Qorbanot: Offerings

Qorbanot: Offerings


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A collaboration between poet Alisha Kaplan and artist Tobi Aaron Kahn, Qorbanot—the Hebrew word for "sacrificial offerings"—explores the concept of sacrifice, offering a new vision of an ancient practice. A dynamic dialogue of text and image, the book is a poetic and visual exegesis on Leviticus, a visceral and psychological exploration of ritual offerings, and a conversation about how notions of sacrifice continue to resonate in the twenty-first century.

Both from Holocaust survivor families, Kaplan and Kahn deal extensively with the Holocaust in their work. Here, the modes of poetry and art express the complexity of belief, the reverberations of trauma, and the significance of ritual. In the poems, the speaker, offspring of burnt offerings, searches for meaning in her grandparents' experiences and in the long tradition of Orthodox Judaism in which she was raised. Kahn's paintings on handmade paper, drawn from decades of his career as an artist, have not previously been exhibited or published. They reflect his quest to distill a legacy of trauma and loss into enduring memory.

With a foreword by James E. Young and essays by Ezra Cappell, Lori Hope Lefkovitz, and Sasha Pimentel, the book presents new directions for thinking about what sacrifice means in religious, social, and personal contexts, and harkens back to foundational traditions, challenging them in reimagined and artistic ways.

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ISBN-13: 9781438482927
Publisher: State University of New York Press
Publication date: 04/01/2021
Series: SUNY series in Contemporary Jewish Literature and Culture
Pages: 152
Sales rank: 967,880
Product dimensions: 7.00(w) x 10.00(h) x 1.00(d)

About the Author

Alisha Kaplan is a poet who lives in Toronto, Canada. This is her first book. Tobi Aaron Kahn is a painter, sculptor, and Professor of Fine Arts at the School of Visual Arts. His art is the subject of several books, including Objects of the Spirit: Ritual and the Art of Tobi Kahn, by Emily Bilski. He lives in New York City.

Table of Contents

Foreword James E. Young ix


Study for QUADAR 2

Grain Offering 3


Study for YMNAH 6

Guilt Offering 7

Peace Offering 8

Study for VEIKUT 9

Study for EIKA 10

Masada Offering 11

Study for AKYLA 12

Guilt Offering 13

Guilt Offering 14

Study for OLYH 15

Study for YSKUA 16

Peace Offering 17

vow 18

Study for KYNH 19


Study for Tyla 22

Prelinguistic Offering 23

Sin Offering 24

Study for SAKEN ABI 25

Sin Offering 26

Study for YDRA 27

Offering from Which There Is No Turning Back 28

Study for AYALA v. 1 31

Offering of the Unclassifiables 32

Study for MUKAPH 33

Study for ORTYA 34

Burnt Offering 35

vow 36

Study for ARYNH 37


Study for MYRR 40

Sin Offering 41

Grain Offering 42

Study for AHMAM 43

Sin Offering 44

Study for GHAMA 45

Study for ESALH 46

Offering in Which an Angel Appears to Moses in a Blaze of Fire from the Midst of a Bush 47

Study for SHAARH 48

Sin Offering 49

Study for EKHEV 50

Burnt Offering 51

Offering to the Lost Poet Rosemary Tonks 52

Study for AHDU 53

Study for JHYA v.3 54

Heave Offering 55

Burnt Offering 56

Study for UPILH 57

vow 58

Study for KADYH 59


Study for RYSTA 60

Heirlooms Offering 61

Guilt Offering 62

Study for ZYRHA v.3 63

Offering to My Mother 64

Study for TZAAK 65

Study for KESER 66

Burnt Offering 67

Burnt Offering 68

Study for KANAKI 69

Study for CKIYA 70

Burnt Offering 71

Dinner Table Offering 72

Study for AERAH 73

vow 74

Study for KHYTA 75


Study for AKAMU 80

Offering of Ten Dresses 81

Study for QINTA v.3 82

Offering to Azazel 83

Offering for Béla Rubinstein 84

Study for KETUBA 85

Study for AGAREH 86

Grain Offering 87

Offering in Which the Speaker Transcends to the Third Person 88

Study for IYHAN 89

vow 90

Study for ARA ILAM v.3 91

Study for MYSHA 92

Salt Offering 93

Orientation Offering 94

Study for YETZIRA v.4 95

Offering of Seven Heavens 96

Study for LEHU 99

Study for BYKOT 100

Offering in the Holy of Holies 101


Avodah 105

Study for STARHA v. 1 111


Too Long a Sacrifice Ezra Cappell 113

In the Spaces Between Lori Hope Lefkovitz 119

What We Can Offer Sasha Pimentel 125

Acknowledgments 131

List of Images 133

About the Authors and Contributors 135

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