Ordinary Extraordinary African American Women: The Elders

Ordinary Extraordinary African American Women: The Elders

by Stephana Colbert


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Ordinary Extraordinary African American Women: The Elders, is a collection of true and candid narratives celebrating African American women who have lived their ‘ordinary’ lives in an extraordinary way. Often invisible and certainly undervalued, these women are the backbone of the African American community – as mothers, teachers, artists, business women, trailblazers, activists, wives, friends and confidants. They have met challenges and overcome obstacles – taxing responsibilities, difficult decisions, glass ceilings, racism and hard times – while continuing to move forward, inspire, and achieve. This edition focuses on our Elders – women over 70 years of age – who share their journeys, reflections and wisdom derived from a lifetime of challenges, successes, disappointments, and triumphs. Here, we affirm that the stories of Black women are important and must be shared and celebrated.

Inspired by a dinner conversation with a graduate of Spelman College in Atlanta, Georgia, who shared her journey during the heart of the civil rights movement while a student at Spelman College in Atlanta, Georgia, Stephana I. Colbert highlights the journeys of 10 Black women Elders, including a community activist, a grade-school teacher, a preacher’s wife, and an octogenarian who journeyed from abject poverty to become the first African American woman to attain Senior Executive status in the government agency in which she worked. These are all beautiful women conveying their life’s journeys largely in their own words.

This anthology specifically responds to the invisibility of African American women and their contributions to their families, their communities and the world, in conversation, literature, politics, and the media, by offering a glimpse into the lives of women – Elders – who are women of strength, love, compassion, perseverance and love. It is a significant effort to heed Christopher Lebron’s warning in his January 2016 Boston Review article, The Invisibility of Black Women that without such stories, “African American future generations will never be able to fully grasp the robust demands of racial equality since they will have been taught that the twenty-three million black women in America are not worth seeing, thus not worthy of respect and equality.” Ordinary Extraordinary African American Women: The Elders thus does not seek to exclude, but rather is designed to finally include African American women in the discussion of the African American and the American experience.

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ISBN-13: 9780977841882
Publisher: Jewell Jordan Publishing, LLC
Publication date: 03/01/2017
Product dimensions: 5.90(w) x 8.90(h) x 0.70(d)

About the Author

Stephana I. Colbert is a writer and an attorney. She has written several legal articles as well as short stories, poetry and essays. Stephana’s publications include, Ordinary Extraordinary African American Women: The Elders, the first in a 4-book series; Color Him Father: Stories of Love & Rediscovery of Black Men, for which Stephana was co-editor of the book and author of one of the book’s short stories celebrating her own father; and a chapter on the criminal justice system in Black Culture & Experience: Contemporary Issues, Vol. 71 (2015). A graduate of Brown University and Boalt Hall School of Law, Stephana is a native of Oklahoma City, where she currently resides. Contact the author @ stephana.colbert@yahoo.com.

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