New Heights

New Heights

by Quinn Anderson

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After attending a friend's wedding in New York, James Thompson is eager to go home, even though no one will be waiting for him at the gate. He has no expectations for his trip back to Charleston other than long lines, security, and bad airplane food. But when an annoying--albeit hot--stranger cuts him in line, James is determined not to be a pushover for once.

For Mika "It's Mee-kuh, not Micah" Bailey, today's just another day of boring work travel. That is, until his flight gets delayed, and some irritating (but handsome) guy keeps hogging all the good power outlets. Which means war. In the middle of an airport. In New York. What could go wrong?

Eventually, they declare a truce, and as they get to know each other, their attraction overwhelms them both. Terrified of what he's feeling, Mika suggests a no-strings hookup, but serial-monogamist James wants more. If they don't fight for what's right in front of them, their romance might be canceled before it ever takes off.

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BN ID: 2940158724152
Publisher: Riptide Publishing
Publication date: 03/12/2018
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
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New Heights 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
RamblingReader1 More than 1 year ago
New Heights is a fun, flirty, and quick read. It's pretty much the Odd Couple meets The Terminal. Anderson's story takes an adorable spin on the "what if?" possibilities of a small airport, in the "meet cute" for her leading men. James and Mika strike up an insta-battle when one smooth aka rude move from Mika sets the two men against each other. As they can't stop looking at each other (secret, longing glances) or trying to get revenge, the attraction between them bubbles over. I could totally relate to James in all of his A-type, triple checking the list, arriving hours early glory. To me, he makes perfect sense. Mika, on the other hand, was SUPER removed from what I can relate to, but that's what made him fun. He's the snark to James's constant politeness, the blunt force to James's careful comments, and a total wake-up call. And, totally have to say, I love a bit of snark. I liked that the guys were total foils to each other; it made their attraction more genuine. Had they been totally similar, I think their romantic chemistry would have been less believable. Since James was still "hungover" from his last relationship, and Mika is stuck in a total lackthereof, they both need something different to shock their systems. Their banter felt realistic, and I think Anderson develops their attraction well, especially given the short length of the story. I WANT the two of them to get together, and I love stories that make me root for the leading couple. By the way, it's worth mentioning that there's an adorable epilogue that makes me wish there was a follow up story.
Trio More than 1 year ago
That was the most creative and original meet-cute I've read in a very long time! I loved the way these two can't resist their attraction and keep coming back together. Their exchanges gradually become more endearing as they learn each others' soft spots, and I really enjoyed the alternating pov's as we see both how each character is feeling and how they view the others' perspective. Quinn Anderson is a really wonderful author. All her stories are unique and interesting and I've laughed and smiled my way through the books I've read :) and I've purchased her backlog so I can read the ones I've missed. I'm going with four stars on New Heights because it was creative, well written, and just made me feel good... I wouldn't mind another story about Mika and James.
HEABookNerd More than 1 year ago
I absolutely adored New Heights! It was funny, sweet, and sexy at the same time. The setting of being stranded in an airport due to a delayed flight was great because there’s nothing people hate more than being stuck at the airport with nothing to do, nowhere to sit, and nowhere to charge your phone. It was also a great combination of the airport savvy Mika who travels all the time and the newbie James who doesn’t travel very much. As far as an opposites attract story goes these two were definitely very different but at their core they were both looking for the same thing and they both knew they had some rough edges that needed to be smoothed out if they wanted to be happier. It’s true what they say that sometimes it’s easier to tell a stranger things you’ve never told anyone else or even admitted to yourself and the story plays on that as James and Mika finally come to a truce and begin to talk. It was these types of scenes that really had me believing the chemistry and the quickly developing feelings for these characters even though they spend less than a day together. This story was just so endearing and it had me smiling the whole time I was reading it. Both characters together were wonderful and they really did bring out the best in each other in ways that prior relationships did not. But I also loved James and Mika individually as characters and found myself relating in different ways to each of them. I very easily connected with James’s is super organized personality and his anxiety about being late to things so he ends up showing up really early. I also love how nice James was, even when he’s angry at Mika he still gives him the benefit of the doubt and doesn’t judge him too harshly. James is just a genuinely nice person that you can’t help but like. Mika is a bit more standoffish mostly because he’s used sarcasm his whole life to keep people at a distance and he goes by the mentality that it’s better for him to push people away before they can do the same to him. But even with all of that he’s not a bad guy and we can see that through little instances like when he buys James’s meal for him. Micah’s shell might be a little hard to crack but the reader can clearly see that he doesn’t want to be so defensive, he’s just not sure how to do it and he hasn’t found someone that’s willing to be patient while he works on it. I enjoyed every part of this book and quickly devoured it, only stopping because worked forced me to; otherwise I would have just kept reading! Great pacing and smooth writing lend to a great story that feels much longer than it’s actual page count. With truly likable characters and a fun romance, I will definitely be reading more books by Quinn Anderson.