Nature Wisdom: Mystical Writers of the Big Sur-Monterey Coast

Nature Wisdom: Mystical Writers of the Big Sur-Monterey Coast

by Elayne Wareing Fitzpatrick
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This edition of NATURE WISDOM is a more affordable, full-color version of an earlier book by the author, a veteran journalist and instructor in Humanities at Monterey Peninsula College. The book features a medley of essays about the perennial philosophy linking some unlikely bedfellows -- from Richard Henry Dana, Robert Louis Stevenson and Jack London's 'crowd' to Gertrude Atherton, Robinson Jeffers, John Steinbeck, Eric Barker, and Henry Miller -- whose lives were transformed under the spell of the alternately soft and violent landscape of California's Big Sur-Monterey coast. The opening chapter of the book -- 'Between Desert and Sea' -- acknowledges links between Mabel Dodge Luhan's early colony of artists in Taos, N.M. (which came to be known as 'D. H. Lawrence territory') and Carmel-by-the-Sea, California's 'Seacoast of Bohemia' (which came to be known as 'Jeffers Country'). The author describes the book as 'a multi-colored meditation on a deeply rooted, often overlooked, all-too-human need to re-connect with Nature, well-spring of our inner joy and psychic wholeness.' 'THIS BOOK IS A VERITABLE TOUR DE FORCE!' according to the late Joseph Pagano, Founder, Monterey Peninsula FRIENDS OF CARL JUNG.

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Publication date: 01/01/1900
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About the Author

ELAYNE WAREING FITZPATRICK (BA English, MS Philosophy) -- is a veteran journalist and long time instructor in Humanities at Monterey Peninsula College on the Big Sur-Monterey coast. She was a city desk reporter for The Salt Lake Tribune, promotion director for KUED (Utah's public television station), and an Associate Professor at the University of Utah before re-rooting (after raising two children) on a sunny acre in Carmel Valley. Here she's nurtured sheep, goats, Shelties, and some little red hens when she wasn't teaching, writing, and 'travelling backward' to visit global spots still unspoiled by industrial development.

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