Pro ODP.NET for Oracle Database 11g

Pro ODP.NET for Oracle Database 11g

by Edmund Zehoo

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Pro ODP.NET for Oracle Database 11g by Edmund Zehoo

This book is a comprehensive and easy-to-understand guide for using the Oracle Data Provider (ODP) version 11g on the .NET Framework. It also outlines the core GoF (Gang of Four) design patterns and coding techniques employed to build and deploy high-impact mission-critical applications using advanced Oracle database features through the ODP.NET provider.

The book details the features of the ODP.NET provider in two main sections: “Basic,” covering the basics and mechanisms for data access via ODP.NET; and “Advanced,’ covering advanced Oracle features such as globalization, savepoints, distributed transactions and how to call them via ODP.NET, advanced queueing (AQ), and promotable transactions. It takes you from the ground up through different implementation scenarios via a rich collection of C# code samples.

It outlines database security and performance optimization tricks and techniques on ODP.NET that conform to best practices and adaptable design. Different GoF design patterns are highlighted for different types of ODP.NET usage scenarios with consideration of performance and security.

It provides a comprehensive guide to the synergistic integration of Oracle and Microsoft technologies such as the Oracle Developer Tools for Visual Studio ( It also details how programmers can make use of ODT to streamline the creation of robust ODP.NET applications from within the Visual Studio environment.

What you’ll learn
  • How to use the full set of features available in ODP.NET 11g (with code samples and diagrams illustrating each feature/concept). New features such as using Oracle Streams AQ, promotable transactions, Oracle database event notifications, and Oracle database control are also covered.
  • The core performance and feature differences between ODP.NET, Microsoft .NET Provider for Oracle, OLEDB.NET, and ODBC.NET, together with the strengths and weaknesses of each method. This section also provides comprehensive coverage on the differences between ODP.NET 9i, 10g, and 11g.
  • How to take advantage of connection pooling, fetch size controls, ref cursors, bind variables, client result cache and statement caching via ODP.NET to squeeze every ounce of performance from your .NET application.
  • How to secure your ODP.NET applications via authentication and ODP.NET 11g’s new classes to enforce imperative and declarative Oracle security.
  • The common programming pitfalls and design patterns to use/avoid in different ODP.NET usage scenarios
  • How to use a significant set of features of Oracle Developer Tools for Visual Studio (, including new features such as the AQ designers, user/role management, and performance-tuning tools.
Who this book is for

This book is aimed at .NET developers looking for a comprehensive guide to ODP.NET and its latest features. The book will also appeal to those looking to optimize their ODP.NET applications by applying the best design patterns and other practices.

Table of Contents
  1. Introduction to Oracle .NET Connectivity
  2. ODP.NET: A Functional Overview
  3. Connecting to Oracle with ODP.NET
  4. Retrieving and Manipulating Data with ODP.NET
  5. Using PL/SQL and NET CLR Stored Procedures with ODP.NET
  6. ODP.NET Globalization
  7. Transactions with ODP.NET
  8. Oracle Database Change Notifications with ODP.NET
  9. Using Oracle Database Streams Advanced Queuing with ODP.NET
  10. Oracle XML Support
  11. ODP.NET Security Features
  12. ODP.NET Performance
  13. Design Patterns and Considerations in Using ODP.NET
  14. ODP.NET Tool Basics
  15. Building Data-Driven Applications with ODP.NET

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ISBN-13: 9781430228219
Publisher: Apress
Publication date: 04/04/2010
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Pages: 468
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About the Author

Edmund T. Zehoo is the chief technology officer and co-founder of Arigoo Pte Ltd., an e-forms and workflows solution vendor based in Singapore. He was the lead architect in the four-year design of Arigoo's flagship product from scratch, which is now a mature product in Singapore with a list of multinational corporate customers to its name. He also holds more than eight years of experience in building performance critical .NET e-forms and workflows solutions hosted on top of Oracle databases for large companies and governmental institutions located in Singapore.

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