Programming ASP.NET: Building Web Applications and Services with ASP.NET 2.0

Programming ASP.NET: Building Web Applications and Services with ASP.NET 2.0

by Jesse Liberty, Dan Hurwitz

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O'Reilly has once again updated its bestselling tutorial on ASP.NET, the world's leading web development tool from Microsoft. In Programming ASP.NET, Third Edition, authors Jesse Liberty and Dan Hurwitz give you the lowdown on the technology's latest version, ASP.NET 2.0, as well as Visual Studio 2005.

Among the most significant improvements to ASP.NET 2.0 are new server controls and services that make you dramatically more productive. In fact, when compared to its predecessor, ASP.NET 2.0 reduces the amount of code you have to write by about 75%. Creating interactive web applications has never been easier-but that still doesn't mean it's hassle-free! The difficulty in ASP.NET 2.0 is that it's so complete and flexible that there are many pieces that must be woven together to build a robust, scalable, and efficient application.

Fortunately, Programming ASP.NET, Third Edition is on the case, dispensing all the information you need to be effective with this dynamic tool. For starters, the book features a comprehensive tutorial on Web Forms, the user interface that gives web applications their look and feel. It then offers detailed explanations of all new controls, including web server controls, HTML controls, and custom controls. Used properly, these controls are able to take care of nearly all the foundation work-security, data access, layout, etc.-that you would normally have to write yourself. Free of these burdensome tasks, you can instead focus on your specific application.

Other new material found in this updated edition even shows you how to create ASP.NET 2.0 pages for mobile devices. With Programming ASP.NET, Third Edition at your side, there's virtually no end to the programming possibilities.

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ISBN-13: 9780596552732
Publisher: O'Reilly Media, Incorporated
Publication date: 10/26/2005
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 960
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About the Author

Jesse Liberty is the best selling author of Programming ASP.NET, Programming C#, and a dozen other books on web and object oriented programming. He is president of Liberty Associates, Inc., where he provides contract programming, consulting and on-site training in ASP.NET, C#, C++ and related topics. Jesse has been a Distinguished Software Engineer at AT&T and Vice President for technology development at CitiBank.

Dan Hurwitz is the president of Sterling Solutions, Inc., where for nearly two decades he has been providing contract programming and database development to a wide variety of clients.

Table of Contents

1.ASP.NET and the .NET Framework1
The .NET Framework1
2.Hello World6
The HTML Version7
The ASP Version8
Hello World the ASP.NET Way9
Hello World Using Visual Studio .NET11
Event Model20
ASP Versus ASP.NET Events21
Event Arguments23
Application and Session Events24
Page and Control Events24
Postback Versus Non-Postback Events25
Comparing ASP.NET to ASP26
HTML Server Controls37
ASP (Web Server) Controls48
5.ASP Control Details57
The Basics57
Label Control63
TextBox Control63
Button Controls64
HyperLink Control69
Selecting Values71
Selecting from a List79
Panel Control130
6.Programming Web Forms199
Using the IDE241
7.Tracing, Debugging, and Error Handling265
Creating the Sample Application265
Error Handling291
The RequiredFieldValidator299
The Summary Validator309
The Compare Validator313
Range Checking322
Regular Expressions324
Custom Validation326
9.Data Binding331
Data Binding and Postback334
Binding to a Class336
Binding to Other Simple Controls338
Binding Radio Buttons and Checkboxes339
10.List-Bound Controls, Part I349
Shared Properties and Collections350
The DataGrid Control352
Next Steps424
11.Accessing Data with ADO.NET425
Bug Database Design425
The ADO.NET Object Model429
Getting Started with ADO.NET434
Managed Providers438
Creating a Data Grid441
Creating Data Objects by Hand469
Stored Procedures484
12.ADO Data Updates495
Updating with SQL495
Updating Data with Transactions504
Updating Data Using Datasets522
Multiuser Updates548
Command Builder564
13.List-Bound Controls, Part II568
Binding to the DataList and Repeater Controls568
The Repeater Control569
The DataList Control576
In-Place Editing580
DataList Editing596
14.Custom and User Controls609
User Controls610
Custom Controls631
15.Web Services Overview665
How Web Services Work666
Protocols and Standards671
16.Creating Web Services675
A Simple StockTicker676
Creating a Discovery File717
17.Consuming Web Services722
Creating the Proxy723
Creating the Consuming Application731
18.Caching and Performance752
Types of Caching753
Output Caching754
Object Caching767
The HttpCachePolicy Class794
Benchmarking and Profiling804
20.Controlling, Configuring, and Deploying Applications837
What Is an Application?838
Controlling the Application843
Configuring the Application864
Deploying the Application893
A.Relational Database Technology: A Crash Course899
B.Bug Database Architecture904

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