Origin: Angel of Fire

Origin: Angel of Fire

by T. J. Marino


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Rejoin in the adventure for the origin of everything as you reconnect with the chosen travelers to the distant planet of Ishtar. As Dr. Carlyle meets a local tribe called the Anasazi, Dr. Walden, Magus, Reno, and the others find themselves wandering trough the wilderness on Ishtar in search of the next Lay Line entry point. As the two groups begin to make their way toward their reuinion they get caught in the middle of a new threat and its conspirer Uriel the Angel of Fire.

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ISBN-13: 9781468596847
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 06/01/2012
Pages: 80
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.19(d)

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Angel of Fire
By T.J. Marino


Copyright © 2012 T.J. Marino
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4685-9684-7

Chapter One

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. And the earth was without form and void ...

1,000,001,300 Years Later

"There they are Uriel. I knew it was only a matter of time."

"Do you sense that strange shift in energy?"

Malik nods and replies, "Yes that would be the new Samael."

A look of shock crosses Uriel's face. "That is Samael? But how did he ..."

"I do not know. Perhaps we should go and ask."

Malik takes off toward the mountainside where Azazel and Samael were heading. Uriel shakes his head in concern. "I sure hope that they answer politely." Uriel flies off to catch up with Malik.

Azazel places the small stone tablet down in front of the altar and turns to Samael. "Should we go ahead and ..."

"No we wait until he gets here!" Barks Samael as the two angels are then startled by the sound of a familiar voice.

"And just who are you waiting for traitor?" Malik slowly descends from the air in front of them. "So you swear a false promise to me and Uriel, only to be loyal to the ones who we were working so hard to keep contained."

Azazel gives Malik a confident smirk and replies, "Poor Malik, always the last to know. You spend an entire epic trying to solve the mysteries of the universe, only to come to the answers after they have already been acted upon."

Malik lashes out toward Azazel, but is caught and held firm by Samael coursing with power and now looking him in the face. "Now, now half breed. Let us not be too hasty. I want you to live to witness the end. So let us not begin just yet."

"The end of what?" asks Uriel with wonder.

"Ah, the Cherubim. All of the knowledge in the universe and you still did not see what inevitable fate lies in front of you." Uriel glances at the altar and sees the tablet lying there at its base. "Yes Uriel, he has returned and soon he will undo all that the Creator has done to ruin this universe by denying the proper justice and balance required. Right now he is taking care of those pitiful excuses of existence, those man creatures of which your so called father has placed such faith."

Malik shouts back in question, "Why? What concern are they to him?"

Samael replies with a look of anguish on his face. "Because he would place them above us in the end! Can you not see that he has made us servants to these creatures? We have existed for ages and served Him with just cause and how does he repay us ..."

Malik interjects quickly. "I have heard enough! We cannot allow you to place the tablet on the altar. Prepare yourselves traitors, your time is up!"

"Do you truly wish to be dispatched from this world before the new is born?"

Malik's eyes widen with a look as if death himself had just sentenced his very existence. He retreats backward followed quickly by Uriel. "Lucifer!"

Samael and Azazel instantly drop to one knee. "Rise my friends, the time is now." Lucifer picks up the stone tablet and proceeds to place it on the altar when Malik darts toward him. He is quickly intercepted by Samael who sailing forward his hand on Malik's throat, pinning the half breed against the side of Mt. Carphasion. Azazel joins Samael as they both extend their hands and four energy balls and direct them at Malik's torso. Suddenly they are frozen in place as Lucifer pointedly stops to turn and look at Uriel. "I cannot allow this to continue!"

Lucifer smiled and shakes his head. "Come now Uriel, that's just plain cheating." Lucifer tosses the tablet in the air and grabs the Cherubim on the head with both hands. Before Uriel can react, he is turned to dust by a black velvet blast of energy.

2,150,000 Years Later

Loki flies swiftly toward his dominion on the planet of dark matter at the center of the universe. As he lands he notices his Lord and Creator, Marduk, waiting for him. He immediately drops to one knee. "You summoned me my Lord?"

Marduk smiles and replies, "Rise my friend. What news of Malik?"

With an angered look he answers his creator. "My Lord he has not been attending to his duties watching the Lay Lines for some time now. Do you wish me to bring him before you?"

Marduk shakes his head. "No, I have something else in mind. I will take this job to one who will be unrivaled in loyalty."

Loki looks at Marduk with confusion. Marduk makes symbolic movements with his hands and creates a ball of flame. As he drops it, it slowly drifts to the ground and then in a bright flash of light, takes shape. Red wings are the first pieces to sprout as long flowing red hair follows. His body is garbed in crimson armor and draped with a quiver and bow.

"Rise Uriel, my angel of fire." Flashes of Lucifer destroying Uriel's body seethe through his core as he screams. His voice shakes the very foundations of the planet as Loki takes a step back in awe of his power. "Welcome Uriel. You are now born anew and the new guardian of the Lay Lines."

Uriel bows and replies, "Your will be done my Lord."

Loki slowly steps forward and notices the small key on Uriel's belt. "My Lord what is the key on Uriel's belt?"

Marduk smiles as Uriel examines the key. "It is the key to open the Lay Lines, this way it can only be accessed if Uriel Opens it, thus preventing the Morning Star or his hordes from escaping." Uriel then examines his bow and quickly draws an arrow and fires it at a nearby boulder. As it soars through the air with lightning speed the tip bursts into flame. The boulder incinerates as Marduk smiles and places his hand on Uriel's shoulder.

"Your aim is unmatched and your battle cry will strike fear into the hearts of your enemies." Uriel smiles as Marduk turns to face Loki. "Go to the Annunaki Loki and inform them that they now take orders from Uriel. Tell them to head to Earth and deal with the Anasazi problem."

"Yes my Lord." Loki bows and takes flight.

"Uriel, go to Earth and meet with the Annunaki and help them with their task." Uriel bows and is gone in a flash. Marduk smiles and opens the gateway to the spiritual realm and fades out of sight.

300,000 Years Later

Mobius stumbles and catches his breath. He suddenly stands back up as he hears the fierce battle cry from Uriel's voice. "Damn, he just doesn't let up." He starts to run again leaping and bounding over the rocky terrain. Suddenly a sharp pain pierces his left shoulder from the front as a fiery arrow pins him against the rocky wall. He screams out in pain again as another arrow pins his right shoulder down.

Uriel lands quickly and rushes straight at Mobius with a dagger edged straight at his throat. "How did you get out? Answer me or so help me I will make your death slow and painful!"

Mobius clears his throat as the blade scrapes his Adam's apple. "He said it was a warning for your treachery."

Uriel presses the blade closer and yells, "Who was it? Was it Malik?" Uriel slams Mobius' head back and repeats, "Was it Malik?"

Mobius shakes his head as blood trickles down his neck. "He said your disloyalties will come to fruition and that they will pay for what you have deceived the Creator with."

Uriel shoves the dagger into Mobius' throat and then upward through his brain. "Your body shall remain here as a warning to those who dare try to release any more of your kind." Uriel begins to walk off as a flash of a realization of what Mobius said moves through his mind. "No they couldn't have found them. It's not possible!" Uriel takes flight as he leaves Mobius' corpse behind

* * *

Uriel descends upon a green and brown planet orbiting two stars. As he flies overhead he sees a small village with strange catlike people going about their everyday lives. Uriel sighs with relief as he descends into the village. The villagers bow down as Uriel approaches a male tribesman. "I see the years have been kind to you Shataki."

Shataki bows and replies, "Today is a glorious day indeed Uriel."

"Why is that old friend?" A woman standing behind Shataki disrobes a baby. "Ah, a successor. Congratulations."

"Thank you. His name is Kisagari."

"Named after your father, how nice." Shataki nods in agreement. "I did not come here to exchange pleasantries Sahtaki. I'm afraid the Annunaki have discovered what I have done and I am not sure what to do."

Shataki places his hand on Uriel's shoulder and smiles. "Worry not, Uriel, you must do what you have to and when the time comes Kisigari will carry on what we started."

Uriel sighs and replies, "I will do what I can, but I cannot keep them away forever."

"I understand Uriel and we are ready to play our parts in changing the cycle of life."

Uriel nods and smiles. "Until next time old friend." Shataki bows as Uriel turns and takes flight. "I hope that by tempting fate's hand I haven't already set the same paths into motion."

* * *

In the far reaches of space a massive armada of interstellar vessels head toward the galaxy of Andromeda. On the bridge of the largest vessel a large man garbed in solid gold armor stands with his arms folded gazing out at the stars.

"Lord Tiamut!"

Tiamut unfolds his arms and walks over to the station of one of his subjects. "Yes, go ahead."

"Uriel approaches. Should I send a team to apprehend him?"

Tiamut gazes at the monitor in deep thought and then replies, "No, allow him safe passage. I will meet him in the boarding area."

"Yes sir!"

As Uriel approaches the ship he plots in his mind what he is going to say to Tiamut. They did not part on good terms last they spoke and with their entire species being able to tap into the Source they are not one to be taken lightly.

As Uriel enters the hangar bay, he sees Tiamut standing there with his arms folded as usual and accompanied by two armed guards. "Ah, Uriel. I did not expect to see you here, especially not after your treachery."

Uriel gives Tiamut a look of annoyance as he slowly approaches. "There was no treachery to be had. Only bigger plans thus aiding in our original plan."

The two beings stare at each other intently for a moment as Tiamut then turns to his guards. "Leave us. I will be fine. Walk with me, for indeed we have much to discuss." The two of them leave the hangar and continue their discussion walking the vessel's long hallways.

"Why did you release Mobius? It is dangerous and could have gained much unwanted attention."

Tiamut scoffs at Uriel's gesture. "How was I to know what you were up to? The last we spoke I didn't know if I could trust you anymore."

"There is a reason for what I have done, which will benefit you more than anything. Now I have set things in motion to assure our original plan succeeds. There are those who will one day come and unlock key events which will ensure the plans we desire."

Tiamut smiles a grin of intrigue. "Do continue Uriel." The two of them continue their conversation as they round another corner.

* * *

Loki sits on his throne in boredom once more as there have been no major events that have required his services. Suddenly the portal to the spiritual realm opens up as Raphael steps through. "Ah, Raphael, back from another important meeting with Marduk?"

Raphael smiles as he jests back at Loki. "Do not be jealous Loki just because I have been given the task of cleaning up your mess back in Eden."

Loki leaps up from his throne. "What mess? I decimated that planet eons ago!"

Raphael smiles as he begins to walk away. "Well apparently you missed a spot my friend. A few rebel angels survived and bred with some of the surviving humans as well. And I have been charged with eradicating them immediately."

Loki disrupts the earth in front of Raphael blocking his way. "Watch who you mock Archangel and let us hope you can fair against them."

"It should be no trouble at all." Raphael scoffs as he takes flight to his objective.

Loki turns and sits back up on his throne as he watches Raphael fade from sight. "The day will come when it is I who has the last laugh and you and your brothers will be begging for my help."

Suddenly a half breed soldier flies in and kneels before Loki. "My lord Loki, Uriel has been making frequent trips from the Andromeda galaxy and the Milky Way galaxy lately."

Annoyed from his conversation earlier Loki answers the warrior sternly. "And what is the point of all of this?"

The half breed bows lower and responds in a nervous tone. "Upon investigating I ran into Malik and..."

"What? And you did not bring him in?"

"My lord if I may. He said he has important information. Information that may benefit you. He said for you to meet him on the planet of the phoenix and he will explain it to you then."

Without hesitating Loki takes to the air heading for Malik's location. "And just what are you up to now Malik?" Loki then fades into the darkness of space.

Chapter Two

2085 A.D. / Planet Ishtar/ Proxima Sintauri 9:00 A.M. / Earth Time

The green skies of the planet Ishtar reflect the green waters on its shores. A small village located near the shore is busy with remedial chores of warriors, merchants, and farmers. Inside of a small hut, a man lies on the ground regaining consciousness.

"Where am I?"

The man exclaims as he checks his surroundings. The man slowly rises as a flash of blue engulfs his memories. He reaches for his glasses and puts them on only to notice that the left lens is cracked. He brushes the dirt from his body and short blonde hair. As he opens the door to the hut his vision is distorted as he is blinded by the intense light of two suns. He sees what looks similar to a small child, but with fur, take off running and screaming.

"Wait, I need help. Where am I? Hello?"

Suddenly deeper voices reach the man's ears as he can hear footsteps quickly approaching. The man turns to run but is met with a club to the head as he hits the ground hard. Before he fades into unconsciousness, he mutters one name. The only name that he cares about deep in his heart. "Jane ..."

* * *

Kisagari sits in his hut meditating as he seeks his thoughts on events past, present, and future. He is the chief of his tribe and is 482, 983 years old. His people are endowed with long life, but he is the only male and one male is born every 500, 000 years. The rest of the tribes people are females ranging from the warrior class to simple farmers and merchants. The females can live to be as old as 10,000 years and are not to be underestimated.

The people of the Anasazi are humanoid but have feline features. They have many secrets and one of which is the capability to turn into a larger cat beast capable of tripling their strength and speed.

Suddenly Kisagari's meditation is broken when an elder female enters his hut. "Kisigari, sorry to bother you but Uriel has just arrived."

"Tell him I will meet with him at once."

The female Anasazi timidly interjects, "But Kisagari what about Sheik's trial of the warrior?"

"I cannot go. It has been too long since Uriel has visited so it must be important."

"But she is your daughter."

Kisagari stops and sighs. "I know. You are all my children. Tell her I am sorry." Kisagari leaves his hut as he heads to the place where Uriel awaits his council.

* * *

Dr. Carlyle awakens yet again in the strange hut with a splitting headache. He quickly jumps up as he hears a large crowd and ceremonial drums off in the distance. He slowly emerges from the tent, squinting and covering his head hoping to not have a repeated incident from yesterday. He looks to his left and right and sees the feline looking females standing at least seven inches taller than his six foot stature.

"You two wouldn't happen to be here to escort me home would you?" He jests to make light of the situation.

The two Anasazi stand stoic as one then nudges him signaling him to walk forward. "Okay, okay!" Dr. Carlyle cries as he complies with the gesture. As he walks with his silent escorts he notices that the village seemed empty and as he sees more and more empty huts he notices a large gathering at the edge of the village.

* * *

Sheik prepares herself for the challenge ahead. As she approaches the center of the ring she tries to stay calm and muster up all of the skills she has learned since training to become an Anasazi warrior. Two spears sit at the center of the dirt filled ring and she notices Nitaru, her opponent, jumping up and down psyching herself up for their match. The two warriors approach the center as each of them stand in front of a spear.

The warrior clan leader approaches them and raises her arms to silence the crowd. "Behold, that on this day two of our finest students stand here before you to be given the mark of the warrior."


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