Out of the Frying Pan, Straight Into the Fire

Out of the Frying Pan, Straight Into the Fire

by Tina Clinger


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ISBN-13: 9781475909937
Publisher: iUniverse, Incorporated
Publication date: 04/18/2012
Pages: 136
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.29(d)

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Out of the Frying Pan, Straight into the Fire

By Tina Clinger

iUniverse, Inc.

Copyright © 2012 Tina Clinger
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4759-0993-7

Chapter One

The Beginning

Oh boy, it's the first warm Saturday here in Ponde, Louisiana and instead of drinking a nice cold watermelon wine cooler and sitting back enjoying a piece of chicken that she saw barbecuing on the grill as she passed through the backyard into the house, Kya found herself running for cover as shots ranged out. Just as she crouched in corner she was wishing she hadn't sat her purse down, with her cell phone, on the patio table. As she peeked over the sofa to see who and where the gunshots were coming from she spotted Bruce. He seemed to be reloading his gun and mumbling something to himself as he stomped around throwing things and just plain wreaking havoc on what was once a beautiful home.

Guess your wonder whose Bruce and why Kya is hiding from him? Bruce is Kya's home girl Chandenise husband. She invited Kya to her new two story, five bedroom, four bathroom home for a barbeque but judging from the knocked over broken furniture and bullet holes in the walls it appears Kya walked into a war. Kya wondered where her best friend was as she surveyed the room once more from her temporary safe haven, she spotted Chandenise on the floor. She was just lying there motionless with blood gushing from her neck. "Oh my God Chandenise" Kya gasped in disbelief as she slid from one end of the sofa to the other to get a closer look at her friend's body. Since Bruce had taken his tirade to one of the other rooms in the house, Kya was able to crawl over to Chandenise body and through her tears she could see that her friend throat was cut from ear to ear.

Kya crouched to the patio and managed to get her cell phone from her purse before Bruce made his way back into the living-room. Dialing 911 and shaking like a leaf she whispery relayed the scene to the 911 operator as she took refuge behind the plush sectional sofa again. She had no idea what happen to drive this man whom every time she saw him he was calm, cool and collected to behave in such a disastrous way. Bruce had a deranged look on his face as he walked pass the sofa and headed toward the back yard and Kya made a mad dash for the stairs to check for other injured bodies. She was hoping that Chandenise's mom and daughter wasn't home and had become victims too.

As Kya quickly and quietly on shaky legs searched through the bedrooms she could hear gunshots in the distance letting her know Bruce hadn't made it back to the house yet. So she made her way back down the stairs to the kitchen and that's when she spotted a guy crawling out of the rose colored bottom cabinets. She grabbed the nearby broom and began to beat the guy upside the head, while screaming I got him! I got him! As the guy and Kya tussled about he said "Ms. Martinley I didn't do it, it was Bruce! It was Bruce"! As Kya took in his words she noticed the guy was sporting a bullet wound to the thigh.

The unknown man told Kya that Bruce came home and went insane when he saw the two of them talking. He said Bruce shouted "I knew it you slutty bitch, it's true you can't turn a whore into a housewife". Mrs. England tried to explain to him that nothing was going on and uttered that even if there were she could do whatever she wanted because they were legally separated. Mrs. England also told him to leave and ushered him toward the front door when Bruce suddenly stopped turned slit her throat, dropped the knife, pulled out his gun and that's when I took off running; getting hit in the leg.

With the wailing of police siren in the air, Bruce made it back into the house, followed the commotion to the kitchen and aimed his gun straight in the direction of the stranger. Once he spotted Kya he just started screaming "I warned her Kya, she made me do it. I told her once we got married and she cheat on me I was going to kill her! Now I must kill him too!" Bruce aimed the gun at the stranger and pulled the trigger as the guy went down Kya tried to catch him but manage to fall hitting her head on the rose and mauve marble countertop instead. As she laid there in her somewhat out of body state Kya began to recall the day they formed the now defunct teenage club B*A*C*K and how each of the members lives had unfolded over the years.

Chandenise and I have been friends since the first day at Ponde Senior High. Because we hung in different circles I knew her vaguely from around middle school and because my family had moved two blocks down and three blocks over (right next to the Tyler home) from our previous home my school district had changed. So going to Bell High home of the Wolves was out for me. Mom dropped me off at the front entrance and I remembered staring at this big yellow otter holding a blue club painted on the front door. How good can their sports teams be with a mascot called, Oscar the Otter.

Walking and fixated on the golden mammal painted on the walls I bumped into Chandenise. She introduced herself as Chandenise Tyler the finest women on the face of the earth with a butt any man would love to touch. I said my name was Kya Martinley and I do believe were neighbors. Chandenise simply say yes we are then whispered stick with me and I can make these years wonderfully fun for you.

Now an intro like that means this girl was high on herself and since Kya was intent on making this new school a good change for her, a new friend yet familiar face would be nice. As the bell rang Chandenise suggested for Kya meet her at the tree to the right of the cafeteria exit for lunch turned and sashayed up the stairs. Kya proceed down the wide hallway, where all of the opened doors looked like mouths open with its tongue hanging out to the office to get her schedule, then off to homeroom.

As luck would have it, Chandenise and Kya were in the same fourth period science class and as soon as she saw her she waved her multicolored nails for Kya to come over. Chandenise was sitting in the second row, second seat and to the left of her was a red skin, red head sister and they were chatting away about some boy named Terrion that apparently was the hottest thing since the cell phone. Kya later learned that the sister name was Airis and she and Chandenise were cousins. They sat through class passing notes with no one paying any attention to what Mrs. Branks, their teacher, were saying. The bell rang for lunch and from there the next three years seem to zoom by.

Chandenise was popular, into sport, loved the fellas and by her own admission had an occasional problem with the young men and was the subject of gossip by the young ladies. It didn't matter though because the guys of Ponde High were smitten with Chandenise and her little protégés. By their senior year Kya's body had finally caught up with her age, therefore like Chandenise she turning quite a few heads herself as they strolled down the halls of Ponde High.

One particular morning, while in the girl's bathroom the pair came across a young lady bawling her eyes out. Chandenise, being her usual selfish self-ignored the situation but Kya couldn't stand to see a person upset like that. So she walked over to quivering lady and asked her what's wrong? This young lady told a tale of how she tried to please her boyfriend by having a threesome and that morning he called and broke up with her. She said her name was Bailey Denfard and they had been dating since they were juniors and she thought they were going to be married.

This sparked the words of wisdom from the almighty Chandenise; "Girl quit your blubbering over these young men. Hell this is your time to use them and throw them away; they don't know what they want except our triangle trove and hell I make them pay for it. Shit, I guarantee he was seeing others while he was with you anyway. What you need to do now is show him what he is missing out on". From then on Chandenise and Kya had formed a friendship with Bailey and along with cousin Airis, formed a club.

Kya remember the day it happen. They were all over at Bailey's house and Airis had just been dumped by her boyfriend, which sent her into one of her verbal pacing rampage. It's funny, Airis is the somewhat quite one but when she is angry all of her 180 lbs, 5'7" comes roaring out turning her already light red skin into a shade of crimson that matched her hair which seem to make the freckles across her nose stand out even more. Chandenise leaped off the bed and stopped Airis in her tracks by turning her to the mirror and said it's his lost look at you you're a vision of red perfection with a butt almost as roundly perfect like mines. Bailey jumped up and she too was staring into the door length mirror that hung in her closet admiring her butt. This is when Chandenise said lets form a club.

What type of club Kya asked? Chandenise replied you know a club for sisters with big butts. Namely us four of course! Kya looked around scanning the company she was with. There was Chandenise, with her man using don't care about nobody but me attitude yet had a surprising gentle creed with her mother, she stood 5'5" 150 lbs, oval shape face, hazel contact eyes, caramel skin, shoulder length coal black hair that seem to flow to the music of the wind every time she took a step with a funny zigzag scar on her left check just below the ear; Bailey, the miss go-getter but I will do anything to fit girl was a golden caramel skin 5'5", 140 lbs, dimples, big wide eyes and dark brown hair that was always in a lopsided ponytail whom always appears to be hiding something; Airis the quiet angry lady and herself—the peace maker, dark chocolate standing at 5'3" 150 lbs soaking wet, slightly squinted eyes, craters for dimples, shoulder length uneven black hair and bowlegs. However, there were two things they all shared, big butts and guy problems.

Just like that they formed a club using the acronym BACK with their motto being do it to them before they do it to us. They set up rules and dues, went down to the local mall and had their pictures taken, ordered pretty multicolored shirts with their club name, and vowed to send the young men and men of Ponde, Louisiana a message. Chandenise nominated herself president and she meant business, the business of using and revenge that lasted even through college.

Chapter Two

Bailey Dabbles

As she was driving up to the club Four-Leaf Clover, Bailey kept thinking about the crazy thing she was about to do. So she put the car in reverse and drove around the block two times. Her heart wanted to just go in and act like it's no big deal but her head kept telling her to go home, beside you have no idea what your was doing she said out loud to herself.

After a few more trips around she pulled the car into the parking space far away but behind the bar next to a tie dye colored dumpster. Bailey sat there not realizing she was holding her breath, until the phone rang. It was Mindy, a girl she met on the Rainbow One Night Stand online service for lesbian newbie, asking her if she had chicken out on her again.

"No Mindy, Bailey said. I'm outside; just give me a moment to gather myself together. You just get a table and order me a Bellini or Mimosa please; I just have to return a phone call to my friend Johanna." It was a lie Bailey just needed more than a moment. In fact she had put the keys and started the ignition once again but turned it off and started that walk toward the door.

Just as Bailey summoned enough strength to go through the door, a woman walked up to the bar and she looked just as scared as Bailey felt. She just stood there as if she was wrestling with going in. Bailey walked over to her, recognized that deer in the headlights look and placed a hand on her shoulder for comfort. She looked into Bailey eyes with a pleading look for help so Bailey whispered two words. Let's go! They took off running and laughing hysterically, got into the car and Bailey sped off not knowing where she was headed. She drove straight ahead for a couple of miles until they reached a park. She parked the car and they both got out walked over to the snowball vendor; bought peach snow cones with a condense milk and whip cream topping and sat at the furthest bench from the stand.

Simultaneously as if they were holding their breath each exhaled and really looked at each other. A faint thank you came from this small woman who introduced herself as Tanja. Tanja Stoppings from Shreveport, La. Bailey introduce herself and even though the formalities was out of the way there still was the what just happen factor in the quiet air. Bailey broke the silence first by saying that she stupidly had a threesome with her boyfriend and even though he broke up with her for the other women, she still had a curious wanting to explore more with a woman. She told Tanja how she was supposed to be meeting this woman name Mindy that she met on the "Rainbow One Night Stand" website and how she had driven her car around and around the bar before deciding to go in. It was her first time going to a lesbian bar and she was scared out of her mind.

Tanja had a similar story except she followed her fiancée here to Ponde, Louisiana from Denim Springs, Alabama. They were involved in several threesomes and he too left her for the woman du juor. Of course he took off in her car but the good news is she still had a job and a place to live, even though she wasn't certain she would stay in Ponde, Louisiana much longer. Then Tanja told Bailey that she was glad she came along because she probably would have made a fool out of herself in the bar whereas she most likely would have gotten picked up by a big bush dyke with a tongue ring and tattoo, not what she was looking for.

Where do we go from here Bailey wondered as if Tanja was reading her mind said those exact same words out loud. Again the laughter began. Once they recovered there was a mutual decision to take things slow as they exchanged phone numbers and if things progress then so be it and if they don't maybe a good friendship can be had. Only in Bailey mind she was thinking she had enough friends with Airis, Chandenise, Kya and Johanna (a woman she bonded with at a swingers club) she was looking to cure the longing she had for the touch of a woman.

Bailey asked Tanja where could she drop her to and they drove off with small talk and sideways glances at each other. Before getting out of the car Tanja leaned over and kissed Bailey on the cheek, thanked her again and sauntered into her apartment building leaving a confused Bailey even more bewildered.

The phone ringing brought Bailey out of her static shock. She reached into her purse to see who was calling and it was Johanna, the one bff who she told all her darkest secrets as well as the only one who knew what she was up tonight. Bailey answered the phone with a sly smile. "Hello Jo, You're never going to believe what happen Bailey said." Before starting the car she placed her Bluetooth into her ear and relayed the whole scenario of the night as she drove home.

Once inside Bailey went straight to the bathroom and started her Jacuzzi tub. She again played the incident over and over in her head while soaking neck deep in the hot spraying water. She couldn't get the way Tanja looked out of her head. She hated keeping secrets from her BACK associates but they wouldn't understand, especially that man-nizer Chandenise.

Now out of the tub, Bailey laid across the bed remembering how stupid she was in giving into a man again. She should've learned from her experience in high school but Bailey thought she was so in love with Derrick and the sex was phenomenal. They used sex toys, food, made videos and played sex games but soon that wasn't enough for Derrick. He made the suggestion of doing a threesome. Bailey was reluctant at first but gave in like so many women thinking this would keep her man.

Her name was Aldonza, and they picked her up at club called Monarchs. The plan was to get in, mingle and pick out a prospect. Aldonza was the fourth woman that Bailey and Derrick entertained the idea with. Oh they didn't come out and directly ask for a threesome. They just sat down and talk to women to see if the chemistry was right. Both had to attract to the women in order for the threesome to work.


Excerpted from Out of the Frying Pan, Straight into the Fire by Tina Clinger Copyright © 2012 by Tina Clinger. Excerpted by permission of iUniverse, Inc.. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Table of Contents


The Beginning....................1
Bailey Dabbles....................6
Airis Uprising....................11
Chandenise, one less secret!....................16
Kya's Aftermath....................20
They got it started....................25
A Rat revealed among them....................34
Truth of Consequences....................38
Prologue to a new Beginning....................41
The Try Out....................48
Trouble Rears Its Head....................56
Round two with Jacob and Laverna....................61
The Plan of a Lottery....................67
The Issue of Tissue....................72
Another Way of Seeing the Easy....................76
The Move....................80
Looks Promising....................87
Nykole the Interrupter....................93
Greed her Undoing....................98
Mystery Solved....................105
The Letters and Vagabond....................110
Duped the Party's Over....................119

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