Profile of a Murder

Profile of a Murder

by Roger Vizi


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Murder and the Internet come together in this fast-paced mystery.

When the body of a young woman is discovered murdered in the woods it's up to a small town detective, Jack Fickees, to find the killer before more young women become his victims.

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ISBN-13: 9780595202799
Publisher: iUniverse, Incorporated
Publication date: 10/11/2001
Pages: 208
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.48(d)

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Owossa is a quiet town located between two large industrial cites. It is the type of town that you love to live in and raise a family. You can see people walking on the streets late at night without fear of attack. This would all change on the morning of July12th with a call came in to the 911 dispatch center reporting the nude body of a young girl was discovered in the woods behind a house on Delany Road.

Detective Jack Fickees would be assigned to the case. It would be the most intensive investigation ever recorded in this town. Detective Fickees, assisted by Officer Johnson, would discover that this young girl had attended Corona High and that she had lived at the Shepard home, a home for mentally handicapped children, during this period of her life. They also found out that her name was Sara Jane Wyman. They also discovered that she spent many hours on her computer in Internet chat rooms talking to all kinds of people. Mrs. Prichard, the woman who ran the home, remembered Sara saying that she could be anyone she wanted to be on the internet, that her condition did not have to be known there.

After High School, she and another resident of the home, Patty Jacobs, had been streamlined into the community and were living in a home on South Chipman Street. Detective Fickees returned to the station to report the findings to the Chief, and Officer Johnson went to the Chipman street address. When he arrived there was no one home. He went to the house next door to inquire about Sara and Patty. Mrs. Adams told the Officer that she had heard about Sara, and that she had not seen Patty in several days. She also informed the Officer that she owned the home the girls were living in. Officer Johnson asked her what Patty had been wearing, and he was informed that she was wearing a short dark skirt, white blouse, and black stockings. Officer Johnson knew this was the same type of clothing that was found near Sara�s body. He asked Mrs. Adams for permission to enter the house. She gave him a key. He discovered a computer in the girl�s room with a note stating Patty was to meet Jim at 2:00. He reported his finding to Detective Fickees and they knew they were dealing with a new type of killer. A Cyber-Killer.

Detective Fickees went undercover with a female officer named Susan James. They spend countless hours in chat rooms at night posing as a young female looking for a man. After several months, Jim contacted them in a chat room. The conversations went on over a period of time until a meeting was set between Susan and Jim.

Detective Fickees wanted Officer Johnson on the case, but was informed that he had taken a sabbatical for several months. So two Sheriff�s Deputies were assigned to the stake out to assist Jack.

From his position across from the meeting place, Detective Fickees recognized the killer, he informed the Deputies to only communicate with the cell phone as this person could monitor all police calls. When Susan and the Killer left the meeting place, Jack knew they were heading for the killer�s house. He advised the Deputies where they were going, and how to get there. He took up a position in the front of the house, and the Deputies in the rear. Jack watched through the window until he saw the attack begin. He ran to the front door and began banging on it. Bang! Bang!

He opened his eyes and looked around his living room. Bang! Bang! He lowered the footstool of his recliner and went to the front door. When he opened it, he saw Officer Johnson standing there. He said they had been trying to reach Jack for over an hour. They needed him because a person called reporting a body being discovered on Delany Road.

"Oh my God! Not again" is all he could say as he locked the door behind him.

About The Author
After spending nearly two and a half years honing his writing skills in non-fiction during which he wrote The Homeowners Guide to Basic Gas Furnace Repair (self-published) and Forced Hot Air Furnaces - Troubleshooting and Repair (McGraw-Hill 1999), Roger Vizi has turned his attention to writing quality fiction. His first book, Profile of a Murder, was conceived while watching the way people use internet chat rooms and personal profiles. He says, "The Internet is a deep and dark hole that can be used for great good or very dark evil. It is up to each of us to decide how it is to be used, and to maintain the control of our own destiny."

Mr. Vizi lives in Beaverton, Oregon with his wife Nadine.

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