by E.C. Sheedy
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Overnight by E.C. Sheedy

Deanne jumps into relationships heart-first.

Eager to start fresh after her nasty divorce, Deanne Moore adopts a stray dog and begins the healing process. She has learned—the hard way—to take chances and just enjoy life. The one thing she isn't expecting, though, is to get a second chance with her first crush.

Julius won't let lust burn away the last of his brain cells.

After losing his entire family in one blinding instant, Julius Zern has learned to steer clear of happily-ever-after scenarios. Meeting Deanne stirs something tender within him. So he stays. Overnight. And falls...hard.

But just as he begins to follow his instincts—and his desire for Deanne—trouble arrives and threatens to destroy their fragile bond.

40,000 words

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ISBN-13: 9781426896781
Publisher: Carina Press
Publication date: 07/15/2013
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 664,423
File size: 447 KB

About the Author

I live on Vancouver Island in the moody, green and rain-washed Pacific Northwest—just a short ferry ride from two great cities: Seattle, Washington, and Vancouver, British Columbia. And because I'm just a few steps from the ocean, when I'm seriously story challenged I can often be found walking the beach, communing with the stunning and multitalented Mother Nature. (Make that begging for inspiration!) If that doesn't work, a few minutes thinking about the quirks and foibles of human nature usually does.

I believe people are complex, vulnerable and endlessly fascinating—never more so than when they fall in love. Which is why I write romance.

On a personal note, I love my husband and family, my Rhodesian ridgeback, writing stories, my wonderful readers and laughter wherever and whenever I can find it.

You can read more about me at ecsheedy.com.

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Harmony woke up the same way she had for the past year—dragged from sleep by the desperate roars of alien prisoners. The smell of old urine coupled with dank sweat washed through her nostrils, and the suffocating humidity clung to her skin like slime on a river rock. She rose stiffly from her wooden cot and tried to ignore the deafening noise echoing off the prison walls. Outside the dark jungle erupted into a chorus of avian screeches as the animals rejoiced at the first hint of the rising suns.

She removed a small triangular piece of lava rock wedged between the planks of her bed and crossed off a row of nine lines etched into the wall. They were the last in a long list of accounting marks that covered the stone squares from top to midway down. Then she smiled.

Today was the last day of her sentence.

If all went according to schedule, she should be released within the hour. Soon she would be off this furnace and free to roam the stars hunting whatever bounty offered the biggest profit. But there was only one bounty she really wanted. Prime. That hydrocore brain-eater had been the only bounty to ever escape her. Once she had her freedom, she would stop at nothing to find him. Not only was he the one who got away, tarnishing her perfect record, but he was also the reason why she'd lost a year of her life rotting in this filthy cell.

Oh yes, the two of them had serious unfinished business.

I made it. I'm going to be free.

Keys jingled and the familiar sound of boots scraping stone echoed down the corridor, growing louder. Finally. A guard strolled up to her cell holding a mess of chains and shackles in his right hand. You'd think she was a mass murderer instead of a bounty hunter.

"Turn around and face the wall," he said. "Your ride's here."

"You're seriously going to put manacles on me?" Harmony turned her back to him and heard the manacles click closed. "I want to leave this hellhole, remember? Running away is really not what I had in mind."

"Rules are rules, Knox. You get the same delicate pampering as everyone else. I might actually miss you for a minute or two. Who am I gonna get to correct my grammar all the time?"

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