PICTURES OF CHANGE IN PARADISE in American Samoa (circa 1910)

PICTURES OF CHANGE IN PARADISE in American Samoa (circa 1910)

PICTURES OF CHANGE IN PARADISE in American Samoa (circa 1910)

PICTURES OF CHANGE IN PARADISE in American Samoa (circa 1910)


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This 2nd Revised Edition paperback is published on better quality paper with a shiny semi-gloss ink throughout including the 62 illustrations which enable for a clearer and somewhat glossy effect for the photographs and design work. Actually, now the illustrations just 'pop' off the page! This 2nd Revised Edition has won a Bronze Award in History from the Nonfiction Author's Association and the first revised edition is 'on call' at the Library of Congress in the Jefferson and Adams Reading Rooms in Washington, D.C. Plus, a positive review has been given by Kirkus Reviews which states: "A simple, uniquely intimate gateway resource into the early history of American Samoa as well as the influences of colonialism."This Title showcases 55 rare historical black and white professional photographs/illustrations circa 1910 of Samoan culture, people, places and buildings plus 7 other illustrations also included pertaining to the subject matter. The illustrations/photographs include buildings that are on the National Register of Historic Places and National Historic Landmarks Register. The collection of photographs were passed down to the author by three generations of her grandmothers and an aunt saved in a lightly leather bound family photo album with short descriptions underneath. A freelance graphic designer made double negatives and enhanced each photograph in order to make digital illustrations of them. The original 'Ata Mai Samoa' 4 x 6 album rests at the Records of the Government of American Samoa/National Archives. The majority of the photos were taken in American Samoa, a territory of the United States by unknown professional photographer(s) circa 1910. The photographs also depict the forming of the new Naval Guardsman on Island known as the Fitafita made up of Chiefs (Matai) which can refer to an Ali'i or Tulafale. Taupou's and Siva Dancers are also presented within the backdrop in some instances of Pago Pago Harbor where the U.S. Naval Station, Tutuila, once resided.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780997999518
Publisher: Karen's Writings LLC
Publication date: 05/05/2019
Pages: 104
Product dimensions: 8.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.27(d)

About the Author

Karen Wheat lives in Grand Haven, MI with her husband, Richard Meads. Karen is the niece of Joseph L. Dwyer, who was Secretary to the Commandant in American Samoa (1907-1913). Dwyer was the Collector of the 55 Photographs presented in this book from the leather-bound picture album (with captions under each photo) which was passed down to her via grandmother's and an aunt. The professional photographer is unknown. Karen is the mother of four adult children and grandmother to seven grandchildren. She is a graduate of Northwood University with a degree in Executive Secretarial Science. She has traveled to American Samoa numerous times interviewing the people there concerning the photos, researching and taking part and enjoying cultural events plus happily living in the village of Leone for extended periods of time. In an indigenous Samoan art class taught by Reggie Meredith, she learned about the fine art of siapo (tapa design), Samoan mat making and Samoan pottery. It is Karen's hope that the photographs in this book facilitate the preservation of the fine art of siapo, the weaving of fine mats, siva dancing and music, traditional oratory skills, the kava ceremony and the patriotism of those who serve in the United States military. Four of the buildings in the Dwyer Collection are listed in the National Register of Historic Places. She is grateful to have had this meaningful cultural experience and this opportunity to share it. Karen won a bronze award from the Nonfiction Author's Association for History for this book, Pictures of Change in Paradise in American Samoa (circa 1910).

John Enright spent 26 years in American Samoa working for cultural, environmental, and historical resource preservation. His final 13 years there he served as State Historic Preservation Officer. His essays, articles, short stories, and poems have appeared in more than eighty books, anthologies, journals, periodicals and online magazines. His collection of poems about Samoa, '14 Degrees South,' won the University of the South Pacific Press's inaugural International Literature Prize for Poetry. He is the author of the acclaimed 'Det. Sgt. Apelu Soifua Jungle Beat Mystery series,' set in Samoa.

Regina (Reggie) Meredith has been Professor of Art at American Samoa Community College for the past three decades. A native of Tutuila, AS, she holds and MFA from San Diego State University. She is a master at the traditional Samoan bark cloth art of siapo. Reggie's commitment to the perpetuation of siapo includes working with conservators at the Smithsonian Institution's Museum of Natural History on the Samoan siapo collection from the 1800's. Handling the siapo from the past has given her a deeper connection to the ancestral art form. She says of the historic siapo that they "are richly made and show continuity in the motifs and elements that make this art form one to be proud of." Reggie learned the craft of siapo from the master of the previous generation, Mary Jewett Pritchard. It is interesting to note that Mary Jewett Pritchard was the daughter of Joseph Jewett, who was a good friend of Dwyer, the Collector of the Photographs, found in this book. She is also the great-grandaughter of A.D. (Albert David) Meredith, Dwyer;s right-hand assistant in his days in Pago Pago, AS.

Table of Contents


Acknowledgements, p. vi

Foreword, p. vii

Introduction, p. 1

American Samoa Prior to 1908, p. 5

Joseph L. Dwyer, p. 7

The Photographs, p. 10

The Photographs Restored, p. 12

Illustration Numbers and Captions, p. 13

The Picture Gallery of People, p. 15

The Picture Gallery of Places, p. 47

The Picture Gallery of Pago Pago Harbor & U.S. Naval Station, p. 55

The Fitafita Picture Gallery, p. 63

The Fitafita Band, p. 70

Postscript, p. 73

The Fine Art of Siapo, p. 75

Joseph L. Dwyer in Historical Perspective, p. 79

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