Ostrich Boys

Ostrich Boys

by Keith Gray
4.6 5

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Ostrich Boys 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
TeensReadToo More than 1 year ago
OSTRICH BOYS is about friendship and loyalty. Blake, Sim, and Kenny just lost their best friend, Ross. Hit by a car while riding his bike, he is gone and they can hardly believe it. After the boys attend his funeral, they decide the ceremony didn't do their friend justice. Ross was so much more than a collection of words and hymns. As a sort of revenge for the fact that he was taken in such unfair circumstances and at an early age, they concoct a plan to honor him in their own way. Ross always dreamed of visiting a town of the same name, Ross, Scotland. The three remaining friends "kidnap" Ross's ashes and head to Scotland. The removal of the funeral urn from Ross's home didn't go as smoothly as planned, so their scheme to take a train to Scotland and back in just two days turns into a sort of escape that has Ross's family and the families of the three boys frantic. Just before leaving Ross's house, his father confronted Blake about the possibility that Ross may have taken his own life by riding his bike into the path of the car. Blake is shocked by the question, as are Kenny and Sim, but shortly into their journey there is word that they have been on the evening news. Speculation is that the three boys are part of a suicide pact, and now the hunt is on. OSTRICH BOYS is filled with action and adventure. Each boy is unique - Blake is known as the intelligent one, Kenny is the computer whiz and happens to be the bankroll for their trip until he unfortunately forgets his bag while switching trains, and Sim possesses an amazing knowledge of collective nouns that is sure to fascinate and provide remarkably useless information for readers. Author Keith Gray combines bungee jumping, wild train rides, quirky characters, and the emotional upheaval of losing a close friend to create an incredible tale. A bit of a slow start might discourage some readers, but if they are encouraged to stick with it, most will find it a rewarding read.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Zured and Kerov ducked under low branches and swatted away mosquitoes. Zured kept track of where Moba and her friend were going...to a high precipice. The oasis ended as Zured and Kerov reached here and Zured now understood when he saw a big hole in the earth. He knew Cabaro was in there. He could see the understandment in Kerov's eyes too. They quietly trundled down a small hill from the oasis and made sure they didn't fall off the precipice. Moba and her friend gathered a vine with thorns and lowered it down the hole. "Cabaro...psst! Wake, up! It's me, Moba! We're coming to save you!" Moba whispered. "I don't want a huge rescue. I'm useless without the talisman. The humans STOLE it," Zured heard Cabaro's voice from the hole,"I was trying to defend MY talisman and somehow, a big hole erupted from the earth from nowhere and a little blond boy with his pet Briggan took advantage and took the talisman from ME!" Zured gasped. Kerov widened his eyes. If Cabaro caught Zured and Kerov alive, he would blame them for losing his talisman. "We need to get out of here," Kerov whispered. "Shh!" Zured hushed him. "Moba, have you seen any ostrich guards alive? If they are, bring them to me. They will not be killed, but will be severly punished." Before Moba could even answer, Cabaro said,"Zured and Kerov. I know your scents-come here." "I don't want to betray Cabaro," Zured told his brother,"I have to go." "No-" Kerov tried to stop Zured, but Zured didn't listen. He went over to where Moba, her friend, and Cabaro were.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book has action and adventure and comedy. This book will make you want to cry and laugh. Great and outstanding book overall.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago