Pandora's Gardener

Pandora's Gardener

by David C Mason, TBD

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There's a war being waged between two secret factions.  At stake is the heart of democracy itself.

The key to victory is a small, seemingly harmless, piece of computer hardware, which in the wrong hands, could bring about a technological Dark Age.  The race is on to find it as a trail of death is left in its path.

John Cranston is a gardener.  He's not really interested in global domination, he'd much rather mow a lawn.  He's the current keeper of that harmless looking thing.

The problem is - he's the last person to know.

Meanwhile, Detective Inspector Sutherland and his sidekick Sergeant Bludgeon are working on the mystery of the missing accountants, little knowing that this will lead them into something darker and more sinister, as their paths cross and diverge from the gardener on the run.

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780956180537
Publisher: Wen-Chang Books
Publication date: 05/01/2020
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 116
File size: 891 KB

About the Author

A photographer by trade, David C Mason has concentrated until now on publishing photographic anthologies - this is his first work of fiction. However, having spent most of his working life (many years) climbing a corporate greased pole until he was fluent in management speak and able to nod with gravitas while listening to a lot of business twaddle - he is no stranger to making things up. He also spent a lot of time writing plans, outlines, proposals, strategies, business cases etc,etc and its only with the benefit of hindsight and distance that he realised that most of them could be considered works of fiction (or "scenarios" as they were known). He thinks it would be a shame to let all that experience go to waste...

Table of Contents

The Titan Prometheus steals the heavenly fire from Mount Olympus, and brings it down to man.

Zeus looks down upon the Earth, and in revenge pledges to bring misery upon humanity for the theft of fire. He orders Hephaestus, the god of smiths and master of crafts, to create the first woman, a creature so beautiful that she will be irresistible to either god or man.

The Olympian gods endow her with various gifts, and so she is called Pandora, the “all gifted”. Among these gifts are Curiosity, and an intricately carved box which Pandora is told must never be opened.

Hermes offers Pandora to Epithemus, (brother of Prometheus), to be his wife. Despite the warnings of Prometheus to never accept anything from the gods, Epithemus is smitten, and marries Pandora, believing the box to be a wedding gift from Zeus.

Over time, Curiosity gets the better of Pandora, and as she opens the box, all the evils placed within it by Zeus, sickness, death, turmoil, strife, jealousy, hatred, famine, escape and spread over the Earth.

The only thing left trapped in the box as Pandora slams the lid shut is Hope…


Table of Contents

1 / The Generation Game

2 / Parasite Lost

3 / Another Day In The Office

4 / Men Who Do Lunch

5 / Brief Encounters

6 / The Usual Suspect

7 / Gardener On The Run

8 / With a Little Help From Who?

9 / At a Secret Location Near Hastings

10 / Underneath The Arches

11 / Mr Blue And Mr Green Go Visiting

12 / The Road To Victoria Park

13 / Escape To The Country

14 / They Seek Him Here, They Seek Him There

15 / Smallmansea

16 / The Chase

17 / Don’t Take The Maserati

18 / B.A.W.D

19 / And In the Blue Corner

20 / Department S

21 / You Shall Go To The Ball

22 / The Full English

23 / The Pen Is Mightier

24 / Bludgeon Finds Something Out

25 / The End Of The Pier Show

26 / ‘Games? Must We?’

27 / The Tarnished Five

28 / Going Underground

29 / Here Be Spreadsheets

30 / A Fistful Of Sausages

31 / Clash Of The Titans

32 / The Labyrinth

33 / Rocket Man

34 / Rozzer On The Roof

35 / A Knights Tale

36 / The Watchtower

37 / Loose Ends

38 / Epilogue

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