Mystery of the Marie: My Childhood Tragedy That Surfaced a Cold War Secret - 60th Anniversary Extended Edition

Mystery of the Marie: My Childhood Tragedy That Surfaced a Cold War Secret - 60th Anniversary Extended Edition

by Teresa Newton-Terres, James H. Pence

Paperback(60th Anniversary Extended ed.)

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She grew up in the shadow of a mystery. Teresa Newton-Terres never knew her dad.

Losing him when she was only two, she lived with unresolved grief for almost fifty years. But when a dusty scrapbook hidden by her grandmother lands on her doorstep, she plunges into an abyss to uncover the story. In 1960, an eminent physicist and six other men including Newton-Terres' father left on a covert Raytheon-related underwater communications experiment. They never returned, and their converted landing craft, The Marie, vanished. After learning only four bodies were recovered and her father's not among them, Newton-Terres kept a flicker of hope alive.

In a passionate search that exposes black-ops secrecy and classified red tape, this courageous book reveals how a U.S. defense project coverup still has lasting repercussions for all the affected families. Showcasing careful forensic research and impeccable attention to detail, Newton-Terres offers a deep dive into her fearless quest for the truth and the inner joy she found. Mystery of the Marie: My childhood tragedy that surfaced a Cold War secret is a page-turning memoir that connects a national news event to an intimate personal story. If you like government intrigue, captivating suspense, and brave crusaders for truth, then you'll love Teresa Newton-Terres and James H. Pence's inspiring account.

Buy the Mystery of the Marie, 60th Anniversary Expanded Edition, and help surface the truth today!

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780979144752
Publisher: TNT Press
Publication date: 08/18/2020
Edition description: 60th Anniversary Extended ed.
Pages: 486
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 1.08(d)

Table of Contents

Preface, A Window To The Past, Memorial, Change of Command, Raytheon, Propelled Into a Mystery, The Lost at Sea Memorial, Raytheon Retired Engineers, Imagineers, Memories, Distress Signal, Dolphin Family Sculptor, Battles, Perspective, Freedom of Information, Nara-I, Logs & Change of Command, Ocean of Context, Reporting to Commandant, Detection and Deterrence, Old Spanish Days, Debrief, The Navy Yard, Coast Guard Connections, Anti-Submarine-Warfare, For the Children, Cabin Courage, Telling Timeline, Mysths and Memories, The Court Case, Rebuffed, Building a Tidal Wave, IR Information Symposium, Remembrance Before Honor, A Phone Interview, Paul Timothy Lovette, An Insider's View of the Coast Guard, Cold War Mystery?, Influencer & Advoocate, The Father of Infrared, Dr. Beardsley Search, Curating an Exhibit, Black Project, Beyond Black, Commemoration, Worldview Systems, The Shipwreck Thing, The Mysterious Dr. Beardsley

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