Playing Doctor

Playing Doctor

by Jan Meredith

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Playing Doctor by Jan Meredith

One night with a sexy stranger is just what the doctor ordered...

When a fellow RN predicts Beth Roberts will meet a tall, ripped, and totally lick-o-licious stranger who will fulfill her deepest desires, she laughs it off. Given her tragic love life, Beth has no desire to become involved again. But who could have predicted the doctor with the mischievous smile she meets at a wedding, or the chemistry sparking between them that threatens to break through her defenses?

Dr. Gabriel North spent two years blaming himself for his wife's death. Having finally battled through the guilt and overcome his demons, he's ready to move on. When he meets a sexy nurse at his friend's wedding, the attraction is swift and strong, and he wastes no time in pressing his advantage. One night with the woman who makes him feel alive again isn't enough, but gaining Beth's trust is going to take more than seduction…

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781622664078
Publisher: Entangled Publishing, LLC
Publication date: 11/25/2013
Series: Entangled Brazen
Sold by: Macmillan
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 123
Sales rank: 73,833
File size: 2 MB

About the Author

Jan Meredith began her love affair with romance novels in the 80's with Nora Roberts, Sandra Brown and Diana Palmer. She pounded out her first book on a manual typewriter, which now sits on a shelf with red editorial mark-ups all over the pages. Her writing took a back seat to family obligations until the characters shouting in her head demanded her attention. When she isn't working as an Infusion Therapy nurse, she can be found at her computer, working on her next book. She lives near Mammoth Cave, KY with her husband, Tommy, her high school sweet heart.

Jan Meredith began her love affair with romance novels in the 80’s with Nora Roberts, Sandra Brown, and Diana Palmer. She pounded out her first book on a manual typewriter, which now sits on a shelf with red editorial mark-ups all over the pages. Her writing took a back seat to family obligations until the characters shouting in her head demanded her attention. When she isn’t working as an Infusion Therapy nurse, she can be found at her computer, working on her next book. She lives near Mammoth Cave, KY with her husband, Tommy, her high school sweet heart.

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Playing Doctor

By Jan Meredith, Heather Howland, Tahra Seplowin

Entangled Publishing, LLC

Copyright © 2013 Jan Meredith
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-62266-407-8


Scooting her chair closer to the table, Beth Roberts bit back a grin and watched their server wind her way through the early morning diners. Connie was looking at her as though she'd turned down an all-night sextravaganza with Hugh Jackman.

"Okay, back up a minute." Connie waved her hands as if clearing a chalkboard. The clatter of cutlery against plates and conversation from neighboring diners did little to drown the disbelief in her voice. "You're driving up to Lexington to help your son do a wedding shoot, but Drew has made last-minute plans to tour the University of Kentucky and hang out with his friends the whole weekend."


"So ... you have a suite at the Hilton, compliments of the parents of the groom, for the entire weekend and you plan on spending it ... alone?" Pushing her coffee to the side so their server could set her breakfast on the table, Connie shook her head. "There's something definitely wrong with this scenario."

"Yeah?" With a smile of thanks for the server, Beth unwrapped her silverware from the napkin. "And that would be ...?"

"The part where you go back to the Hilton alone."

Beth added a dollop of cream to her coffee and chased it with her spoon. She loved joining Connie for their weekly breakfast get-togethers at Cracker Barrel. Not only was she one of Beth's top nurses at Ridgemount ER, she was also her dearest friend. There were no secrets between them. Theirs was a nothing-is-sacred, no-holds-barred friendship that had persevered since grade school.

When Beth became pregnant in her senior year of high school, Connie had stood as maid of honor at her wedding with Jamie. Three years later, when his unit deployed to Afghanistan, Connie had wept with her at the airport, and then held her hand when he returned a changed man, withdrawn and bitter. When Jamie's anger eventually focused on Beth, turning abusive and claiming the life of their unborn child and later that night his own life as well, Connie was at her side when she'd laid them both to rest.

"You're missing the point of the trip." Beth drizzled maple syrup over her pancakes and sliced off a wedge with her fork. "This isn't about me. It's about Drew." He had been so excited about his first paid freelance job, Beth had thought she'd have to peel him off the ceiling when, after shooting his teacher's wedding, her maid of honor contacted him to do hers as well.

Connie gestured with her spoon. "I'm not missing anything. Drew's a great kid and one hell of a photographer. I totally agree that this is a kick-ass opportunity for him, but there's no reason this trip can't be about you, too."

Beth studied the bowl of opaque goo beside Connie's plate. "How can anyone consider a dish called grits appetizing?"

"How can you call yourself southern and not like grits?" she countered.

"Just because I'm from Kentucky doesn't mean I have to ... don't push that stuff over here. Stop it!"

Laughing, Connie shoveled a spoonful of grits into her mouth and swallowed. "Yum. Now, back to staying at the hotel by yourself ..."

Beth sighed. The girl never gave up. "I'm perfectly fine with spending the weekend alone," she said. "I'm going to enjoy a nice, relaxing evening sipping wine and soaking in the Jacuzzi until I'm limp as a noodle while Jace Everett croons Bad Things to me on my iPod. Then I have the staffing schedule to work on, resumes and applications to review for potential new hires ..."

Connie snorted. "Well, that just sounds like tons of fun. I know that's how I'd want to spend my weekend out of town."

Sadly, having actually said it aloud, Beth had to agree. When Drew had told her of his plans to hang with the guys and check out the campus, the prospect of a weekend of peace and quiet with room service a phone call away had sounded like a dream come true. Now, the more she thought about it, the less appealing it became.

After Jamie's death, Beth had centered her existence on Drew and her job, determined to gather the shattered remnants of her life and move forward. Entering into another relationship with a man hadn't factored into the plan. Now Drew was developing his own social life and making plans for college. In another year he would move out, and for the first time in her thirty-three years, Beth would be truly alone. Her heart hurt a little at the thought. Pre-empty-nest syndrome setting in? Maybe, but over the past few months she had come to understand the quote, you don't have to be alone to be lonely. Lately she had been feeling a little ... antsy. Kind of ... restless.

Okay, just admit it. You miss sex.

There. She'd said it. Well, not out loud, but even the self-acknowledgment was liberating.

She missed sex. Everything about it — the rush of discovering mutual attraction, flirting, the push-pull dance of will-we-or-won't-we, the brush of bodies as boundaries are tested and established, then carefully breached.

And kissing. Oh, God, she loved the feel of a man's mouth against her lips, on her skin. She and Jamie had shared a healthy, vigorous sex life. Until he returned home from the Army. Then everything had changed.

Sharing the revelation with Connie, however, was out of the question. Her friend was just waiting, ready to pounce at the opportunity to reintroduce Beth to the dating scene. She would get to it, but in her own way, and in her own sweet time.

Connie, her sleek brown hair pulled back in a ponytail that would inevitably end up off-center before the end of her shift, drummed her fingers on the tabletop. "Your plan has potential, but is sadly flawed, my friend. It lacks imagination and has no spark, no sex. Now, if it were my plan, I would hook up with one of the groomsmen ..."

Beth's jaw dropped. It didn't take a GPS to see where Connie was going with this. "Please tell me you're not suggesting that I ... have a one night stand with a stranger."

"I'm not suggesting anything of the sort. Did I not say, if it were my plan?"

Beth sat back in her chair and held up a hand for peace. Once Connie bit into a subject, she hung onto it like a bull terrier. "Then by all means, please continue."

"Thank you," Connie gave Beth a queenly nod. "Now, where was I before I was so rudely interrupted? Oh, yeah ... I would hook up with one of the groomsmen and take him back to the Hilton where he'd do bad things to me in the Jacuzzi until he was limp as a noodle. And forget sipping wine." Warming to the subject, Connie closed her eyes as if visualizing the scene. "I would lick it out of his belly button — a perfect innie." She made a little circle with her index finger.

Connie painted a vividly appealing picture, and Beth had no problem taking the scene a bit further. That fine line of silken hair just below his navel would tempt her. She would follow it with her tongue, straight down to his ...


Beth jolted back to reality as a nearby toddler banged on a highchair and made his or her wishes known. While her friend's sexy scenario held a definite appeal, Beth felt obligated and just ornery enough to inject a little reality into fantasy.

"Bellybutton lint."

"Eeewww!" Connie opened one aggrieved eye and aimed it at Beth. "There is no belly button lint on this man. And let's ditch the noodle part, too, because there is nothing limp in this fantasy, either. I would lick the wine off his big ... throbbing ..." she waggled her brows, "clock."

"Connie!" The witch. She'd known exactly what Beth had been thinking. She glanced around to see if any of the neighboring diners had heard her remark.

"Pfft." Connie cocked her thumb toward the wooden partition separating the dining areas. From the other side, the toddler continued to wail and bang a spoon on the highchair tray. "No one can hear me over that. Besides, the kid said it first."

The conversation paused when their server stopped at their table, topped off their coffee, and handed out their checks before moving on to the next table.

"Sounds like you've got this weekend all worked out." Beth slid a tip for the server under the salt shaker. "Why don't you go in my place, and I'll pull your shifts in the ER?"

"No way. I'm not into cockblocking."

A startled laugh escaped Beth's throat. "I'm not sure a girl can even get cockblocked. Isn't that a guy thing?"

"Semantics." Connie shrugged. "The point is, there could and should be one involved. If only we could see into the future." Squinting her eyes, she pressed her fingers to her temples and said, "I predict that you, Beth Roberts, will meet a tall, ripped, and totally lick-o-licious stranger who will fulfill your deepest desires ... from across a crowded room." She grinned. "And wouldn't that be impressive?"

Shaking her head at her friend's outrageousness, Beth blotted her mouth with her napkin and pushed back from the table. "Okay, that's it. You have definitely been watching more than your share of romantic — and I use that term loosely — movies, and as delightfully entertaining as this meal has been, I have a meeting with the architect this morning to go over the blueprints for the ER expansion and need to get a move on." Beth made her way through the maze of tables and out to the cash register, Connie trailing along behind her. "Lick-o-licious," she muttered, handing her debit card to the cashier. "That isn't even a real word."

"Sure it is." Connie stopped to admire the five-pound Hershey's chocolate bar on display. "I can even use it in a sentence: That candy bar looks absolutely lick-o-licious."

"I stand corrected." Beth hooked her arm through Connie's and led her out to the sun-washed parking lot. "Tell you what. If I see anything this weekend even remotely resembling lick-o-licious, I'll buy you that candy bar."

"Deal. And if you can snag one of Drew's cameras, photographs would be appreciated as well." Connie unlocked her car door and studied Beth over the top. "If a person were to think about having a weekend fling to work out a few kinks — and please feel free to interpret that in any way you choose — this would be her golden opportunity. An out-of-town weekend, a hotel suite all to herself, unleashing the inner vixen and playing out her fantasies with a hot guy she can walk away from the next morning ..." She flicked her hand toward Beth's car. "You know I'd give my ex-husband's balls for a car like that, but I'm just saying it might be nice to get your hands on some muscle that doesn't come with four tires, a three-hundred and fifty horse power engine, and a four-speed transmission sometime before menopause hits and your vagina stops working."

"Yeah, if a person were so inclined," Laughing, Beth opened the door of her 1969 Chevelle SS, tossed her purse onto the passenger seat, and slid behind the wheel. While Connie's comment struck a tender nerve, their friendship was too old, too solid for Beth to take offense at the nudge to get on with her personal life. "But you know what? I control the power behind this muscle, every cubic inch of it." She clicked her seatbelt in place and grinned at Connie through the window. "And my vagina is just fine, thank you."

Beth backed her car out of the parking spot and waved at Connie as she drove away, aware that her friend's concerned frown followed her as she pulled out of the parking lot. At the traffic light, she reached for her iPod, plugged it into the auxiliary jack in the stereo, scrolled down the playlist, and chose her favorite song. The car's interior filled with the slow, sexy throb of Jace Everett's, Damned If I Do. His low, gritty voice wrapped her in a sensual cocoon as he crooned of being damned for wanting his lover. A deep yearning coiled in Beth's chest. How would it feel to have a man want you so badly that he'd walk the streets thinking of you, crying into the night, I want you? Loneliness welled up and caught her heart in a vice.

As the song played on, Beth tapped her fingers on the steering wheel in time with the music and stared out the windshield at the car in front of her. Could she lower her defenses long enough to indulge just once? Shrug off her insecurities and enjoy a man's company, his touch, his body pressing into hers as he professed his need for her, for just one night?

The driver behind her blasted his horn, startling her out of her blue funk. She shot the car into gear, eased off the clutch, and turned into the early morning traffic. Thoughts of romance and one-night stands faded with the last notes of the song, and Beth channeled her thoughts to the day ahead, while a little voice taunted, what if ...?

There's a code in the bride's chamber: what's said there, stays there.

While the hairdresser worked on the bride's hair, her entourage lounged in the sitting area of the spacious bedroom suite, sipping champagne and gossiping. The hot topic of the moment was one Dr. Gabriel North. Although she wasn't actively listening to the conversation, a snippet here and a comment there managed to catch her ear as she moved about the room assisting Drew while he took pre-wedding shots. They certainly seemed to know quite a bit about the good doctor.

"... gave up a thriving practice as a pulmonologist after his wife died. Works in the ER now ..."

"... blamed himself for Rita's death."

"What is a pulmonary embolus, anyway?"

"... no social life to speak of, except for his family and friends ..."

"Isn't he one of the groomsmen?"

"... so handsome, and did you see that gorgeous hair?" A collective sigh trailed this comment.

The hairdresser grinned at Beth as she wove a string of antique pearls through the bride's upsweep. "I have to agree with them because between you and me, from the way the doc fills out his tux" — she made the oooo face — "I'm betting that gorgeous head of hair and cleft chin comes along with a rocking hot body. One I wouldn't mind getting my hands on as well."

Unsure of how to respond — she was feeling a touch of sympathy as well as a smidgen of curiosity about the doctor herself — Beth simply smiled and handed the hairdresser another pin.

After a final shot that captured the sister of the bride tenderly fingering the pearls in the bride's hair, Drew motioned for Beth to follow him out of the room. As Beth headed to the door, one of the bridesmaids stood and smoothed out the skirt of her silver, curve-hugging gown.

"Well, the female population of Lexington is being sorely deprived of a prime example of the male species, and I think it's high time someone set Gabe on the return path to the land of the living." She made her way across the room, checked the fit of her gown in a trio of cheval mirrors, and then pouted at her reflection. "And if I wasn't madly in love with my main man, I'd be tempted to hand him the map myself."

Murmurs of agreement floated around the room, which incited another discussion on the best way to bring Dr. North to the dark side.

The redhead's comments reminded Beth of Connie's parting remarks at Cracker Barrel suggesting that she get on with her own personal life. Friends. What would we do without them?

"Mom?" Drew's gentle prod turned Beth's focus back to the present and with one last glance around the room to ensure no equipment was left behind, she followed him out of the suite.

The rest of the afternoon passed in a blur of activity. More often than not, Beth had to jog to keep up with Drew as he dashed from one place to another in order to capture a unique shot. Her toes throbbed, a testament that a great-looking pair of shoes did not guarantee long-lasting comfort no matter the advertising on the box.

Now, with the wedding over and the reception in full swing, Beth's current mission was to locate the bride and her maids and usher them to the next area for photos while Drew finished a long line of family shots. Several times now Beth had observed yet another wedding guest approach him, chat for a moment, and then take his business card. Her pride in him overrode the ache in her feet each time she watched him smile and shake hands with a prospective client.


Excerpted from Playing Doctor by Jan Meredith, Heather Howland, Tahra Seplowin. Copyright © 2013 Jan Meredith. Excerpted by permission of Entangled Publishing, LLC.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
Excerpts are provided by Dial-A-Book Inc. solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.

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Playing Doctor 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 27 reviews.
DebDiem More than 1 year ago
Playing Doctor by Jan Meredith is an exciting, quick read, perfect for those with limited time for reading. Playing Doctor is a well written book. Ms Meredith has delivered an entertaining read with fabulous characters, drama, humor and 5 alarm fire sexy bits. Beth and Gabe's story is a fast paced romp that left me grinning all the way through. I enjoyed reading Playing Doctor and look forward to reading more from Jan Merdith in the future. This is a complete book, not a cliff-hanger. I won a copy of this book from a third party. (Night Owl Reviews I think)
onlyminordetails More than 1 year ago
My Thoughts: I heard a lot of good things about this one, and one day I finally decided to just go ahead and take a dive right into it. Not only did I take a dive, I stayed there for the rest of the night because I couldn't stop reading. The story happens fast, but that doesn't mean it isn't worth every minute. Beth and Gabe meet at a wedding, and it doesn't take long for the two of them to put the moves on each other. Even after things progress the first night, you can feel the shift between them, and it tugs at your heartstrings. The two of them have this absolute sweetness--one you can rarely find in a book, even a novella--and I loved it. Loved every second of it. Especially moments like this: When she turned to him, he pulled her in. "Tell me what you like." Her gaze dropped to his mouth. "Kissing. I like the way you kiss." "My pleasure." Playing Doctor had all the right ingredients for a great story. Characters with depth that you actually cared about and an intriguing relationship that you wanted to see to the happy ending from the very beginning. There is no doubt that I will go back to Jan Meredith sometime in the future after reading this lovely little story. My Rating: Very Good
Crystal_Yawn More than 1 year ago
OMG HOT!!! What a steamy read!!! The characters are very well developed and have a sizzling hot chemistry along with some personal drama that needs resolved.  The book moves at a perfect speed, not leaving you hanging waiting and waiting  The steam factor is smoking I cursed having to do things and not being able to read this straight.  Anxiously awaiting another book from Jan.
Sheilag2367 More than 1 year ago
Such an exciting story of two "broken" people willing only to share a night and not a life time! But discovering that the heartbreak can be healed when the right person comes along...and its so wonderful that "Gabe" recognizes the potential of what they could have and pursues Beth! Wonderful story!
AmyHiggs More than 1 year ago
This story is about Beth Roberts and Gabriel North. Both characters are wounded by their pasts and neither wants a new relationship. They agree to one night together. I liked getting to know these characters and their pasts. I feel like the author did a good job in telling their story within a novella. I really enjoyed this book, a debut by Jan Meredith. I will be on the look out for more books by her.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
teebeePA More than 1 year ago
WOW! I was totally blown away. Once I started reading this story, I didn't want to stop. Nice flow, no confusion, lots of love, steamy hot sex. The chemistry between the two main characters was hot! They totally belonged together. No dull moments here. I was so impressed with this author that  I'm hoping I don't have to wait long for her next book. Great job Jan, you rock!!
ChelleBookReports More than 1 year ago
Beth Roberts just went to the wedding to help her some take photographs.  She wasn't expecting to meet a lick-o-licious doctor that full fills her deepest desires. Dr. Gabriel North has blamed himself for his wife's death for two years.  Can this sexy nurse at his friends wedding heal all his wounds? This is a hot steamy short story that will having wishing for more of there story.  I really enjoyed the characters, the loves scenes are HOT, and the advancement of their story.  Their demons did not overwhelm the story as some can.  It was a great quick read and Jan did not disappoint.  She definitely knows how to write a novella the right way. 
ChristineWarner More than 1 year ago
This little novella is a fun, hot read. I liked the fact that the heroine Beth had an older son and that her and the hero were older as well….33 and 36. Beth also had an interesting background that lent a lot of reality to her reasoning in not thawing her heart in the interest of love… Until… Dr. Gabe North. I can sum him up in one word. YUM! This guy is sex on legs. Smexy dialogue, smexy ponytail, smexy humor. Just. Sexy. He has a few issues from his past as well that bar him from moving on with his future. But both of them work together to overcome their issues. I enjoyed the dialogue and between Gabe and Beth. Sometimes fun and humorous, and sometimes reflective and serious. A nice range to get the feel for each of them and how their pasts have molded their present. I also liked their attraction...very natural and believable. Even though this was a novella, it wasn’t lacking in character development or plot. I enjoyed my little break from reality with this fast paced read, the delicious love scenes, and the book overall.
GeminiCowgirl More than 1 year ago
A great read by Author Jan Meredith! From the way the 2 main characters meet to the way it ends this author knows how to keep you spellbound! Take two troubled people, throw in some emergency CPR and let the fire burn! This author is hot and I can't wait to read more of her books as time goes on. Warning this book will hook you in so that you can't put it down! I received and ARC for my honest review
grandmareads102 More than 1 year ago
Recovering from pain and fear and getting on with life is the hardest thing to do. Just ask Beth Roberts. After the death of her abusive husband, she has avoided men. It's been four years and she realizes that she misses being loved. Beth decides to have a one-night stand with a sexy stranger. Enter Doctor North. He is loving, caring and very giving. He's also dealing with loss. They connect but is one night enough? Jan Meredith's sensual story left me wanting more. Beth and Gabe are dynamite together. They connect on both an emotional and a sexual level. Jan Meredith weaves a wonderful story. This novella is a fast-paced and emotional ride which I enjoyed very much.
Missy_Snark More than 1 year ago
Review by Melissa Snark: PLAYING DOCTOR is a contemporary erotic medical romance. I have to admit, this was my first medical romance so I wasn't sure what to expect. While there's some medical terminology employed in the story but it wasn't too technical for me to follow, although, it was probably put into layman's terms for the sake of the average reader. The language is fun and snazzy and the real meat of the story is the relationship between the hero and heroine, which was handled beautifully. Beth Roberts is a dedicated single mom to her teenage son, a widow and an ER nurse. She's likeable and sympathetic. She was the victim of domestic violence in the past and remains leery of men but her issues aren't overdone. She's a strong, confident woman despite what happened to her and she seems to form a common bond of trust and understanding with the hero immediately. Her mistrust of men is a central point of tension and it is really heartbreaking when she compares the wonderful hero to her dead husband. Gabe North is a doctor and a widower of two years, still recovering emotionally from the loss of his wife. He's handsome and compassionate but has a sweet vulnerability that's heart melting. His guilt is sorrowful and it's wonderful watching him overcome it and decide that her wants to move on--with Beth. I was rooting for him to get the girl right from the get-go. Their meeting is certainly creative—on the dance floor at a wedding, trying to save the life of a man suffering from a heart attack. So very different from anything I've encountered in any other story. Following a sizzling one night stand, the couple goes their separate ways but cannot stop thinking about each other. Gabe contrives to cross paths with Beth again, and their sexy reunion doesn't disappoint. The hero and heroine share great sexual chemistry. The buildup is slow and sensual. Verbal intercourse is hot hot hot. The love scenes are detailed and qualify as erotica. I really loved their back and forth— Gabe blew out a breath and gave the muscle car one last covetous look. Man, he’d love to get behind all that power just once. As if reading his mind, Beth grinned, held out her hand and offered him a set of keys with a small tag on the ring that read, My foot and your a** need to meet. Her brow quirked. “Would you like to drive mine?” “Oh, yeah.” They exchanged keys. “I’m betting you know how to handle a stick.” “I’ve never had any complaints.” He tossed the keys in his hand. The pink stain on her cheeks acknowledged the sexual innuendo. The flash of heat in her eyes said she was interested. Yeah, things were looking up. “He likes a soft foot on the clutch and a heavy one on the gas.” Her voice was a little breathy, an octave lower than usual. He might not make it through the drink. “I’ll be gentle.” She smoothed her hand over the fender, but her eyes remained steady on his. “Don’t be, he likes it rough.” Oh, f** yeah. The story is not dialogue heavy. A great deal of time and care are spent describing characters and surroundings. Settings are detailed and easy to envision. There was a little too much backstory, especially near the beginning, that slowed down the flow but my personal preferences actually run to dialogue heavy stories so I'm sure that influenced my impression. I also thought it was too much of a coincidence that both hero and heroine had deceased spouse instead of at least one of them being divorced. I disliked the couple's failure to use a condom just because they both agreed that they were STD free. It wasn't the responsible decision for mature adults and it intruded on my enjoyment of the sex scenes more than a sentence describing him rolling on a raincoat would have. I loved how the book ended with the potential for happiness, the promise of a positive future together, as opposed to effusive declarations of love following a really short period of time. PLAYING DOCTOR is a great read for fans of medical romance and lovers of sizzling erotica. Well done,Jan Meredith, well done.
PrincessFiona More than 1 year ago
This is a hot and steamy novella with a romance that sizzles. Gabe is lickolicious but is also sweet and vulnerable and incidentally a great doctor. Only trouble is, due to his guilt over his wife's death, he isn't available for anything lasting which makes it a damn shame in the eyes of the entire nursing contingent at the wedding. Beth has her own reasons for steering clear of commitment. She has a son in the last year of school and her first marriage ended tragically. But with the encouragement of her friend, and the motivation of the most hunky piece of man flesh she's seen in a while, she might make an exception for tonight. Just tonight. The relationship develops very quickly with both Beth and Gabe giving more of themselves than they expected during their one night stand. It becomes very clear they have more than just chemistry. How they deal with it and what happens next makes for an enjoyable read with a satisfying ending.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This was a nice quick read. I think it ended incomplete though. I hope she considers a novella or another book on the characters to complete the story. There is definitely more to tell about them.
CindyMeyer More than 1 year ago
I was given a copy of Playing Doctor in exchange for an honest review. As a reader and reviewer, I’m always excited when I find a new author (even if they’re just new to me) that I can share with fellow readers. So, if you haven’t met her yet, let me introduce you to Jan Meredith, and her debut short story, Playing Doctor. You’re gonna love this one! Beth Roberts, a sexy widowed ER nurse, meets Gabriel North, a sexy widowed ER doctor. Both are harboring guilt over the loss of their spouses, and both have gone to great lengths to avoid any attachments since their respective deaths. Gabriel is a groomsman at his friend’s wedding where Beth is doing a labor of love working as the photographer’s assistant for her son. The attraction between Gabriel and Beth is immediate and palpable. Hey, it’s just one night, right? “…I agree with the no romance, no relationship, no complications part and that we’re considering consensual – emphasis on the sensual – sex.” Right… I really enjoyed Playing Doctor. The characters are mature and smart. They know what they want, they know what they’re both afraid of, and they don’t play games. Their conversations are authentic and believable. The ending left me wanting a little bit more, but I did mention that this is a short story, didn’t’ I? So, that leaves me hoping for another encounter between the good doctor and nurse. Nice to meet you, Ms. Meredith! Playing Doctor earns five sexy stars!
GraceDZ More than 1 year ago
HOT Doctor Alert!!! So, recently I've been thinking that I haven't read a romance with a doctor hero in while. This novella was the perfect remedy and exactly what I was looking for! Not only was Playing Doctor a feel-good romance, but it was also unexpectedly funny and scorching HOT!!! I was thoroughly impressed! After tossing flirty, butterfly-producing glances at each other at a wedding, Beth and Dr. Gabriel North officially meet under urgent circumstances. Their chemistry is established right away which leads to a no-strings-attached hook-up. Really, I had no idea how steamy this story was going to get. This is the point where I insert the “HOT Doctor Alert” flashing sign! These two are compatible and insatiable together! One of the aspects I loved about this story is that the author takes the time to flesh out a true communicating relationship for Beth and Gabriel. I loved how they shared parts of their lives during tender moments and afterward as they try to sort things out. That just made it more realistic for me. Beth and Gabriel are both in their thirties, well established in their careers and widowed, so I just adored how these two get a second chance at love. Playing Doctor is fun, sexy, and in the words of Beth's best friend, a “lick-o-licious” quick read. *A complimentary copy was provided in exchange for an honest review.*
Wintry8 More than 1 year ago
Lick-o-licious. Now that might be my new favourite word. Jan Meredith sure knows how to put a girl in the mood for dressing up as a sexy nurse and playing doctor. And boy, were there some very sexy cases of playing doctor in this story. Beth Roberts has been through more than her fair share of trauma, losing both the husband she loved and the child growing inside her to abuse. She’s wary of letting loose and having some fun. But following the advice of her best friend, she decides to go for it when she’s out of town for the weekend. And who wouldn’t let loose when you meet Dr Gabriel North? Yowza! A tortured soul, a man who still feels guilty for the death of his wife, it’s clear to all that the love he had for his deceased wife still ran deep in his veins. But as he sees Beth, he can’t take his eyes off of her and this is where things start to get interesting. This is a beautiful story filled with passion and sexiness. It differed from the other novellas by pulling the reader in and taking them on a short, yet tumultuous journey. The only thing wrong with it , is that it was so short.
RomanticReadsandSuch More than 1 year ago
Playing Doctor is full of passion but it also has a lot of heart. Just over 100 pages, it proves to be a sweet and sensuous little book about opening up and loving again. So curl up with something warm to drink and be prepared to be swept away. Full review available at Romantic Reads and Such on wordpress or BookTrib's website.
Lori-Gonzo More than 1 year ago
I received this book in return for an honest review. This was a very warm heartfelt book. It made you want them both to have a happy ending after their past struggles. Both Gabe and Beth went through troubles in their previous relationships, and it was pretty cool the way they met. I love the instant connections and theirs was pretty hot. The love scenes were on fire and the bath scene was so very intimate. Only solidified their connection. And Beth's friend Connie was hilarious. Loved her. I only wish it was a little longer to see how it all played out. Maybe Connie will have a story and we can get an update on Beth and Gabe! ;)
PsiqueBezerra More than 1 year ago
This was a different story and more dramatic than the others, but I really liked seeing this couple getting a fresh start and enjoying life again. Beth is brave because after everything that happened from her previous marriage is such a dangerous thing to just pick a guy for a one night stand, but she did and I was super happy for her, Gabe was the perfect match and these two needed help getting past something dark from their past. The sex was extra hot and I have no idea how they managed not to break the bed, but these two made a great couple. They had fun together and even managed to overcome some dramatic events from their past. I don’t know if in real life I would believe in those changes so fast, but in the book things sounded so nice.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I don't usually read this level of sensuality, which I would easily qualify as "muy caliente", but even though the story is short without much time to develop the love part of the equation, it is well written. Those who like the sex scenes will find them in spades with some raunchy language thrown in for good measure. The two protagonists meet for one night of casual meaningless sex but wind up falling in love. Later they must deal with the fact that they are going to be working together. One gets the idea that there are going to be an awful lot of steamy board meetings, and that possibly these two will not be allowed to sit next to each other, or at the very least "hands where we can see them!"
Anlenhart1 More than 1 year ago
This is a really sexy book. Beth and Gabe meet at a wedding, and are drawn together by a emergency. They hook up  and she decides not to pursue anything beyond a one one night stand. He decides to surprise he and takes a job at her hospital.  The set up is well written, but I missed transition between hook up and falling in love.  
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I absolutely loved this book! So much so that I read it in two nights - two sleep deprived nights, but it was well worth it. I couldn't put the book down! The characters are solid and feel very "real". I could sympathize with both the heroine (Beth Roberts) and the sexy hero (Dr. Gabriel North). And don't forget Beth's best friend Connie that "predicts" the one-night stand in a very humorous and enjoyable way. The situation is fun and flirty, but the conflict is very strong. The inner conflict of both hero and heroine are equally tormented. With Beth in an abusive marriage in the past, and Dr. North feeling responsible for missing the signs of his late wife's death. Beth is a strong, independent woman that knows what she wants in and out of the bedroom. I loved her strong personality and ability to just be free for one night. As for Dr. North, well he's the McDreamy of the book world. The sex scenes are more than super hot!  The ending doesn't disappoint. The entire book, although short packs a real punch for a story. It has everything and I found myself on a roller coaster ride of emotions. I was laughing through parts and then crying. It is a wonderful read. I would strongly recommend anyone that is looking for a hot read with strong characters (and a hot hero) to read this book.
ValerieStuckInBooks More than 1 year ago
4 stars - Oh yes, this is a quickie - one you will enjoy. If you are looking for that quick sexy read where you are fanning yourself even though your house is cold, then this is the one you should pick up. I've had some pretty good luck with novellas lately and this one is no exception. The characters were well developed and I enjoyed the time I had with them. Sexy doctor who feels guilty that he didn't save his wife and the sexy nurse who should have walked away from her abusive husband make a great connection. They are just what the other needs to heal and move on. I will admit to loving the idea of two people meeting each other and being just want the other needs to move on from a difficult circumstance, but this one did not feel contrived. Both from the medical field, they meet at a wedding. Both in need of moving on after death has touched their lives. Both unwilling to move on until they experience each other. It was sweet. It was hot. It was just what I needed. Don't miss this one if you're looking for hot and sexy with a side of great characters!
AMR0406 More than 1 year ago
What a fun, sexy romance story. Playing Doctor by Jan Meredith is quite steamy and passionate. How the author can turn something like a one night stand into a meaningful, romantic first date where souls are bared is fantastic. I am not usually a fan of one night stand books because I like a relationship to build and develop, but this one worked. Beth Roberts is at a time in her life when she needs to move on from her past and live a little. Her son is  going off to college in less than a year and she will be on her own. Gabe North has thrown himself into his work in an effort not to think about his past, but it is time for him to move on as well. Innocently, Beth and Gabe meet at a wedding, over a medical emergency, no less and it is only the beginning of a passionate and fun-filled night for both of them. Jan does a really nice job developing both Beth and Gabe, especially given the length of the story. The plot seems feasible and it flowed well. The conversation between Gabe and Beth was light and filled with humor but also was heart wrenching and deep at times. It was in those times that you could see the two of them come together emotionally and find a common bond. The intimate scenes were very steamy but also showed the respect that Gabe had for Beth and the little fissures of love that was growing between the two of them. If you are looking for a hot contemporary romance that has well developed characters, a great story and sizzling passion, I recommend you try Playing Doctor.