Out of Time: Book Four of the Children of Enoch Series

Out of Time: Book Four of the Children of Enoch Series

by D. C. Claymore


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ISBN-13: 9781458220639
Publisher: Abbott Press
Publication date: 12/14/2016
Pages: 244
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.55(d)

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Out of Time

Book Four of the Children of Enoch Series

By D. C. Claymore

Abbott Press

Copyright © 2016 D. C. Claymore
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-4582-2063-9


Tension and hopeful expectations crackled as the inhabitants of Edom gathered for an open forum to discuss their fate. Suddenly the lights blacked out, igniting nervous rumblings and restless shuffling.

"What happened?" several people asked at once.

"Please stay calm," an authoritative female voice said in the dark.

The lights flickered back to life. Gilda Coomra, Emissary to the Triune, entered the shelter in the center of town, which had been constructed under the guidance of Chairman Nebrino Montaro. The structure had no walls so the public could sit and listen to the council conduct its business. All decisions made here impacted Edom's entire population.

"Good evening, Counselor Montaro." She nodded in a show of respect.

"Emissary." Nebrino returned the physical greeting.

Both took seats at the council table, waiting for other representatives to arrive.

Farnin Halmic stepped onto the platform and took a seat. Although he had initially refused the honor of spearheading the colony's project to rebuild Edom's power infrastructure, he soon discovered he was the most knowledgeable on plasma distribution systems.

Scientist and former negotiator Jesson Coomra, Gilda's husband, also took a seat at the council table. Scientist Emseb Dosser sat down next to Jesson. The two Scientists represented Edom's growing Science Community. Once enemies, the two scientists were now friends, both passionately vocal.

Chief gardener Lecher Dunwell, in charge of planting and harvesting, entered the open forum and took a seat on the platform, trailed by a small, six-legged, four-eyed ball of fur, the acting Alpha lushkin. Lecher also served as the intermediary to the lushkin population living inside the Reformation Facility.

Spectators recoiled at the sight of the hairy little creature. Lushkins and humans had once used each other as a food source on the harsh world of Crixto before it was transformed into Eda. The acting Alpha ignored the crowd's reactions and positioned itself on a chair next to Lecher.

Gilda had planned to summon a member of Eda's Elite Force to the open forum, but The Baron was busy safeguarding Rylaxon, working alongside the Warriors, Myia and Ravun. Former Commander Ikarus was assisting Guardian Sentinel on Sigro. The only one who wasn't currently engaged in combat was Dalsia Molbe, leader of a squad of Vam in Wynabrite City.

The Emissary pulled a fist to her chest. Seconds later, an orb of light flew down from solid rock which blanketed the city. The light stopped at the large table, bursting into a shower of lights. Less than a second later, Dalsia, the Red Champion, materialized from floating sparkles.

"I hate traveling that way," the Vam complained. "It feels like I'm at the far end of the universe, moving between places and spaces."

"To a point, you were," Gilda explained. "Orb travel creates a bubble, of sorts, outside of space and time. As you travelled here, you viewed the universe through a distorted perspective of standing outside looking in."

Emseb could not hold his tongue. "More super-science dribble?"

"Careful," Jesson counseled his friend. "She could easily show you first-hand."

Gilda looked knowingly at the elder skeptic. It wasn't the first time she and Emseb had butted heads about the nature of science. Super-science was beyond hyper-science, the discipline in which Emseb and his fellow Scientists practiced. Only Jesson understood super-science because of his wife.

Dalsia took a chair next to the lushkin. It turned to her, revealing its fangs and hissed.

The Vam exposed her own fangs. "I do bite back."

"Down you two," Lecher scolded. "You're closely related. No family squabbles."

Dalsia growled at Lecher. "Do not insult me, human!" She kept her eyes on the acting Alpha.

The lushkin relaxed when he was sure Dalsia meant him no harm.

"Thank you for coming, Dalsia," Gilda said. "I know you've been busy in Wynabrite City."

The Vam smiled, "As if I had a choice."

"Have you found a plasma converter?"

"Celnar Four, north of the City, had one. But Sly and his Vampeer troops trashed practically everything they didn't haul away."

"Bring me the unit," Farnin said. "I might be able to get it working. But Edom needs a larger converter."

"Meantime," Nebrino added, "we could use small units to help supplement existing power."

"Unfortunately, there's not enough energy," Farnin countered. "We need to reline the crystal chamber before we can drive any plasma converter. And that requires the highest quality crystals."

"I'll have a team pull the converter from Celnar Four," Dalsia stated, "and send it through the teleporter."

Emseb interjected, "I didn't think those things worked on nonliving matter."

"They transport whatever we need them to," Gilda responded.

"Whatever. It's a bunch of fecal to me."

"Mr. Dosser, since you're determined to interrupt these proceedings, maybe you can update us on the genetically-enhanced plasbags, the food for Vam on Eda?"

"Plasoids!" Emseb corrected. "Plasbag was too unoriginal. I opted for something more technical. They've been renamed plasoids."

This man is your friend? Gilda thought to Jesson.

I'm learning to tolerate him, Jesson replied silently.

"Except for the name change," Gilda said, "what other changes have been made?"

Emseb glared at the Emissary. "I'm a Particle Physicist, Mrs. Coomra, not a Geneticist."

"No further progress has been made," Jesson broke the escalating tension.

Gilda looked at Farnin. "Could you use a Particle Physicist?"

Emseb stood. "I do know about plasma theory and practical applications. I could help align the crystals."

Farnin stuck out his bottom lip in thought. "I'm familiar with the process, but it's always better to have someone who's qualified to ensure a clean reaction wave."

Gilda's eyebrows rose. "Fine. Emseb, you're being reassigned to Farnin's group." She looked lovingly at her husband. "Sorry, Love. Looks like you're on your own again."

"The only one qualified to help me," Jesson declared, "is Agnus Hall. Too bad we can't get her here."

"I'll inquire of the Triune," Gilda offered. "Maybe we can."

The huge illuminated orbs over the city fluctuated; anxious spectators gasped.

Gilda rose. "Everyone, get home as quickly as you can before we lose the light again!"

The forum attendees swiftly and safely vacated the area. The orbs of light flickered again.

"This is the third time this week," Nebrino complained.

"The thermal bars are not efficient in cooler weather," Farnin replied. "We need those crystals, and quick."

The Orbs flashed then went dark. The whole cavern turned pitch black.

Dalsia closed her eyes, and with a thought, activated her innate night vision. When she opened them again, she could see as plain as day.

The lushkin closed his smaller, upper set of eyes and opened its larger, lower ones.

Extending her hand, Gilda produced an orb of light, efficiently lighting the forum. Dalsia and the lushkin quickly hid their faces, reverting back to normal vision.

Emseb stared at the circular luminance. "That's amazing! How did you do that?"

Behind Gilda Servants Four, clothed in a yellow robe, Five, garbed in red, and Six, wearing his signature blue, stepped into the timeline and solidified.

"That's super-science," Four said.

"As is our appearance here," Five added.

"We sensed your distress," Six said to Gilda. Facing his fellow Seraphim, he asked, "How about we enlighten them?"

Four positioned himself on Five's left side; Six on the opposite side. The three Seraphim faded to spirit. Four intermingled with Five; Six did likewise. The three Servants of the Triune merged, forming the Servant of the Most High. The high-powered Seraph, adorned in pure white, lit up the forum with ultra bright, divine light.

The Adaptoids covering Dalsia's body morphed into red armor. She promptly turned away, shielding herself from the light.

"Forgive me," the Servant said to the Vam. "I forgot your sensitivity to divine light."

"Ascend already!" Dalsia cried. "I'll be okay once you're in the air!" The Servant floated upward. His presence cast brilliance over the darkened city like a miniature sun. Wings sprouted from his back, beaming like super-reflective mirrors.

"What about the crystals?" Farnin asked. "When can we get some?"

"There are no working mines close to any protected zone," Jesson answered.

"What about the mine southwest of Wynabrite City?" Dalsia asked.

"It's been flooded for years," Jesson reported. "The lower levels are inaccessible."

"But there might be some crystals there."

"It's also outside the protected zone," Gilda reminded. "Are you sure?"

"Are my fangs sharp?"

Gilda grinned. "Very well. Investigate the area and report back. If you need assistance, contact me immediately."

Dalsia smirked. "No need for that. Leave it to me."


Mendor – The Second Moon

Southwest of downtown Wynabrite City, inside the Planet Protector Post on the fourth floor, a young woman looked out a window at the sunlit chaos below. Dinya, Dalsia's Second in Command, a military brat turned Vam at age twenty-four, chewed over her wretched fate. Green eyes glistened; long, warm brown hair hid an unmistakable aura of sadness.

Dinya's father had been stationed at Celnar Four, the military base north of Wynabrite City, when a band of Vampeer had attacked. Dinya bravely fought the fanged renegades, but they were too strong, too fast, too many. Her father managed to shoot the monster who had been feeding on his daughter, angering it. The wounded Vampeer released Dinya, dismembering her father before it died.

Dinya would have died too had it not been for a bioforming serum the Vampeer had injected in her system after it was hit by the force-laser blast. Inadvertently, her father had saved her life, but doomed her to a living hell. Being a Vam was not Dinya's idea of living.

"How much longer?" Mavley barked. The Planet Protector Superior sat on a sofa near the office door, glaring impatiently at Dinya.

The man's gravelly voice worked her last nerve. Dinya turned, slightly tilting her head. "I have no idea. She was here before you came. Now she's not. She must have been called away."

Mavley huffed. "Likely story. She's probably making plans to kill the rest of us."

Dinya bared her fangs. "Watch your tongue, human! We're Vam, not Vampeer! I still have a human side. Otherwise, you'd be dead where you sit! Don't forget your place!

"Vam. Vampeer. Sharp teeth. Blood drinkers. Same difference."

Dinya growled at the man's obvious contempt. The last thread of her humanity began to fray, urging her to permanently silence the rude, uninvited pest.

Lucky for him a ball of light floated from the ceiling between the two, bursting into a shower of lights. The sparkles morphed into the humanoid form of Dalsia.

Closing her eyes, Dalsia growled. "I hate traveling like that." She looked at Dinya, then Mavley. Their facial expressions said it all. "Stop fighting or I'll be the one inflicting pain."

"He called us Vampeer!" Dinya snapped.

Dalsia burst into laughter. The Vam's unexpected reaction surprised Dinya and Mavley. Leaning forward, Mavley observed the green-eyed Commander a little more closely.

Once she'd stopped laughing, Dalsia focused on the Planet Protector Superior. "I've already informed you that we're not Vampeer." She moved closer, leaning threateningly over the arrogant man. "If I were what you so ignorantly call a Vampeer, I'd siphon your body dry and toss the dried husk through the window to the street below. Out of the goodness of my heart, you're still conscious."

She inhaled deeply, slowly. "What do you want?"

"Your people are taking blood from Medical Facilities around the City. With growing casualties, we need all the blood we can get!"

"And we need to eat!" Dinya countered. "We don't abuse humans like Vampeer! We have to find other ways of staying alive!"

"By taking blood, you risk human lives!"

Dinya walked across the room. "We'll die if we don't have it!"

Mavley stood. "People will die if you continue!"

Tired of the bickering, Dalsia smashed a fist through a sofa table. The loud, destructive display got the desired result.

"Most of the Vam have already teleported to Eda. It's difficult to provide enough supplements to feed the growing Vam population. Only a few Vam are left on Mendor. We'll take only what we need."

"Tell that to the dead or the dying who need what you take. My own feelings aside, I offer you this, be careful. Some Planet Protectors have gone rogue to rid the City of your kind. They view your presence here as an unwanted occupation, your actions as plunder."

Dalsia smirked. "I'm well aware of existing tensions, Superior Mavley. Remind them that we're here to help, not hurt them. But keep this in mind — we will defend ourselves and kill if we must."

The Superior's eyebrows rose. "What makes you think I have any influence over them?"

"Let's call it a hunch."

With no more left to say, Mavley left the office. The door closed behind him.

"I don't trust him," Dinya said.

"And rightly so. His heart races when he lies."

"Is he working with the rogue Protectors?"

"I believe he has influence. He made his position clear — we're not wanted. But we're here as representatives of The Light. And we will stay as long as the Triune commands."

Dinya fell on the sofa, ignoring the human stench from Mavley. "I swear that man will one day cause me to forfeit my option to return to Eda."

"The Triune has very strict rules against unnecessary killings or drinking human blood without permission," Dalsia reminded her Second in Command. "Besides, I'd miss you."

"So," Dinya said, sitting up. "What did the Emissary want?"

"A meeting was called concerning Edom."

Dinya's eye lit up. "Was he there? Did you see the Sire?"

"Down, Girl," Dalsia chuckled. "He and Myia are reconciling. There's a very good chance they'll become betrothed again."

"Ugh! Why can't I get a break? That redhead has nothing over me."

"Except him."

The young Vam sneered. "If you weren't my superior, I'd hit you. So, was he there?"

Dalsia shook her head. "The last I heard, he was on Rylaxon, pushing back Vampeer forces amassing against Bethel. With his help, we should be able to quickly save Bethel."

Dinya gazed moony-eyed at the ceiling, sighing as she thought about the sixteen-year-old Sire with sun-kissed brown hair and unforgettable green eyes. The Emissary's only son, Biron Coomra. Like so many among the Vam and Vampeer population, Dinya only knew Biron by his legendary exploits.

"Dalsia to Dinya. Stop dreaming. I'm sure you'll meet him one day."

Dinya jumped from the sofa, nearly falling over the table. "Really! You'd do that for me?"

"I didn't say I'd arrange it! Sit down. I'll tell you about the meeting."

The disappointed Vam rounded the sofa table and plopped back down.

"They want us to secure a plasma converter from Celnar Four and transport it to Eda."

"Sounds simple enough."

"That's only part of it. The crystal chamber in the Reformation Facility also needs to be relined. I volunteered to check out the abandoned Winsor Mine southwest of here."

"That's outside the protective barrier."

"I know. And I expect to clash with Vampeer."

"Yes!" Dinya shouted. "I get a chance to splatter some fang butt!" She caught Dalsia's stern stare. "What?"

"Stop looking for payback. I know Vampeer killed your father, but that's no reason to callously rush into battle. Remember, we're supposed to work as a team."

"The Sire doesn't. He attacks whole squads of Vampeer single-handedly."

"But The Baron is more powerful than you. Plus, he's a tri-form — three working together as one. He can afford to be a little reckless. You can't."

"I was talking about Biron Coomra," Dinya clarified, "not The Baron."

"They're one and the same," Dalsia corrected. "Biron, however, is the main presence in the tri-form."

"Perhaps," Dinya swooned. "But I'd love to wrap myself around Biron and —"


Dinya immediately snapped to attention.

"Find some engineers and lead a group to Celnar Four to acquire the plasma converter. Did you get that?"

Dinya clutched her fist to her chest. "Yes, Ma'am. Will do so immediately."

"And stop lusting after Biron. He's part of a tri-form now."

Slightly embarrassed, Dinya pled her case, still standing at attention. "I'm not lusting, Ma'am."

Dalsia sniffed the air. "I smell your hormones. Calm that lusty butt of yours. Now go."

"Yes, Ma'am." The young Vam hastened from the office.

Dalsia inhaled then released the air. She had been a Planet Protector before being turned into a Vam. The old Post felt like a second home. Although she was no longer a Planet Protector, it still felt good to be back in familiar surroundings.


Excerpted from Out of Time by D. C. Claymore. Copyright © 2016 D. C. Claymore. Excerpted by permission of Abbott Press.
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