Origin: Infinity

Origin: Infinity

by T.J. Marino


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ISBN-13: 9781496958181
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 12/16/2014
Pages: 794
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 1.58(d)

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By T.J. Marino


Copyright © 2014 T.J. Marino
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-4969-5818-1


In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. And the earth was without form and void ...

1,000 Years Later

On the planet as new as the universe itself, and epic battle rages between the Creator of all things and the first son of that creation. The brutal yet magnificent war wages for reasons and goals outside the scope of common entity. The balance, stability, and the very control of the cosmos itself are at stake. However, underneath all of this lays an unfaltering desire of the conflicts antagonists for a change in the universe of power structure. As the combatants struggle about a planet filled with living mountains of fire, and flowing with rivers of lava this fact is borne in mind: that the foundation of existence will forever be altered. Out of the soot filled sky angels armed with swords of flame can be seen reinforcing the Archangel Michael's army of God. Michael, belonging to the Seraphim order placing him as a counselor of the Lord, was charged with leading the war on behalf of the Creator.

"Sir the creator wants a report."

Opheniel cried deliberately, seeking an assessment from his commander.

"Lucifer and his followers are holding their own. Ophaniel ... It's not looking good. Tell the Creator to prepare for a possible breach and the Source,"

Michael replied dryly. Ophaniel whisks off like to wind as Michael turns to face the carnage and thinks to himself,

"Oh Lucifer, have you fallen so far from his grace then cannot see the light."

And Prior to the conflict existed a period of time almost indefinite to man. During this period God drew from the source of existence to form all that is present. His first attempt at creation would be the most significant of his creations. After drawing from the Source, God created a companion of almost equal status to himself. This being was charged with assisting the Creator in laying the laws of his new universe. After the creation of the Order of Angels, the Son of Creation merely wanted the same respect in status of God in relation to the lower creations. The Son of Creation felt justified having played an equal role in their formulation in processing a similar positioning to God in respect to the lesser creations. When issues and conversations on how the existence of the universe should operate came up, these lesser creations ignored the Son of Creation. The bypassed Lucifer and went straight to God himself. This in turn angered the Morningstar and he grew to resent a lack of respect provided him as given in his position in the heavens. In a bold act, God's most revered creation demanded the equality deserved in his status with that of God's. Failing to find the ability to accept this turn of events God denied Lucifer his request for recognition and the set into motion the present state of things.


"Yes sir!"

"Any word from our source on the inside?"

"Yes sir, he has recovered the final tablet."

"Good. Take the others and place the relics on the altars, and I shall take care of these creatures of HIS creation."


Replied Samael with concern for his master edged up on his face. His Lord, Lucifer turns and places his hand on Samael's shoulder.

"Trust me my old friend. Before long the throne will be ours and righteousness will be restored."

Samael smiles, obediently nods, and races off with his assignment. Lucifer slowly fixes his cold icy blue eyes in the direction of Michael's army and in an explosion of anger races toward them. Many angels under Michael's charge rush toward Lucifer to strike and down, but as with the blade of a samurai master he cuts them down swiftly and effortlessly. He stands marveling at the destruction of the abandoned by with the zeal Michael waste themselves.

* * *

On an adjacent planet filled with lush green valleys and crystal clear waters four figures swoop down from the clear green sky and all are loyal to Lucifer. Samael, previously of the Seraphim order and loyal servant, remains almost a student to Lucifer since being a part of the first class of angels created in the beginning by God. He is accompanied by Metatron, a Supernal who was created from the Source long after Lucifer and is meant to bring balance to all of creation and existence in his realm. He too aids Lucifer's army while still falling in his own design by striving to bring a sense of balance to the power of God and Lucifer and deliver the heavens out of chaos. On Samael's opposite flank flies Astarael, a Celestial and only one of his kind, governs the cosmos to maintain order and feels that God has unjustly dishonored Lucifer. He wishes to give the Son of Creation a chance to appeal his claim through his right to fight dictated in the ways of the Tablets of Destiny. The final figure lags behind the others. Azazel, an archangel who possesses great cunning further clouding his mysterious personality, is playing the spy for Lucifer in locating the seven tablets. On this day he has located the last one and his directing the group now to the altar. Samael turns to Azazel, "Where is it Azazel? We are running out of time and the Morningstar is charging us to complete our objective." Azazel raises his hand and points to a mountain range,

"The altar is on the summit of Mt. Carphasion, and the last tablet is in a safe place in the valley below. Astarael illuminates a bright silver emission and suddenly takes off. Samael turns to Metatron,

"What was that all about?"

"Do not worry Samael for he is one with the cosmos and has probably sensed ..."

Just then Astarael reappears.

"Something unimaginable has just a current that not even the Creator himself could have anticipated. The other three look on each other in wonder as then Astarael continues,

"Michael has drawn from a source."

* * *

Michael is engulfed by a bright aura out of illumination bursting with colors as he rises from the ground and spreads his wings looking up into the heavens.

"My Creator ... Please ... Forgive me."

The black ash filled skies roar and the very foundations of the planet shakes. Suddenly the warriors of Michael's army halt in place, restrained against their will. Lucifer ceases his onslaught and can merely stare upon Michael as if to be completely blown away by Michael's actions. Since the beginning god and Lucifer agreed to forbid anyone other than themselves to draw from the Source. This they felt must be so, as improper use or lack of knowledge and experience could have dire consequences of a volatile and unforeseeable nature. Now as he watches Michael's desperation, a look of worry for the first time crosses Lucifer's face. The warriors that are frozen in place are overtaken by a golden light. Each warrior's left wing burst open and forms a dragon like wing and their icy blue eyes turn to a gold color. As the light fades from around the warrior angels, a look of amazement disdain appears on the face of the Morningstar. He acknowledges in his mind what his eyes have already witnessed.

"They are infused with the cosmos, and Astarael alone is the only one below us who is capable of such power!"

The soldiers of Michael are now half breeds possessing both Angelic powers and those of a Celestial. Michael collapses and falls down to the rocky cliff s below strained from his delinquent act of creation. Suddenly Ophaniel swoops out of the ash above and catches Michael carrying him off the planet.

As Lucifer looks upon his new adversaries and the dark smiles on their faces, he braces himself for the fight of his life. With tremendous speed and strength, the half breeds turn their attention toward the Son of Creation and fly toward him with cruel intent. Two of the half breeds grab a hold of Lucifer and hold fast as they fly him toward another half breed charging straight at them. Lucifer slips downward and twists his body around hard enough to slam the half breed holding his left arm right into the other charging at him. He quickly turns and grabs the one latched on to his right arm by the face and emits a powerful discharge disintegrating the creature, but through the ash of bone comes another slamming its elbow directly across Lucifer's face sending him flying down toward the planet's surface. As he recovers slowly his dissent, two or more fl y by smashing their fists into Lucifer's face sending him spinning right and left.

* * *

Astarael opens his eyes and instantly states,

"We must attend to the Morningstar, and he is weakening!" Samael signals and nods acknowledging the Celestial's statement.

"Are you insane!?"

Snaps Azazel. Samael turns to him with a stern look,

"What did you say?"

Azazel answers defiant and stubborn,

"We have come too far to stray from the goal! We are so close to the throne ..."

Metatron interrupts with a commanding voice, "Without Lucifer who will take on the Creator? Certainly not you! You are only an Archangel and are no match for his might!"

Samael concurs with Metatron,

"He is right as Azazel. Without Lucifer there is no chance for us to set things right and I will not leave my leader to face ruin and in a folly lust for power by you. Go forth and take the tablet and keep it safe for if we fail you are the one who must continue on because the Creator does not yet know of you being a traitor."

Azazel swallowing his pride bows,

"Forgive my insubordination. I will do as you wish."

Astarael and Metatron take off as Samael turns and puts his hands on Azazel's shoulder, "Good luck and we shall return."

Samael takes off as Azazel stretches a smile across his face reflecting,

"Soon you shall see why you should have listened."

* * *

As Lucifer picks himself up off of the ground he stares into the sky to see the half breeds stopped in place and looking elsewhere towards the heavens. A smile creeps upon Lucifer's battered face when he sees a bright flash of light and revealed hovering over the horde of half breeds are two figures.

"What in the world has Michael done?"

Astarael exclaims. Metatron quickly responds,

"They are abominations and Michael has now truly upset the balance."

Astarael replies with a smile,

"So what is to be done?"

Metatron returns the smile and says assuredly, "They must be destroyed."

The pair hurtles toward the horde as the half breeds take to their new threat with the delight. Lucifer shuts his eyes, feeling the presence of his pupil.

"What are you doing here?"

Samael emerges from the darkness behind Lucifer.

"Astarael sensed Michael drawing from the Source and said that it was urgent that we come."

Lucifer, grinning, faces Samael in approval,

"Thank you my friend. Unless we stop this threat now, there will be no way to challenge the Creator."

Samael nods as they take to the air to join their struggling companions. On the ground of the smoldering surface, a half breed quite larger in build and height opens his eyes. He looks at himself as if he no longer recognizes who he is. His attention is suddenly turned to the battle in the air above. As he looks closely at his fellow warriors he notices that their once beautiful bodies have been altered as well. Assuming that this was the work of Lucifer and his men he leaves for the heavens brimming with outrage. Three half breeds slammed into Samael causing him to crash into Metatron's back sending them flying into the side of a soot filled mountainside. Meanwhile Lucifer and Astarael send two of their adversaries crashing into each other as they both follow up with a fl ash like attack of white light that annihilates them. They then turn their attention toward four half breeds sneaking up behind them. As they start to fly into the small pack a sudden burst of light stops the two dead in their paths.

"You will pay for what you have done Lucifer!"

As Lucifer gazes upon this familiar looking half breed a look of amazement shatters his once confident face,

"Malik ... Is that ... You?"

Malik the head general and Archangel in Michael's army of God, was now staring at Lucifer with a look of death.

"Do not pretend to act surprised Son of Creation. You have fought and harmed your own subjects and now you disgrace us by deforming our bodies!"

Lucifer quickly contests,

"It wasn't I who ..."

Before Lucifer's plea can shape, Malik strikes him down toward the surface. Just before he hits the ground Lucifer stops himself only to find Malik staring him square in the face.

"No more lies from your mouth. Today you will perish!"

As Malik raises his hand to strike Lucifer again, Samael smashes his shoulder into Malik's side, sending him flying and then stops himself in the distance. Metatron and Astarael take off toward Malik as Samael tends to Lucifer.

"Mighty Celestial and Supernal, how can you rise up against us when the Creator gives you so much?"

Exclaims Malik, examining his new assailants. Metatron replies sternly,

"Because he has upset the balance by claiming his loyalties to those below the Son of Creation. These actions are ..."

Malik interjects,

"Silence Supernal! For your treachery, you and the Celestial will now be punished in his name!"

Malik grabs Metatron by the face and is about to throw him down when Astarael elbows him in the face and then finishes him with a kick to the gut sending the half breed smashing into the planet's ash covered crust. Samael and Lucifer join Astarael and Metatron.

"What do we do Lucifer?"

Asks Samael, as the whole horde of half breeds surrounds them. Lucifer's sighs and closes his eyes knowing what is to come.

"It is too late."

An explosion of ash kicks up into the air followed by an angry voice.

"Hold them!"

The surrounding half breads spread their arms then clasp their hands together. A bright light surrounds the four antagonists to the throne. That out of the cloud of ash Malik emerges.

"Now you will die in the Creators name for your insolence."

Malik proceeds to extend his right arm as a white energy ball forms in front of his hand. Then he extends his left arm forming a red energy ball in that hand. Lucifer shakes his head dejectedly.

"If you could only see the light."

Malik replies,

"Thanks to you I no longer need two."

Just as Malik is about to unleash his awesome attack upon them the heavens crack as if the sky itself has been shattered. Out of the silence following the auditory explosion a booming voice laced with confidence, power, and authority commands,


The energy balls quickly recede and Malik bows down as the Creator himself emerges from the sky as what appears to be heaven itself opens up on the battlefield.

"Of course you show yourself now that these freaks of creation done your dirty work!"

"Silence Samael! You are no longer worthy to speak to the Creator let alone look ..."

God then raises his hand to Malik silencing him. Then facing Lucifer says,

"My son ... See what your pride has done."

"What I've done!"

Barks Lucifer.

"The only wrong done on this day is what your precious Michael has done. That alone far exceeds what ..."

"Michael has been taking care of."

God exclaims.

"His Seraphim authority and powers have been stripped and now he retained solely that title of Archangel."

"Are you joking!?"

Yells Samael.

"But he's broken ... UGH!"

God shoots a fierce stare at Samael and then he vanishes. Lucifer struggling to break his hold cries out.

"What have you done!?"

"He is fine but I have banished him to a place where he no longer is a nuisance."

"And where is that?"

"In the Lay Lines where you will soon join him. There you'll only be able to sit and watch as the universe continues as it should ... without you."

God extends his hand and with a blink of an eye the Morningstar is gone from sight. God turns to Astarael and Metatron as a tear runs down his face.

"We are ready for our sentence my Lord."

God smiles and shakes his head in forgiveness.

"Although you had sided against me your intentions were true in what you were only doing what I created you to do."

"But what about the balance of power?"

Replies Metatron.

"Lucifer still retains his power just in a different realm where he cannot use them against us."

Metatron then gestures towards the half breeds.

"Not him my Lord, these creatures. They are not of your creation and they lack the compassion that you bestowed upon us."

God nods in understanding and states,

"It is not their fault for what Michael has wrought upon them."

A look of shock and amazement is put upon Malik's face.

"My lord, Michael did this to us?"


Excerpted from Origin by T.J. Marino. Copyright © 2014 T.J. Marino. Excerpted by permission of AuthorHouse.
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