Orthopedic Massage E-Book: Theory and Technique

Orthopedic Massage E-Book: Theory and Technique

by Whitney W. Lowe LMT

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Fully updated and revised Orthopedic Massage has been written for those interested in understanding and applying massage as an intervention for soft-tissue disorders. Recent research into the physiological effects of massage has strengthened the justification for its use in the treatment of soft-tissue pain and injury conditions. Orthopedic soft-tissue problems are common among the general population, whether from sports, occupational activities, or chronic pain. This text presents a comprehensive and in-depth look at the physiological nature of these conditions and the massage treatments most effective for their relief. A particular contribution this text makes is its validation for the role of massage in treating orthopedic conditions. In addition, it aims to help the clinician understand the relationship between the soft tissues to which they apply their techniques and the overall orthopedic disorder affecting their clients. Although written chiefly for massage practitioners, the lessons it teaches are relevant to any practitioner who is concerned with the treatment of soft-tissue injuries.
  • Includes detailed technical information, extensive illustrations, and reliable reference material essential to everyday practice.
  • Provides a comprehensive approach to treatment of common soft tissue pain and injury.
  • Explains common orthopedic problems in detail, addressing biomechanics, kinesiology, and anatomy.
  • Provides an in-depth discussion of the physiologic rationale for soft tissue treatments and explains those most effective for each condition.
  • Integrates treatment approaches from across the field and gives detailed, easy-to-follow steps for their application.
  • Compares traditional treatments with soft tissue manipulation for each problem discussed.
  • Clearly links anatomy, physiology, and biomechanics with clinical practice.
  • Designed for quick and easy reference with more than 200 high-quality full colour illustrations and numerous photos of treatment techniques.
  • New clinical case studies and tips illustrate the techniques discussed.
  • Now presented in full colour.
  • New step-by-step photographs depict the techniques described in full detail.
  • Increased artwork and photographs make learning more visual.
  • Case studies demonstrate techniques and management in clinical practice Clinical hints and tips throughout.
  • Greater guidance in treatment strategies to include 'Treatment Approaches' and 'Rehabilitation Protocol Considerations'.

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ISBN-13: 9780702040818
Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences
Publication date: 04/08/2009
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 320
Sales rank: 1,009,859
File size: 8 MB

Table of Contents

Foreword vii

Preface to the First Edition ix

Preface to the Second Edition xi

Acknowledgments xiii

Section 1 General Principles 1

1 Introduction to orthopedic massage 3

Musculoskeletal disorders and massage 4

What is orthopedic massage? 5

The four primary components of orthopedic massage 5

Practitioner care 10

2 Understanding soft-tissue injuries 13

Muscle 14

Tendon 17

Ligament 18

Joint Capsule 19

Fascia 19

Nerve 20

Cartilage 24

3 Thermal modalities as treatment aids 27

Understanding pain 27

Heat transfer 29

Heat applications 30

Cold applications 35

Topical analgesics as thermal agents 39

4 Introduction to specific massage techniques 43

Massage techniques 44

Massage with active and passive movement 49

Myofascial approaches 54

Stretching methods 56

5 Physiological effects 63

Effects on fluid mechanics 64

Neuromuscular effects 65

Connective tissue effects 67

Psychological effects 68

Reflex effects 69

Section 2 A Regional Approach to Pathology and Treatment 75

6 Foot, ankle, and lower leg 77

Injury Conditions 78

Ankle sprains 78

Morton's neuroma 83

Plantar fasciitis 86

Tarsal tunnel syndrome 90

Retrocalcaneal bursitis 92

Achilles tendinosis 94

Anterior compartment syndrome 97

Shin splints 100

Postural Disorders 103

Hallux valgus 103

Morton's foot 105

Pes planus 106

Pes cavus 106

Calcaneal valgus 108

Calcaneal varus 109

Excessive supination 110

Overpronation 111

7 Knee and thigh 117

Injury Conditions 118

Anterior cruciate ligament sprain 118

Posterior cruciate ligament sprain 123

Medial collateral ligament sprain 124

Lateral collateral ligament sprain 128

Patellofemoralpain syndrome 130

Chondromalacia patellae 134

Iliotibial band friction syndrome 135

Meniscal injury 138

Patellar tendinosis 140

Hamstring strains 142

Adductor strains 144

Postural Disorders 147

Genu valgum 147

Genu Varum 148

8 Hip and pelvis 153

Injury Conditions 154

Piriformis syndrome 154

Sacroiliac joint dysfunction 158

Trochanteric bursitis 162

Postural Disorders 164

Anterior pelvic tilt 164

Posterior pelvic tilt 167

Lateral pelvic tilt 169

9 Lumbar and thoracic spine 175

Injury Conditions 176

Neuromuscular low back pain 176

Herniated nucleus pulposus 181

Zygapophysial (facet) joint irritation 183

Spondyloysis and spondylolisthesis 186

Postural Distortions 189

Exaggerated lumbar lordosis 189

Kyphosis 190

Scoliosis 193

10 Cervical spine 199

Injury Conditions 200

Neuromuscular neck pain 200

Herniated nucleus pulposus 204

Thoracic outlet syndrome 206

Spasmodic torticollis 214

Whiplash 217

Postural Disorders 221

Forward head posture 221

11 Shoulder 227

Injury Conditions 228

Frozen shoulder (adhesive capsulitis) 228

Rotator cuff strain 232

Shoulder impingement 237

Subacromial bursitis 240

Bicipital tendinosis 242

Shoulder separation 246

Glenohumeral dislocation/subluxation 249

12 Elbow, forearm, wrist and hand 255

Injury Conditions 256

Lateral epicondylitis (tennis elbow) 256

Medial epicondylitis (golfer's elbow) 260

Cubital tunnel syndrome 264

Pronator teres syndrome 267

Carpal tunnel syndrome 270

De Quervain's tenosynovitis 274

Guyon's canal syndrome 277

Index 283

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