Pass Your Own Audition: A 100-Day Self-Care, Self-Esteem Workbook for Singers

Pass Your Own Audition: A 100-Day Self-Care, Self-Esteem Workbook for Singers

by Tali Freed


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ISBN-13: 9781504346054
Publisher: Balboa Press
Publication date: 12/11/2015
Pages: 578
Product dimensions: 8.25(w) x 11.00(h) x 1.17(d)

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Pass Your Own Audition

A 100-Day Self-Care, Self-Esteem Workbook for Singers

By Tali Freed, Theresa Condito

Balboa Press

Copyright © 2015 Rachel E. Natali Freed
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-5043-4605-4


Beginning Wherever You Are - Today, Tonight

Chapter 1 concepts and considerations: beginnings, visions, passions, habits, self-care, reflection, new actions, small steps, happiness: today

"Pre-day 1"

When beginning to write and "do" this book, the Author knew that singing was her passion. She also knew that walking in nature was one physical activity after which she always felt clearer-headed and happier, and she could physically (and financially) easily access this activity daily, even if "nature" was simply a city street with a tree on it. She began creating and doing this book with an intention to do those 2 activities (singing & walking in nature) each day for 100 days consistently – one activity on behalf of her passion & 1 activity on behalf of her physical health. So, if you likewise would like to begin this book with an intention for yourself to do one activity on behalf of your passion & and one activity on behalf of your physical health each day (even if your aim at first is for only 5 minutes per day of each activity,) then here is a page for beginning this book, and creating your intentions for using this book over the next 100 days. If you are using this book literally, then singing and walking in nature would be those 2 activities that you intend to do each day. If you're not sure what you want this book to help you focus on, then below is an action and some prompt questions to help guide you, because picking some intentions and narrowing your focus IS an action you can take today / tonight / beginning wherever you are.

"Pre-Day #1" - "prep" actions (to do today, tonight, wherever you are):

1. Take a walk (or do some stretches), and consider any of the below prompt questions if you need help setting an intention / picking a commitment to focus on for the next 100 days. As written, this book is focused on the intention and commitment of daily vocalizing and self-care, with emphasis on vocal goals, movement of body and healthy body image. However, this book could alternately be used as a template workbook for other passions or commitments or with an intention / commitment to explore happiness and self-care in a broad way, so these prompt questions are here if needed.

* Is there a specific skill or goal or activity I'd like to commit to trying in a dedicated way over the next 100 days?

* What do I know is my passion – or passions, even if I'm embarrassed to tell anyone what they are?

* What do I wish I were doing (or doing more of) professionally?

* What activity do I think I'd be happy doing professionally?

* What activities make me feel happy when I am doing them?

* What activity have I been putting off that I know makes me happy?

* What creative activity do I criticize myself about, but makes me happy to do anyway?

* Is there a dream I have forgotten or painfully deemed NOT possible or probable for me or my future but, I'd like to playfully take a "sky is the limit" attitude towards it; letting myself imagine (even a little bit) that it is possible; approach it in baby steps; and see what happens? What is the dream? If I can try this approach for today – or 100 days, I know I'll at least make progress, have joy, fun, happiness, skill growth and discovery in the process so it'll be worth it!

* What skill do I love, but doubt or question my own ability about?

* What skill do I know I'd improve on if I just spent time on it?

* What skill would I spend more time or money learning if I had limitless resources?

* What skill do I think I have, but don't know if I can do it, or was never encouraged to do it?

* Can I try out a new activity and reflect during the next 100 days, while giving myself the patient trust to experiment with either keeping my reflection to myself or possibly sharing some of my reflection with encouraging friends, as I build confidence and stamina within myself?

* What pursuit or skill do I spend time fantasizing about trying but am afraid I might fail at?

* What physical activity can I see myself doing for 3 out of the next 7 days, or 7 out of the next 7 days?

* What physical activity do I love doing, and is (financially, logistically, physically) easy for me to access daily, even if for only a short time each day?

* What physical activity is easy on my body but makes me feel connected to the earth or other people or nature?

* What creative activity did I do this week / today that brought me joy?

* What physical activity did I do today that brought me joy?

* What do I feel so committed to, that no matter what outcomes may be, thinking of it still makes me feel excited to do for my own joy or as a contribution to the world?

* If I close my eyes and let myself imagine a dream that seems too big to be true, what is that dream? What am I doing in that dream – even if all I can see or imagine right now is a small fragment of a vision? (Hold onto that vision!)

* Are there complaints in my head that I wish were gone? What activities or aspects of myself do those complaints have to do with – my body? My voice? My ability to do xyz? If these judgments were simply gone, what positive thing or outcome or reality would I be saying / believing is true and possible for me? Can I live from that perspective of positivity and possibility for one day? For 100 days? And see what happens?

* What would I do if money or time were no obstacle? What would I do if I wasn't afraid of success or failure? Can I take small actions on behalf of that passion for the next 100 days? Can I focus my attention on my actions, releasing any expectations or fears of outcomes; and instead begin to trust that I can keep my humility, my practice, my values, and find support?

* What are the obstacles and privileges in my life? What joys do I have that I would like all people to experience? What are examples in history where gifts or aptitudes or interests such as mine were used in visions and efforts towards a world full of equality, happiness, joy and connection? How can I help reduce pain and sadness in the world and create a joyful world full of equality – and in what ways can I fulfill this vision with my creative spirit?

2. Create an Intention/Commitment Statement: Once you have even a vague idea of what activity / passion you're intending to use this book to help you focus on for the next 100 days (if it's singing or another passion) and once you have picked a physical activity that brings you joy that you'd also like to intend to do each day (whether it be walking in nature or a different physical activity that you enjoy), here is a little list of intention statements you can choose from to fill out tonight, to help you remember what you are using this book for. And, since this book is designed to highlight what you DO accomplish, please be assured that even if you miss a day, or have a day where you don't fulfill your intention, that's okay – the intention is only a gauge that you set. Life is full of grey areas, so if you miss a day, it's important to simply not give up – simply keep on. This book is here for you, whenever you open it. The goal is to have persistence at a passion, yet have gentle compassion for yourself. If you find yourself in a period of time where you are feeling incredibly down in the dumps, you may need to seek help and support beyond the scope of this book. You may actually feel benefit from taking a little break from any efforts to do deep reflection; give yourself a break from trying to think really positive / be aware of your thoughts; give yourself a break from thinking about big expansive goals / affirmations – basically allow yourself to figure out what you need and yet still have faith that you are still on a path of pursuing your passion & have faith that you will have renewed energy again. In a time such as that, you may feel like the best you can do in regards to this book is to simply accomplish one gentle "little" thing today towards your happiness and/or well-being – such as singing a song gently (humming the song or another gentle singing exercise). Similarly, if you are sick, an action on behalf of your physical well-being might simply be taking a nap, exercise aside. It is okay – this book is meant to help, and not to be something to beat yourself up about.

Intention/Commitment Statements:

Every day for the next 100 days (to the best of my ability):

* I, _____, am going to write reflectively, as if I am an expert at obtaining _____ goal / an expert at my passion / craft of: _____, while simultaneously trying on some new self-care actions, and positive ideas.

* I, _____, have an intention to do / am going to practice (for 10 minutes - 1 hour per day) _____ activity which I love / brings me joy / is my passion, every day for the next 100 days, with a "sky's the limit attitude" as best I can.

* I, _____, am choosing to do a physical activity (_____) which I love and which helps me feel sane and connected to my body, for 10 min to 1 hour per day, every day for the next 100 days.

* I, _____, am writing and living my life starting tonight from the perspective that I already can do _____ well, (or that I already am a _____) and that I already think of myself as _____ and, I excitedly see what happens as I try on this perspective and work at this for the next 100 days.

* I, _____, am going to carve out space and minutes per day of time for my own self-care, and passion (which is _____) for the next 100 days.

* I, _____, am committed to _____ (within myself and in the world) and I'm using the next 100 days to experiment in expressing and honoring that commitment, however imperfectly, with an attitude of wonder and positive possibility, as best I can.

* I, _____, have a passion for _____ (activity / skill) and I'm using the next 100 days to explore how my dedication to that practice and skill development can effect happiness in myself as well as be a contribution I'm excited to make in the world.

* I, _____, am going to do these 2 activities daily for the next 100 days _____ (movement activity, e.g.: walk in nature) AND _____ (passion activity, eg.: vocalize / sing).

3. Vocalize & sing! Vocalize for one moment or more! Use one vocal warm up or vocal exercise and one breathing exercise (and you may end up warming up for a while) - then sing. For one moment or more. Wherever you are, today, tonight, for 1 moment or many ... A daily singing practice doesn't have to look the same every single day; it just starts ... with one breath, with one intention, with one warm-up, with one note, with one phrase, one song ...)

Note: In this book "vocalize" and "warm up" are often used interchangeably. There are many ways to practice singing. The important part here is to begin, in any small way that is helpful to you, today. A solid vocal practice session might include a physical warm up, some breathing, vocal warm ups and exercises and then some song study / singing songs, and perhaps a cool down. However, a short relaxed practice session is better then a stressed-out session of any length! The important part is to think long-term – any small practice session, any effort to implement repetition / regularity / get in a rhythm of daily practice, all efforts of practice add up over time; over a lifetime! Song study may include: using a metronome, using vocal exercises over a melody, singing along to recordings, analyzing what vowels you are singing and the interpretation of a phrase, of course memorizing a melody (or harmony parts if you are singing harmony), figuring out where you need to take breaths in phrases (using a metronome can help with that), figuring out the emotions you want to portray (or that you feel about a lyric), giving the lyrics your character, paying attention to what your body is doing as you sing and discovering what you ideally want your body to be doing to produce the sounds you want, and also doing a run through of your songs or set. Studying songs can also include listening to and analyzing recordings (even transcribing melodies or chords). Singing can be in a practice space alone or with a band or accompanist or musical collaborator during a rehearsal, and of course you may find that you sing at other times throughout the day also. Less structured practicing could be vocalizing or humming while walking down the street or spontaneously with friends. You may practice acoustically or while singing into a mic. There are also additional tasks to learning songs that don't involve the voice – such as listening to the songs you are learning, and if you are playing an instrument you might record your instrumental part so that you can practice singing along to it. If you are preparing for a band rehearsal, you may need to provide materials such as recordings or sheet music or you may even write out a lead sheet or chord / lyric chart. If you are working with an accompanist you still will end up communicating about how you would like to perform (or record) a song. You may research the history of a song – to ensure you know who wrote it, etc. If you are also writing your songs, you may have writing sessions (alone or in collaboration) or in a moment you may record yourself humming, speaking or playing snippets of song ideas so you can remember and revisit the song idea(s) later. (At the bottom of many of the workbook pages in this book are 5 blank lines - in case you'd like to jot down song idea snippets as notes on a staff, you can do so there!) If you are considering your music business to be a business, you will also end up doing some recordkeeping, promotional, and logistical tasks too. But fear not, this note is not a single day to-do list. This is a 100-day workbook for momentum and focus and the important part is to take a step in the direction you want to go, rather then trying to "do it all" or be overwhelmed by all the possible tasks you could do today. By recognizing (every, even seemingly small) action you take in a day that is helpful to you and your vocal practice, you will collect, appreciate, and see a vast amount of experience behind you, as you go!

4. Commence positive reflection now by answering this question! What are 2 things (even seemingly small) that I did today which helped me (helped my sanity, voice, music biz, sense of community, health, etc.)?


You will see a version of this question on each day of this workbook. You can even list the actions you took in future tense as if you are an expert on this day you've just lived.

5. Create an affirmation! Any affirmations come to mind? An affirmation is a positive statement, said in the present tense, which feels good to you. It could be broad or specific – it's simply important that it feels true, possible, or good to you


"Pre-Day #1" Possible Reflective Questions:

What are activities I'm sure I feel happy doing? (Similar to the prompt questions above)


What limiting beliefs would I like to overcome – can I try to live from a perspective of the limiting thoughts being gone? (Or furthermore: how would I think and what would I do differently or with daily consistency in the absence of those thoughts? How does it feel right now to take a momentary "sky's the limit" attitude towards my goals, passions and future? Do I suddenly want to take an action on behalf of those goals? What action?) This is an important aspect about reflection: reflection can sometimes lead to action.


Excerpted from Pass Your Own Audition by Tali Freed, Theresa Condito. Copyright © 2015 Rachel E. Natali Freed. Excerpted by permission of Balboa Press.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
Excerpts are provided by Dial-A-Book Inc. solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.

Table of Contents


This Book's Purpose and Objective, vii,
Author's Opening Note, ix,
Description of the Workbook Pages, xix,
Glossary of Terms found in this book, xxiii,
Chapter 1: Beginning Wherever You Are - Today, Tonight, 1,
Chapter 2: I'm in My Body. From my vision to the stage – what's in my body; what's in my imagination?, 8,
Chapter 3: I'm in My Body and in the World, 72,
Chapter 4: I'm In My Body, In the World: My Progress & Commitments, 125,
Chapter 5: Wisdom, Trouble-Shooting, and Celebration, 173,
Chapter 6: Choices & Commitments: Flexibility, Firmness, Comfort Zones, and Faith, 219,
Chapter 7: Honing In: Goals and Values, 264,
Chapter 8: Today, the Past, the Future, and Abundance, 318,
Chapter 9: Being Human (in a Possibly Vibrational World), Communication and Appreciation, 369,
Chapter 10: I'm Okay with Receiving, 424,
Chapter 11: My Body and My Voice – linked forever; Abundance & Perseverance, 486,
Chapter 12: Conclusion: Past Your Own Audition, 541,

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