Nobody's Perfect (Rescue Me Saga #3)

Nobody's Perfect (Rescue Me Saga #3)

by Kallypso Masters

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BN ID: 2940015707168
Publisher: Kallypso Masters LLC
Publication date: 09/16/2012
Series: Rescue Me Saga Series , #3
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 472
Sales rank: 219,192
File size: 901 KB

About the Author

USA Today Bestselling Author Kallypso Masters writes emotional, realistic Romance novels with dominant males (for the most part) and the strong women who can bring them to their knees. She also has brought many readers to their knees—having them experience the stories right along with her characters in the Rescue Me Saga. Kally knows that Happily Ever After takes maintenance, so her couples don’t solve all their problems and disappear at “the end” of their Romance, but will continue to work on real problems in their relationships in later books in the saga.

Kally has been writing full-time since May 2011, having quit her “day job” the month before. She lives in rural Kentucky and has been married for 30 years to the man who provided her own Happily Ever After. They have two adult children, one adorable grandson, and a rescued dog.

Kally enjoys meeting readers at national romance-novel conventions, book signings, and informal gatherings (restaurants, airports, bookstores, wherever!), as well as in online groups (including Facebook’s “The Rescue Me Saga Discussion Group”—send a friend request to Karla Montague on Facebook to join if you are 18 or older and don’t mind spoilers. Kally also visits the Fetlife “Rescue Me! discussion group” regularly). She hopes to meet you in her future travels whether virtually or in-person! If you meet her face to face, be sure to ask for a Kally’s friend button!

To contact or interact with Kally, go to Facebook, her Facebook Author page, or Twitter (@kallypsomasters).

To join the secret Facebook group Rescue Me Saga Discussion Group, please send a friend request to Karla Montague and she will open the door for you. Must be 18 to join.

Keep up with news on her Ahh, Kallypso…the stories you tell blog at

Or on her Web site (

You can sign up for her newsletter (e-mailed monthly) at her Web site or blog, e-mail her, or write to her at

Kallypso Masters
PO Box 206122
Louisville, KY 40250

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Nobody's Perfect 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 139 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
read the collection of short stories Masters at Arms last Spring. Savannah and Damian's story haunted me. It is unusual but I connected on an emotional level with Damian's perspective and never thought I'd really be interested in Savannah when their story was finally written; just how Damian rescued her. Boy was I wrong, wrong, wrong. Savannah rocks! Who knew so much could be gained by pole dancing. I applaud Ms. Masters waiting to release the story. I'm not sure if it was perfect, but I can say it was just right! I would have appreciated the bad guys getting a little more pounding - of the Master's at Arms doms going on the offensive a touch more. But I tend to be a blood thirsty wench in my reading tastes. I also love a good bdsm story and this is one of the best written accounts of how that type of relationship is built I've ever read. The range of issues covered in the story is amazing: I'm not sure how Master's managed to convey Savannah's abusive past while not making the adult Savi a victim. Savannah/Savi/Savita isn't your typical herione/princess that's for sure. What's that Line at the end of Pretty Woman the knight in shinning armor saves the lady and then "she save's him right back"; that could summarize this story. I've been challenged to examine my ideas about intimacy, orgasm, and sex. Considering how many couples I know who are struggling with these issues I may have found the perfect stocking stuffer for my adult friends! As someone who has contemplated suicide and had my life course altered Savi's inability to get licensed in Colorado and the razor scene resonated with me. Excellent, Excellent Ms. Masters! I left you a nasty gram on Facebook about the confusion surrounding the release date of Nobody's Perfect. I've got to say this was well worth the wait, well worth it. Thank you for your courage in tackling your personal dragons while putting this story to paper.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I have read the first 3 books in this series multiple times an i was honestly worried how th romance between Damian and Savannah would work out. Well this author went above and beyond hopes and expectations. Damians patience and turmoil as he tries to get through to Savi is palpable. I hurt for him. I cried for her and eventually laughed for them both. I hope all survivors are able to find release. I cant even fathom a father doing this to his daughter or granddaughter yet it is happening everyday. Thanks Kallypso for writing this book in a way that helps us who havent been through abuse to understand what it is like for you after, being a survivor. I have loved all your books and you are officially my favorite author. -DINK
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Read the series in order for the full effect but this is the best of them (so far). Savi and Damian each have difficult pasts but can they help each other see past their problems? Dragons are slain (figuratively) in this highly emotional BDSM book.
Reads2MuchCA More than 1 year ago
Worth the Wait! They are best read in order (Book 1 - after all, Master At Arms is FREE!) The characters (in the entire series) have depth, flaws and feel real enough to want to get in a car (or hop a plane) and go visit. Damian is a veteran (who lost his foot) and suffers from PTSD & Savannah is a survivor (incest, slavery & emotional abuse and more). Lots of flaws, lots of pit falls for the author - but deftly handled. Her inability to see that Damian was trust-worthy drove me crazy, but watching him TOP her and help her deal with her issues (at least the ones that have surfaced so far) was very rewarding. Each one believes they are too screwed up to be with the other. It was nice to see him rescue her, just to have her rescue him back! A REAL WINNER!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Another great book from one of my favorite authors!
Synnamin More than 1 year ago
Was worth the wait!
jenruthdown More than 1 year ago
HOT! I loved the entire series. Any book that makes you feel the love, friendship and pain is an awesome book. I bought the entire series and WOW! If you like this kind of book you will LOVE this series.
laura11CT More than 1 year ago
I loved this series. However, I felt this book was too drawn out. It was good, it continued the Masters stories, but I think it was to fairy talish.. And predictable. I cant wait for the next one however, I hope Ms Masters reallly gets to Cassies core and its as emotional as Adams story.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I purchased this on its first day out, but couldn't bring myself to read it until over a week later. After some serious pep talks I finally did it, and one day later all I can say is WOW! Once again Kallypso has outdone herself. The honest reality that she has protrayed has left me hopeful and deep in thought. Great job, I honestly cannot wait for the next one.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Nobody's Angel remains my favorite but i love all of the bioks in this series
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I have read all of thr kthers out and this one did not disappoint. It is a tragic story of their past, but is a remarkable ending. Great job Kallypso!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
A very powerful story. I really enjoyed how this book slowly developed and the story was nine years in the making. I can not wait for the next one to come out
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I could not wait for the release of Nobody's Perfect and I could not put this book down! This series is a thousand times better than Fifty Shades! Cannot wait for the next book!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This is my favorite of the series and it was worth the wait. There were some really hard issues addressed but you'll see that the good will prevail.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Read the first three then move onto this. Kallypso Masters has a true gift of digging into your soul and finding every vulnerable place within it. The BDSM content may be too much for some but the process of reading and discovering can be exhilirating and eye opening for those who want to connect to a deeper level of themselves and have an understanding of our own exchange of power and control.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Great book about a difficult subject.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The wait was long but well worth it. This series is one on the best. Theauthor did an amazing job with such real but difficult subject matter. Can't wait for the next book
SugarNSpice1 More than 1 year ago
The healing of Savannah Gentry This book takes us through Savannah's life from 8-19. Then onto Savi Baker's life 19-27. And then finally back to Savannah's life. Savannah lived through the most horrid things from 8-19 from her sick and perverted father and his business associate, Lyle. The only bright light during that time was her one night with Damián Orlando. After that wonderful night in her otherwise nightmare of a world she was gifted with a child. The pregnancy gave her the strength to run away from her father. She ended up in a church where a priest and a wonderful woman took her under there wings and Savi Baker was born. Savi Baker had gone to school and had become a social worker who worked with young abuse victims. Without any explanation she lost her job and was wondering how she was going to support herself and her daughter Mari. She didnt know at the time that her father was behind her losing her job and that he had sent Lyle to bring her and her daughter back to him. Savi manages to escape and goes to the only person she can think of to protect her, Damian. Damian as also never forgotten Savannah since that night eight years ago. He had no idea what hell had delivered her back to but since that night he had also been through his own hell and was still fighting both PTSD and shame over his disability. When Savannah show up as his door beaten and bruised with her daughter he doesn't know what to think. But within a short amount of time he finds out Mari is his. Damian vows to protect them both with his life but realizes there is more to Savi's past than he ever knew. Savi's flashbacks are horrid and he realizes she doesn't trust men and wants nothing to do with anyone ever touching her. From here the journey to Savi's healing begins. Everyone from Adam and Carla to Marc and Grant rally to help Savi become Savannah again. The scenes in the Club between Damian and Savi were so touching in how he was able to bring out all of Savi's demon's front and center so they could be dealt with. There is justice for Savannah in this book which was long over due in her life. From the moment we saw Damien and Savannah all those years ago we knew they were meant to be together and was fantastic to finally get to read there journey to that place. Marc and Angelina are still going through a rough patch in their relationship that is not concluded in this book. Adam and Karla are doing well in there relationship as they prepare for the birth of there first child. And the cliffhanger between Luke and Cassie - this had to be one of the cruelest things in the book :) This book was so worth the wait. Kally has done another exception job of writing heartfelt characters that you love.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
All the characters are very intense and unforgetable. You will view BDSM and PTSD in a wholely different way. You also wont be able to resist reading every book in the series.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Great story line!
asgoodrich More than 1 year ago
While I have read the previous books in the Rescue Me Saga multiple times, this is only the second time I have read Nobody’s Perfect. Why? Because in it, Ms. Masters deals with so many difficult issues that it’s a very emotional read for me. Even though this book focuses primarily on Damian and Savannah’s relationship, this is a series that builds upon itself so you need to have read the previous books first to be able to grasp the enormity of the situation when Savi shows up at Damian’s front door asking for protection. We first met Savannah in Masters at Arms, the series prequel, when Damian rescued her from a couple of sadists who were abusing her in the hotel where he worked. They spent a “magical” day together but because of circumstances beyond both of their control, they were separated for almost a decade. Fate being a fickle witch, their paths crossed again when Damian was in California on a family matter in Nobody’s Hero. As a result of that incident, Savannah finds herself being hunted by her former abuser and goes to the only man who has ever made her feel safe – Damian. Being a former Marine and having Adam in his corner, Damian is able to provide Savannah with a safe haven and a means to begin to heal from the abuse she suffered at her father’s hands. As Damian sets out to show Savi that nobody’s perfect but that she is perfect for him, he learns to accept the same truth about himself as she embraces the discovery of his amputation without issue. While the sex is indeed hot – and sometimes funny when Damian and Savannah begin talking about Chico and Chiquita as separate entities – I loved the focus on healing, acceptance, and intimacy. Because of Savi’s abuse-related triggers and Damian’s PTSD triggers, there is a lot of time spent on overcoming the triggers (particularly Savannah’s) and accommodating those that can’t be overcome easily (for both of them). As awful as it sounds, I liked that Ms. Masters brought Savannah’s monsters back into her life. It forced Savannah to face some terrible truths from her past that she had repressed, while giving her an opportunity to learn her own strength. And because Damian, Adam and the others rescued her, it gave Damian the opportunity to “slay her dragons” metaphorically and give her tormentors a little taste of their own medicine. I also liked that rather than wrapping the book up after Savi’s abusers have been dealt with, the author chose to continue to move their story forward and we got to see further development of Damian and Savannah’s relationship in this installment. I enjoyed the therapeutic nature of their “date scene” and how she continued to make progress through the remainder of Nobody’s Perfect. I really liked that even though the subject matter and most of the book was quite heavy, the author was able to make me laugh quite a bit at the end of the book with their pillow talk. As distressing as their journey was, I love Damian and Savannah’s story and look forward to re-reading Somebody’s Angel soon. I reviewed my personal copy of this book. Reviewed by Angela at Crystal's Many Reviewers!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago