One Fine Duke: School for Dukes

One Fine Duke: School for Dukes

by Lenora Bell

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A Mass Market Original—Also Available in a Hardcover Library Edition

USA Today bestselling author Lenora Bell returns with her third book in the sexy School for Dukes series.


Raised in the countryside by her overprotective uncle, Miss Mina Penny’s dream of a triumphant London season is finally here. She determined her perfect match long ago: Rafe Bentley, the wickedest rake of them all. There’s only one very large, very unyielding obstacle: Rafe’s brother Drew, the reclusive Duke of Thorndon.


This was supposed to be simple. Duke goes to London. Duke selects suitable bride. Love match? Not a chance. But when Drew meets Mina, she complicates everything. How can a lady armed with such beauty and brains fall for his irresponsible degenerate of a brother? Drew vows to save her from heartbreak and ruin, no matter the cost.


But Mina is no damsel in distress. She’s daring, intuitive, passionate…and halfway to melting Drew’s cold heart. And although Mina thought she knew exactly what she wanted, one breathtakingly seductive kiss from Drew changes everything. Now Mina must decide between long-held dreams and dangerous new desires. Could her true destiny lie in the arms of a duke?

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ISBN-13: 9780062692450
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers
Publication date: 07/23/2019
Series: School for Dukes , #3
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 384
Sales rank: 5,050
File size: 2 MB

About the Author

Lenora Bell is a USA Today bestselling, award-winning author of historical romances. A teacher with an MFA in Creative Writing, Lenora has lived and worked on five continents. She currently lives in New Zealand with her carpenter husband and two tiger-striped rescue kitties. She loves hearing from readers! Sign up for her mailing list to hear about new books, sales, and giveaways.

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One Fine Duke: School for Dukes 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
beckymmoe 23 days ago
Mina's story! I really enjoyed the relationship between Drew and Mina--whether they were getting along or not, their chemistry was great and their banter was a lot of fun. Ms. Bell put them in a lot of ridiculous situations--many were a bit OTT but they were still so entertaining to read. The two of them on the page were such magic that I could have read a dozen more chapters of the two of them getting into scrapes and doing...other things. ;) The one aspect of the story that felt like it needed some work, though, was the spying plotline. It was a bit hard to believe that Rafe (Drew's younger brother) was really a skilled agent, partly because we hardly see him in that persona and partly because of how his mission turns out--there's more explaining that Rafe has skills than actual witnessing said skills in action. The big confrontation with the villain also left me a bit nonplussed--he really didn't come off at all like the big bad that he supposedly was. Or maybe that was just me, rushing through that scene to get back to more quality Drew-and-Mina time. I fully admit this could be the case... Drew and Rafe's younger sister appears to be a heroine of a future book, and I am absolutely here for that. This was the third book in the series, but should work fine as a standalone as well. Past series characters are mentioned, but you don't have to have read their book to enjoy Drew and Mina's story. Just an aside--I love the way the cover actually matches two scenes in the book. So often the cover art seems totally separate from the story itself; it's refreshing to see that wasn't the case here. Two thumbs up! Rating: 4 stars/ A- I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.
Anonymous 23 days ago
such a fun read
Anonymous 24 days ago
but it would have been better with a more complete examination and development of the characters' pasts. the entire basis of the premise of the novel was precipitously covered in one chapter.more, please. ms bell is such a talented writer but she left too much on the table this time.
Anonymous 27 days ago
Noire 27 days ago
I received an ARC of this book to read through Edelweiss+ in exchange for a fair review. One Fine Duke by Lenora Bell is the 3rd book in her The School for Dukes Trilogy. It can be read as a standalone but I very much enjoyed the first two books and recommend reading them all. After her parents died Miss Wilhelmina Penny (Mina) came under the care of her Uncle who devastated by the loss of her parents and his wife and daughter has been very overprotective and now that she has a chance to have a London season she is going to do her best to enjoy it to the utmost, so she is quite dismayed when her Uncle tells her she must marry and suggests that the Duke of Thorndale is the man for her. When She meets Andrew (Drew) Bentley, Duke of Thorndale (who is by the way one fine Duke … sigh) she does her best to repulse him and inadvertently peaks his interest instead. Spies and blackmail, revenge, a scandalous red dress and an even more scandalous mechanical chair make this funny and steamy story a delight to read. I enjoyed it very much. Medium Steam. Publishing Date July 23, 2019 #edelweissplus #OneFineDuke #LenoraBell #AvonRomance #HarperCollinsCanada #harpercollinspublishers #AvonBooks #HistoricalRomanceBooks #Bookstagram
TeatimeandBooksReviews 28 days ago
Oh wow, this book really took me by storm and is so well deserving of huge 5 stars! We first start off with a man running for his life bare naked down the streets of London, it is no other than rake Rafe the brother to the Duke of Thorndon who happens to be coming by in his carriage. Seeing his brother he scrambles him inside and they get to his townhouse and Drew (Thorndon) inquired about a letter he received regarding their sister. Rafe, of course, gets upset and off he goes, not revealing anything to Drew, he only informs him that he’d best be prepared for the upcoming ball as their mother is on the marriage hunt and with Drew, back in town she’s going to be trying to find him a match. Drew has lived the past five years in the countryside attending to their decrepit estate and trying to revitalize and found through farming he has been able to put to rest some of his past, a past that is now coming back to him in full force with the threat in the letter. He does desire marriage but he wants a calm lady who is good with her hands and isn’t afraid of farming, he definitely does not want a whiny girl. We next meet Whilemena or otherwise known as Miss Mina Penny at her Uncle’s townhouse where she’s being prepared for the season. She truly does not desire marriage except to only one person and that is for a very specific reason, to be a spy and live a life of danger and adventure. That particular person happens to be Rafe, the Duke of Thorndon’s rakish brother. She’s met him several times at her uncle’s country estate and knows of his ventures in antiquities and also know the underlying darkness of those ventures and that he’s truly a spy. Coming from generations of spies, she too desires the same. However, at the ball thrown by Thorndon’s mother, it isn’t Rafe she dances with and soon begins to be very attracted to, but the boorish and reclusive Duke of Thorndon. As the story continues so many amazing and quite humorous things occur between the pair and whilst Mina still tries to be with Rafe and see her dream fulfilled it is Thorndon that soon captures her heart! Will she continue her dream of being a spy and marry Rafe or will she allow her heart to open up to country boy Thorndon and be a simple, yet very happy country miss? Truly a remarkable read and I really fell in love with Drew and Penny and felt the pain they both have suffered in their younger lives, especially Drew. Ms. Bell is truly a phenomenal storyteller, she grabs the reader from the first page and does not let go, with scene after scene we are more drawn into the lives of her amazing characters and I truly can’t wait to see more from this series ahead.