyone describes Roeleen, the murdered girl, as a quiet and devout girl with no boyfriends and no enemies in the beginning. But as they look beneath, a different picture emerges. Several people may have wanted her dead, Murder, She Uncovered is an excellent follow-up to the first in the series, Murder She Reported, and one I have been looking forward to. The historical detail is exceptional, and I enjoy Biz's struggle to navigate her wealthy and well-connected family's disapproval and her own desire to not become just another rich man's wife. The secondary characters are just as impressive, from Kaminsky to her friend, Irene, who was crippled by polio in childhood. Biz herself had a brush with the disease, leaving her with a slight limp at times. Biz won't let that stop her though. There is a very promising romance with the dishy Detective Sal Marino, one that I hope continues to blossom. Thanks to NetGalley and Alibi for an advance digital copy. The opinions are my own.
MariWatson1 29 days ago
Peg Cochran's smooth, touch is still apparent in the second book of the series. The Plot is good with strong characters, and I love the touches of 1930's vocabulary and clothes. Beverly Gray, Reporter has nothing on Biz (Elizabeth) Adams as she follows her hunches and helps the Reporter Kaminski...track down a Murderer before he kills again. The bodies are piling up and they are running out of time. I am so glad I found this series and have been enjoying it immensely. It is a current day 1930's version of some of the best that became movies and books out of that Era. What a setting to go with... a storm has washed away buildings and bodies are stacked in chairs at the Country Club. That has to get your attention. But watch out... one of those bodies has a stab wound and not the bloated look of drowning. Lots of interesting characters and a plot that is worthy of The Thin Man -makes Peg Cochran's Book Two of the Murder She Reported Series a sure-fire Winner. I am giving this five stars. My thanks to Netgalley and Random House-Alibi