Proses, Rhymes, and Something Else . . .

Proses, Rhymes, and Something Else . . .

by Delf Luis Ross


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ISBN-13: 9781524647148
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 10/31/2016
Pages: 174
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.37(d)

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Proses, Rhymes, and Something Else ...

By Delf Luis Ross


Copyright © 2016 Delf Luis Ross
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-5246-4714-8



The moment that I saw your arrive, without thinking, and without realizing it, you trapped me. Your gaze of affection was the laser that has gone through my existence. The sweetness of your lips, the source of love which I have always wanted. The brilliance of your eyes like two big stars struck the fullness of my life. Your walk to my presence, the rotation of the Earth the floor I walk since the day I came to the world. Your beautiful body, the perfect gift that engulfed my joy. Your smile like a half Moon, the gateway to eternity. Your shining image etched in my memory as a canvas of silk. The perfume of your skin, the breathing space to live the fullness and the delights that are not purchased. Your tender hands like two red roses; symbol of perfect love, the white, your incomparable purity. Your feet, the fortress and refuge in my solitude. I have lost the hope of freedom because I am trapped at the bottom of your heart. Angelic voices lulls me into my deep sleep and locked up in your love absent. My final sentence, it is loving you at the bottom of my being.


Centuries have passed and centuries to come. Generation after generation, prevails his unrelenting harshness. Its insatiable anxiety that dominate the weak. The strong are please without the restriction, and at the powerful tolerates without limit. With the wealthy, it sit for eating. With the criminals makes a pact. He has a personality that is suited to all social levels, and penetrates into the deepest of any category of life. His tentacles reaching every corner of the Earth. There is no place where it does not have presence. Subliminally enters the marrow of his followers, accomplices and victims. Convinces with cunning his executioner, to then, not liberate it or release it so easily. Thousands or million years was born, and baptized with dignity, with elegance, and precious gold for the powerful. Slavery; Yes; I am referring to slavery. It was the cause of death with chains, whips, fire and mutilations to the defenseless and the weak. All Governments, hierarchs, Kings, Princes, clerics, big and small towns or countries, around the world fight with great vehemence but have it in hand to make use of it. Also, they are trapped some large one way or another, and that do not like dropping the weight on them. Thanks to the modern man, it has acquired a lot of new names such as; the law, the regulation, the code, the Constitution, the standard which all proclaim as the triumph flag without leaving aside the development, and technological advancement, scientific, academic and Governmental. His presence and his power will exist around the world. In everyday life, it is apparent generosity to all human beings. When, in reality, it is a trap silent that omit any suspicious sound. Just grab a pen, a pencil, a drop of ink and paper where capture firm, fingerprints, seal or the initials of the identity. Found in all parts of life even on those who are on their way. There is no man or woman that is free from it, any society at any social level is respected. It is a minority benefiting, and take advantage of it while the majority of the population, it is a sword that hurts, and kills slowly until people finish with the strength, and the will of the human being. It has an eloquent name for the strong. Of category and suitable for the weak. Converted as epidemic, plague, and virus or even as a microbe, that is hardly detected the damage and prejudice caused to the innocent. He is honored and exalted with fervor in stands of high esteem. Heralded as a triumph and Crown maximum of a tireless struggle with sacrifices of thousands of lives lost. The powerful political and economic, can break the law at will. Accommodate and tailored at will the misfortune to the rest of humanity. There is no hope that can be fought and applied with dignity. The weak and the helpless, will be the slaves on behalf of the name of the law that is yet unchanged, slavery.


One night I dreamed of giving you my love, and one day dwell in your heart. The doors are open for you to pass freely. Before I see you, and before you ask what belongs to you, beforehand it's yours. The windows are open to circulate our breath without stop. The curtains flutter with happiness seeing the eclipse of the moon with the Sun. The night belongs to us, gathering firewood at the fireplace that it might not turn off not fathom. Near you, smoothly to feel the energy of my skin. Silently cover me with your sweet kisses. Two fine-looking cushions featured for you, and two mattresses where to lay your body. A sigh in the deep fire. A single life pulsating in the background of my being. A single love enjoy forever. Make me to walk in the streets of heaven, and greet the stars with my palms. On the Moon I want to sojourn, and to the world never return. Fly Pigeon, flying my Dove, reach up to the third heaven, and make me scream of joy and everlasting happiness.

    4. THE IMAGE

    You are very beautiful but your heart is empty.
    You look beautiful, but your soul is void.
    Your body is a sculpture, and there is no one who values you.
    You provoke admiration without feeling full.
    You have everything perfect but you just look like an object.
    You look very high when your destination is on the ground.
    Today you can be remembered and forgotten you tomorrow.
    The day that you go, some will weep and others rejoice it.
    Your smile is of happiness over your face, it is sad.
    You proclaim triumph while hidden failures.
    You show great love, but empty by inside.
    You shine like the Sun, and darkness inside you.
    You dazzle as like the moon but you do not have to light.
    You are surrounded by the crowd with the abandoned house.
    You are a total deception to those who truly love you.


Look up the eyes to sky, and find a bird fly. His world is an infinite space, and his eternal abode is the tree. One day had nest, another day the branches. He learned to fly without help from anyone. Fell many times but never stayed on the ground. It is a star that you like. Looking and walking knowing that he has no feet or hands. The everyday Sun smile even though has no feelings or emotions. The glow of the Moon, it is the continuity of life. Every twenty-eight days, it renews to illuminate those that rest while others work. Your life is like the Sun because there is no one to stop it. You rest as the moon where everything must be quiet and peaceful. The bird lands on earth only when it is necessary. The other three remain in space as owners, and masters of the same. You, why do not you arise in spite of the small falls that you have, if you are on solid ground, and you are owner of your life. Therefore, you do not stay on the ground, get up and be happy with what you have. Look at the Sun that emits strength. The Moon that gives peace. The star that promises hope. The bird that sings and flies every day without thinking about tomorrow. Live like them, enjoy every opportunity you have, because you do not know if tomorrow you will live or die.


    Sincere love surrounded me,
    Which did not stay with me.
    Angelina gently approached,
    Inviting me toward the Hill.
    On the sidewalk, I found Basilia,
    And we went away from the family.
    With Virginia, I started to play,
    A place unfamiliar to us all.
    Hortensia hang around me,
    And she follow me without resistance.
    In the distance I saw Imelda,
    But I almost end up in jail.
    Also, I met an Ignacia,
    In fact, she was Anastasia.
    I arrived at the house of Susana,
    Where I was received by her sister.
    Silently it approached Juliet,
    Pointed at me with a shotgun.
    I reached to the Bella Guadalupe,
    And hold her with my love, I could not.
    Another day, I was surprised of Dominga,
    And I confused her with a Gringa.
    Eulalia wanted to steal me,
    But Amalia rescued me.
    Many times Martha, insisted talking to me
    I discouraged it with a letter.
    Susy unexpectedly interfered,
    And took me to a cute swimming pool.
    I loved the beautiful Armida,
    With whom I wanted to share my life.
    As a stroke of luck, Monica appeared,
    Escorted with a Philharmonic band.
    Happily Leticia waited on me
    And it was to do me justice.
    I follow walking as I were lost,
    When I reacted, as if I was sound asleep.


Talk about the occultism, it is to think about an evil event. It is to believe in a demonic artifact. It is to imagine spirits and evil angels. It is inserted into the depths of darkness and dense darkness. The religion of all kinds is against such a practice the occultism. Although, the word occult, comes from the verb; hide, that there is derived, hide, keep secret and cover what commonly is known, lying or deception. Great servants of God, preach and teach the sinful is, and which leads to such belief. It is true that there are groups that have made it as devotion, adoration, and service to Satan. Behind the religious scandal, the servants, Governments, parents, siblings, children, grandparents, and throughout society as a whole; each is immersed, and linked to the real occult. Not of belief or of ideas, but of everyday practice each person or individual. Watch carefully what they do not say to your father, your mother, your wife, your husband, to your employer or employee. A man declares his love to you and become your girlfriend or lover knowing that you are married. A woman loving you, conquer and convert it into your secret love. It is not only your love, you keep it because you have children with her. Society itself knows who steals, kills, harass and threat, but does not say to the competent authority at least trying to stop, although the world is full of good intentions. He prefers to hide the evil in his house, town, city or country. If at this time, you cannot call your secret to indicate person, it is the same as hidden. Even if you say, you are not supporter or participant of the occultism, while not revealing you, which you consider harmful for you or another person, it will be more serious, if you keep it until the day of your death. It is best that you act now.


    I see you pass on the top of the mountains,
    I contemplate your incomparable beauty.
    When you walk in the Crystal breeze,
    I enjoy the wonders of your figure.
    The wellspring of joy and happiness,
    Through the hills of the universe.
    The lights of your eyes, illuminates those who pose beneath your feet.
    Eternal is your love and tenderness imparted at the soul.
    Fervent is your love at the dying spirit.
    Your remoteness, each time is ever closer,
    With the encouraging fragrance to live eternity.
    Your presence makes flee time, and the deficiencies no longer exist.
    Your image, is a guide with no return direction.
    Your hair like the waves of the sea that drowns out the heavy routine.
    Your voice as the song of the sparrow that brings joy to the needy.
    Your energy lift the fallen without hope.
    Your arms the refuge, and your hands a consolation.
    So, I say you highness, and I give you my reverence with loyalty.
    Your puff instills me life, and the sky it dress formal,
    When you rise to the stars.
    The inspiration that you convey, it is infinite.


We could come very far, and fly over long distances until arrive the goal. Let's harvest and enjoy the fruit of our efforts. To live aging and even die together. To enjoy the honey of unconditional love but it was not possible to share the beauty of life. I hope you find the ideal person, you are looking for, and you can love without excuse. One must know and retain the opportunity that comes only once in life, because after that, it does not return where it was rejected. In such a way that no regret nor lament you do today, you have left to never come back. Perhaps someday will be what today is not among us. Hereafter we will walk along separate paths. You will not reach me to know how I am, nor do you miss me as much as absence. You are not mindful of passed love that we had. I carry the affection that for a moment you offered. The love that you gave me, shall be my shelter and shade for my happiness. Our destination will be different but we will always be the best and unique friends.


Sometimes what most matters to us, it is worn or is going to never come back. We do not take the time and the opportunity to say; I want you, or I love you. Many times it shames us to express, I like you; for fear of being prosecuted and rightly so, because the values of man has been adrift and on the verge of disappearing. Life is so short and so precious that we sometimes ignore how valuable and how wonderful that is. Better we are dedicated to criticize, condemn and give pity to others. We think and believe that we are nothing loved for anyone. But one day, I received this message from someone important who believes, that I am worth being taken into, and that I am special in life. That I am unique like a Pearl. Perfectible for a better life. Appreciated as an invaluable treasure. At see me front a large mirror, I entered in reason why and how tell me the truth. After a deep breath, I putted the feet on the Earth, and as soon as possible, I send messages to people who are important for me, I made them see how great, and beautiful they are. The good, the excellent, specimen they are, and they share without malice intent. I felt that was my chance at life that I have around me. Now, think you about this. Suppose that one morning you do not wake, you do not see anyone beside you or worse yet, you are not here in this world. Your family and your friends, your classmates and other loved ones, they know, how much you like them and love them? Have proven to them with a salute, a hug or a kiss? Of course, the prejudice and bad imaginations are faster than good intentions. Let all know how you feel, although you believe that they do not love you. It is surprising what two words and a smile can do. In case, if God call me with him, I want to know you, I want you, and I love you with all my being. I ask you to live each day to the fullest, and forgive those that are bad and affront you. You do not keep what hurts your soul but retain what benefits your spirit. You do not insist or cling to something that is not for you or that you left your hands escape. Performs what is within your reach because tomorrow is not promised. It is today, gives us a chance to life. Now, it is the time to live the reality. Not let the courage to ruin your happiness. Not let pride make you lose what you have earned with great effort. Not let resentment to complete with your moment of happiness. Not wait or miss another chance to make someone happy or you the same. Always appreciate and care for those who are with you because they are thinking beings. Not to deliver fully to what is devalued, and lost interest because it is not worth the penalty at the end of the day. You are on time to do everything you want in life without to prejudge anyone.


Be negative, it moves you away of the person most dear or beloved. It makes sick to whom have trusted you by so many complaints and whining. A negative one, it always remember the past, not because it have learned something good but it still dragging his bad history. All the time, it hoped that he please and satisfy his whims. He do not see other options or find another way. He blames others when failures occur. It seeks to impose its will where it should not be. It want to be included in plans and projects. It castle in the love to receive what has not won. It thinks that always makes more than the other person. It cannot act by itself alone. Someone has to be motivating them continuously. The disorder of his life reflects in the house or at work. To escape of negativism, is a better option but more excellent is to go away than to stay beside personal or private life.


One of the angels of heaven, has been brought to the world to brighten up and revive the smallest. The most poor, humble and solitary man you look and visit. Because with your beauty, tenderness, love and affection, it is the untold wealth that reflects on your face for anyone who contemplates the brilliance of your eyes. As the Moon in your fulminating glow of night shining from the heavenly city. That inspires poets known friends and strangers to express their intimate and hidden feelings. The magnitude of your beauty covers the imperfection of the world. You surely smell fragrant, incomparable in the life for young and old. Your sweetness, simplicity and generosity enriches the existing. Your smile, that motive and the reason to look at the heights of the sky which is your glory and perpetual abode.


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