Mystical Vapors

Mystical Vapors

by Aiesha Warner


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ISBN-13: 9781452030074
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 08/06/2010
Pages: 268
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.61(d)

About the Author

Author Aiesha Warner, born in 1945, was a quiet, shy little girl with a curious mind, and a vivid imagination. Intrigued with life’s trials, tribulations, and challenges, her awe inspiring adventure into writing brings a fantasy world of joy to a captive audience. In feeding her continuous desire to make people’s lives happy, joyous and filled with love, she is presently writing her next book.

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Sometimes it is hard to let go of things like anger, betrayal, or deception. We may even think we have moved on, and then years later, realize the emotions still linger just beneath the surface. Like a sterile, scarred pathway in the yard, worn by an angry dog pulling at the end of his chain, our soul is disfigured by the relentless emotions. We become calloused and desensitized by their constant presence. When couples divorce over issues like adultery, leaving their pain indelibly etched into the innocent faces of their children, genuine forgiveness is often sacrificed to the omnipresent god of acrimony. However, even in these intensely conflicted relationships, I believe God expects us to follow Jesus’ model. Jesus forgave people he met on the streets and hillsides, the soldiers who beat and crucified him, and his friend Simon Peter, who disgracefully denied knowing him. He gives us a model to follow as we endure the many conflicts in our daily lives. He invites us to forgive the rude driver who causes us to slam on brakes and spill our coffee. He encourages us to forgive the narcissistic boss, the incompetent supervisor, the rude co-worker, even the defiant daughter-in-law with another box of tape recorders. He demonstrates how to forgive those who mortally wound our most intimate relationships and defile our most sacred commitments. He firmly insists that only he or she who is without sin may cast the first stone. Then, he speaks to our hearts in a gentle, graceful and collective whisper, “Go, and sin no more.” As the Children of Israel wandered the wilderness in search of the Promised Land, they were much like you and me. We wander through the wilderness of each day, encountering disappointments, confusion, frustration, sometimes wild beasts and conflicts of all sorts. Yet, our search is also for a Promised Land, where we are genuinely reconciled with our brothers and sisters, co-workers, neighbors, parents, spouse and children. As we journey through life, encountering uncharted emotions, troubling thoughts and unexpected conflict, sometimes with those whom we love the most, we are reminded of God’s daily presence in our lives.

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Mystical Vapors 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This was a journey beyond fiction into plausability for me, and much more than a fabulous love story. It goes beyond time and space, and connects the dots as to why, perhaps, we are here and how we are woven into relationships that once were, and may again be, in our own personal Book of Lives. Aiesha carries us into a past reality when Stonehenge was a temple of connection for the gods and man and centered the very planet we inhabit. Parallel lives of those involved in that society reconnect over eons with love and concern for earths well-being, and are guided by close connection with the gods to restore the Henge before Mother Earth (Gaia) tumbles helplessly in ever increasing procession, until all we know would be lost forever. Full of science and action packed timings and synchronocities, I was carried away in wonder of it all. Passion, desire and the experience of being truly alive, in every way, to the very fullest, is difficult to place in other than fiction, yet the feelings were very real, and the dream delicious. Reverand Ditoh, Jerome, AZ.