Our Road to Damascus: 7 Lessons for a Life of Purpose and Meaning

Our Road to Damascus: 7 Lessons for a Life of Purpose and Meaning

by Dan Assisi


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One ancient story. Seven new lessons about life and change.

Internationally acclaimed speaker and writer Dan Assisi transforms an old story told countless times before into something new and deeply relevant to our times.

In Our Road to Damascus, Dr. Assisi uncovers 7 lessons for a life of purpose and meaning that will help us navigate the challenges we face and find the happiness we seek. At the end, we are left with a blueprint for understanding change and acting on personal growth that will stick with you forever.

"Loneliness, loss, failure, doubt, confusion, hope, direction, faith... A Paul like you have never seen before. Our Road to Damascus is practical wisdom that transcends time. It hits so close to home it will leave you gaping..."

Paul of Tarsus' journey to Damascus is not a religious story - it is a tale of profound personal transformation that helps us understand life's challenges and inspires us to keep on walking our own path. As we dive deeper into one of the greatest personal transformations in recorded history, we begin to understand why we face the struggles we do, how they relate to each other and what may lie ahead for us.

"Our Road to Damascus is spirituality steeped in reason. It weaves in science, poetry, biology, philosophy, and psychology to craft a beautiful tapestry of rational faith that speaks to both heart and mind. It is the wisdom of the Gospel shown in a way you have never seen before."

This is a book for anyone who has gone through difficult times and is wondering: what comes next? If you enjoy seeing different concepts connect to create a bigger picture that can help you navigate life, this book is for you.

Discover what lies ahead in your own road to Damascus.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781735967509
Publisher: Daniel Assisi
Publication date: 12/12/2020
Pages: 250
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.57(d)

About the Author

Dan Assisi, Ed.D., MPA, PMP is a best-selling author and internationally celebrated speaker who has delivered hundreds of talks and conferences on spirituality in over 60 cities in 4 continents. Known for a mix of deep thinking and witty humor, Dan takes a unique approach to spirituality that is steeped in reason to remind audiences everywhere of our spiritual nature.
Dr. Assisi was featured in the Togetherness Video Series, an interfaith documentary on religious diversity and spirituality, and is a founding member of The Spiritist Institute. You can also find him as the host of the Spiritist Conversations podcast.
You can connect with him online at www.danassisi.com.

Table of Contents

Preface vii

Before We Begin: A Word on "Religion" ix

  1. On the Road with Paul 1
  2. Why Paul? 6
  3. The Story 24
  4. The Seven Lessons Before Us 32
  5. Lesson 1: In a Group But Alone 37
  6. Lesson 2: A Destabilizing Moment 65
  7. Lesson 3: The Courageous Question 84
  8. Lesson 4: The Temporary Blindness 106
  9. Lesson 5: The Decision to Go Ahead 130
  10. Lesson 6: The Unexpected Help 156
  11. Lesson 7: A Different Damascus 179
  12. Our Road to Damascus and Beyond 198

About the Author 213

Copyright Permissions 215

Discussion Questions 217

Appendix: People Mentioned in the Book 221

Notes 227

Reference List 233

Also by Dan Assisi 237

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