Pro Drupal 7 for Windows Developers

Pro Drupal 7 for Windows Developers

by Brian Travis

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Pro Drupal 7 for Windows Developers by Brian Travis

Drupal 7 opens the door for you as a Windows developer to build Drupal sites—including custom modules—all without leaving Visual Studio! Pro Drupal 7 for Windows Developers gives you everything you need to know to achieve this, whilst drilling down into the advanced topics that you'll want to master whilst working with Drupal 7 as a Windows developer.

Pro Drupal 7 for Windows Developers starts with the Drupal page model, which Windows programmers can contrast against the ASP.NET page model. You will then explore the various features of Drupal, including the hook model, theming, roles, and caching. You'll also discover the data abstraction layer which lays the foundation for integration with your enterprise-level databases and external systems. Pro Drupal 7 for Windows Developers focuses on the important topics for the programmer coming to Drupal:

  • An up-to-speed introduction to Drupal for developers so that they can get past the initial learning curve most efficiently.
  • Key introductions to the important features of Drupal, including the page model, the hook architecture, the theming layer, and custom module development.
  • How to work with the Drupal 7 features you want to work with within the Windows development environment.
  • Step-by-step tutorials on building, testing, and deploying custom modules for internal use or for sharing with the Drupal community.
Pro Drupal 7 for Windows Developers provides a bridge to Drupal for you as a Windows developer—by speaking your language!

What you’ll learn
  • How to install Drupal in your Windows development environment
  • The Drupal page lifecycle and how it differs from ASP.NET 
  • How to invoke Visual Studio's step debugger with breakpoints
  • The Drupal unit testing and web testing frameworks
  • How to use Drupal with IIS and SQL Server
  • How to program custom modules and customize existing modules
  • The Drupal theming environment
Who this book is for

.NET and ASP developers interested in integrating Drupal 7 into their current environment, and Drupal 7 developers who need to navigate the potential pitfalls of working with Windows back ends.

Table of Contents
  1. Wherefore Drupal?
  2. The Page Lifecycle
  3. PHP and MySQL
  4. Drupal Installation and Configuration
  5. Module Development
  6. Content Types and Permissions
  7. Theming
  8. Testing
  9. The Database Layer
  10. Deployment
  11. Windows Development Environment
  12. From Start to Omega: Using the Omega Starter Kit
  13. Selected Reference Material

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ISBN-13: 9781430231547
Publisher: Apress
Publication date: 02/08/2011
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 452
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About the Author

Brian Travis has been disassembling technology since shortly after birth. Before computers came along, he was content to turn his attention to household appliances. An advocate of the "learn by making mistakes" school, Brian is never afraid of doing just that. He is an expert in information interchange, having been a member of the original Standard Generalized Markup Language committee and involved in various XML-based standards. In addition to working as a consultant to large enterprise customers, Brian has shared his experience as an author, lecturer, and teacher to audiences all over the world. He lives in beautiful New Hampshire.

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