Quantum God: How Life Really Works

Quantum God: How Life Really Works

by Michelle Langenberg


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ISBN-13: 9781452571287
Publisher: Balboa Press
Publication date: 07/09/2013
Pages: 294
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.62(d)

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How Life Really Works

By Michelle Langenberg

Balboa Press

Copyright © 2013 Michelle Langenberg
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-4525-7128-7


Will you have the soup?

If thou canst believe, all things are possible.

Mark 9:23 (KJV)

In the image of God ...

Once upon a time—Star Date 29 December, 1966—I watched in wonder as crew members of the Enterprise beamed down to an uncharted planet for "Shore Leave" where Dr. McCoy caught sight of a white rabbit chasing Alice, a Samurai warrior attacked Lieutenant Sulu, and Captain Kirk met an old flame, who looked just as he remembered her. Before the Star Trek episode ended, Kirk and his crew discovered the planet itself was making their thoughts, their fantasies, and their fears come to life. Gene Roddenberry had, in fact, attended many channelings of the divine "Council of Nine" and heard their message: "The Earth was created to be a paradise."

What if we do live on such a magical planet? One summer afternoon, my mom and I went to watch a city parade. She loves parades. I don't. Not as a child, and not as an adult. That day I was hot and hungry and kept thinking, "I want a cigarette and a piece of gum." A couple of hours passed, along with most of the parade. As the stream was winding down, Mom and I began walking back to my car. After a half block or so, at the tail-end of the parade, a few stragglers passed us. They were tossing out goodies, and I caught two pieces of gum.

Those two pieces of gum may seem trivial, but they transformed the outing into a magical adventure. There they were, products of the Law of Manifestation, lying in my hot little hand. I laughed for the joy of it—a wish come true!

What if each of us is our own genie, except that we don't need any thing, like a transporter or Aladdin's magic lamp, because the magic is already inside us? Christian and Jewish scriptures say that we humans were "made in the image of God." But in Sanskrit, God is neti, neti: "Not this, not that." Not things. Our likeness to God refers to our capability of creating as God does.

So why do we worship Jesus or Buddha (or rock stars and sports celebrities)? Because we think we can never be like them. But we are. The Church has separated the human "us" from our birthright, the divine "Us." And why not? Any business requires a group of people who needs its products or services. Where would cobblers be if we were all hobbits? Where would hospitals be if everyone believed in our inherent ability to possess complete good health? What would happen to many churches if everyone believed in our inherent goodness, because we have been created in the likeness and goodness of God?

We haven't fully grasped the implication of "in God's image." We haven't claimed the role of creator as our own. The truth is that the Divine is what we are, and we are always creating, whether or not we realize what we're doing.

Always creating ... even miracles? What if miracles are the way life is meant to work all the time, but our disagreements, denials, and tenacious clinging to half-truths throw a giant wrench into what was supposed to be a divinely running operation?

Living in the Shadowlands

Plato used an analogy suggesting most people live in a cave, sitting with our backs to the mouth of the opening. Outside the cavern shines the light of true reality, but on the inside we only notice the shadows cast on the stone walls. Then we base our science and philosophy on those shadows.

This sounds a little like the veils of the Hindus. The Hindus believe we abide in maya. Maya, however, is not our world but the belief that the illusions we see is the true realm of existence. Over the last century, science has been playing catch-up in trying to understand how to move past the shadows and dispel the illusions by more fully comprehending the system we're living in.

In the Twilight Zone of my childhood, Rod Serling told us each week that we unlock the door to new dimensions of the mind with imagination. The door is unlocked not with a key, but with a new thought, an open mind.

Albert Einstein compared our universe to the movies we watch in theatres. The ancients already knew this; the Sanskrit word for "creation" is srishti, which means "projection." And don't we love movies? The Matrix movies portray the majority of humans asleep, with each person merely dreaming of living in the world. This theme is also hinted at in the Bible: "And the Lord God caused a deep sleep to fall on Adam, and he slept." But no verse following this passage ever mentions that Adam woke up.

Like Neo, are we all asleep? A Taoist parable tells about a man who dreamed he was a butterfly. Upon waking, he asked himself, "Am I a man who dreamed he was a butterfly, or a butterfly dreaming it is a man?" Mystics through the ages have agreed that we are indeed asleep—and many of us are living in a nightmare.

I agree! I want to wake up, or at least learn how to direct my own dream.

Belief Systems on the Go

Imagine two people walking side by side down a winding path. If we ask them to describe their journey, one might say it was heaven while the other claimed it was hell, and they'd both be right. Our belief systems envelop each of us and go with us wherever we go.

I have been like the second traveler, and I don't travel light. As a treble Cancer, my home goes with me. In my little four-cylinder Saturn I carry food and drink; books and word puzzles; notebooks for teachers' meetings and church; a blanket, pillow, and extra change of clothes; recycled bags for groceries (which I forget to take into the store); art portfolio and resumes; lipstick, earrings, and perfume; a dog leash and fold-out chair; petty cash, a suitcase of teaching materials, and books to give away. If I lug all this material stuff everywhere I go, what emotions and memories and self-condemnation am I also hauling around? For too long I failed to realize the door to my take-along hell was locked on the inside, and that I myself held the key in hand. No, make that "in mind." It's as if I had been living in the C.S. Lewis story where people have damned themselves to hell, and nothing other than their own choice prevents them from entering heaven.

So what is the truth about how life works? Can anything be absolutely true? In scientists', theologians', and parents' search for truth, they have found that there are constants the world goes by, physical laws that are always true:

Toddlers like playing with the boxes their gifts come in.

It rains after you wash your car.

Gravity always holds true ... uh, except for the yogis who levitate.

The shortest distance is a straight line between two points ... except for a swami who, a man from India once told me, vanished and reappeared the next instant a hundred yards away from where he and his family were standing.

The World of Quantumstuff

Can levitation and teleportation be true? Yes. What scientists call quantum entanglement makes teleportation possible.

All sorts of weird things can happen when we learn that atoms are filled with "quantumstuff," which acts like a cloud of possibilities. From this nebulous, almost-real stuff the magic arises. What it comes down to is, we are each a genie. A magician. A creator.

The whole world is made from almost-real stuff? Clouds of "maybe" and "probability?" Wait a minute. That sounds like the Twilight Zone. I'm touching this paper. The chair I'm sitting in is holding me up. I'm flesh and blood, not supernatural.

But honestly, I also know that my physical senses do lie to me. The Earth does seem to be flat, doesn't it? And sometimes I know who's calling before I pick up the phone. Maybe I'd better move beyond my five senses and take a look at the quantum world.

To understand what the quantum world is like, find a photograph on the Internet. It looks like a product the ad agency is trying to sell you, but if you look very closely, you'll see that the screen picture is made up of a bunch of colored dots. When you zoom in even closer, even the pixels look different. They seem boxy and meaningless, while the larger picture, taken as a whole, looks smooth and realistic.

The macrocosmic world is like that photo, but instead of pixels it's made of quanta, little cloudbursts of energy whose essence is more like a thought than a thing. Photons are the quanta in a light beam; electrons are a kind of quanta in atoms. Everything is composed of quanta, and all processes are governed by the rules of quantum theory.

Everything is composed of little magical packets of potential called quanta. Although human beings are slow-moving macrocosms in relation to subatomic particles, we are composed of quanta and what quanta can do, we can also do. And quanta, as we shall see in Chapter Four, can do mind-boggling things.

The new physics shows that humans are capable of much more than we ever thought. Even Jesus said that the things he had done, so shall we do, and more (John 14:12). We possess abilities we've reserved for the Divine, the Christs and Buddhas, the avatars and swamis. In fact, the word "Christ" is historically merely a term given to "enlightened" people, including early Hebrew kings.

My son, Sean, and I have trouble when we visit a restaurant. He can't decide on the best item to order, and I know chances are good that I'll pick something I won't like and then feel bad about having to pay for food I didn't enjoy eating. But if the soup's homemade, it's a sure bet for both of us and a big tip for the wait staff.

From Quantum Soup, Everything We Touch Turns to Matter

When we turn our backs, "reality" is the quantum soup of potentialities. But then we look and everything we see, everything we touch turns to matter.

How does quantumstuff work? The world is like "quantum soup," and it stays soupy until our attention freezes it into subatomic particles, turning it into ordinary reality. That means, as both physicists and Rod Serling have noted, imagination is the key that transforms potential ingredients into the meal, city, planet, and universe.

It's time to use our imagination, like rubbing a genie's lamp or putting on a magician's cape, and consciously use the laws of quantum physics. The concepts below have progressed from theoretical spiritual ideas to scientifically proven ideas:

• We are all connected.

• Everything, including all "living" and "non-living" matter, vibrates at a specific frequency.

• Anything physical begins as a mental concept.

• Our thoughts, feelings, and actions affect everything in existence.

• Time does not absolutely move in only one direction.

• There is something beyond what we can see, hear, touch and taste.

• Heredity, karma, conditioning—none of these are unchangeable limitations.

• Light behaves like both a wave and a particle, and so does everything else.

• We are energy systems—frozen light—using a fraction of our potential.

• We have access to the wisdom of the ages.

• We are co-creators of our lives and our world.

These and the principles that follow can rouse us from the nightmare many of us are co-creating. In our present age, science and spirituality are brother and sister philosophies working hand-in-hand to wake us up.


Physically, we are both transmitters and receivers.

A tree beside the wall stands bare, But a leaf that lingered brown, Disturbed, I doubt not, by my thought Comes softly rattling down.

Robert Frost "A Late Walk"

Good Vibrations

After nearly twenty-five years of marriage, my husband and I sold the home where we'd raised our children and moved to Oregon. After a year, we returned to the Midwest; our marriage was eroding and we were both suffering from deep depression. We needed to buy a house quickly, but the market was terrible. We found shoddy houses in our price range. Even the homes we couldn't afford had old furnaces, cracked foundations, leaky roofs. Each one we looked at was too old, too far from work, too something or other. Finally my dream house went on the market. It was beyond our price range, I knew, but there was no cost for looking. "There's an Open House on Lamar this Sunday," I told John. "Can we go?"

We did, and oh, the Arts and Crafts bungalow struck a chord deep inside me. Appreciating the craftsmanship of the home, I ran a hand lovingly over a varnished window casing, a hand-sanded post, a beveled glass pane. John picked up on my feelings but reacted in a totally different manner.

By the time we walked down the front steps, John was fuming. I felt his frustration and the anger it had engendered and, as usual, I became defensive. However, I'd lately been "practicing peace" and paused a moment to calm down. Before getting into the car, I took a deep breath and formed the intention of radiating peace instead of engaging in strife. This commitment made all the difference; a gentle word to John led to untangling the misunderstanding—that home was not an option. Together we drove on to the next Open House.

The Beach Boys sang about good vibrations. Did they mean that humans are walking guitar strings? It may sound strange, but vibrations make sense when we stop to think about how, when we're stressed out and feeling bad, everything goes wrong. "Heavy" matters "weigh" on us. During an argument, the tension is "thick enough to cut with a knife." And when we're feeling cheerful or when we've fallen in love, everything looks brighter, everyone acts more kindly, and life is good. We feel "drawn" to some place or person, "lighthearted," or even "spacey," as if we're walking on air. We feel repulsed by certain personalities, "drained" by others, and attracted to people with "magnetic" personalities.

We talk about being "on the same wavelength" when we feel a rapport with someone because we have matching vibrations at that time. Rapport is an example of resonance, which means, literally, to "echo." Resonance is "like attracting like." Resonating people feed energy to one another in "sympathetic vibrations," which is how they're liable to come up with some really good ideas and finish one another's sentences. It drives my children crazy when I expect them to finish my thought, but when my mother or friend, Roxie, and I are talking together, that Gilmore Girls sort of dialogue comes naturally, right down to saying the same words at the same time.

Excerpted from QUANTUM GOD by Michelle Langenberg. Copyright © 2013 Michelle Langenberg. Excerpted by permission of Balboa Press.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Table of Contents


Foreword....................     vii     

Preface....................     xi     

Part One....................          

One: Will you have the soup?....................     1     

Two: Physically, we are both transmitters and receivers....................     9     

Three: Individually and en masse, we shape the events of our lives.........     13     

Four: Anything goes....................     19     

Five: Goodness is a given....................     31     

Six: We have constant access to wisdom, support, love, and strength via
our connection to God....................     43     

Seven: What we focus our attention on is what we come to experience........     53     

Eight: Most people go about their daily routines in a highly suggestible
state of mind....................     59     

Nine: Judgment separates us from what we are judging and destroys our
peace of mind....................     65     

Ten: We can only hope to change ourselves and how we respond to any event..     75     

Eleven: A deliberately directed intention of good will is a more powerful
force that we can imagine....................     83     

Twelve: Positive effects are created only from a state of peace............     89     

Thirteen: The most effective prayer is a repeated and unvarying image ...
or just plain letting go....................     95     

Fourteen: Groups are dynamic....................     109     

Fifteen: One person can make a difference....................     115     

Sixteen: Lessons will be repeated until they become disasters dire enough
to claim our attention....................     123     

Seventeen: Miracles are the way life is meant to work all the time.........     133     

Eighteen: Let's do it—Now!....................     143     

Nineteen: God-ing is a Multi-Level Process....................     151     

Twenty: Change is the only unchanging aspect of life....................     159     

Part Two....................          

How Do We Begin to Live These Principles?....................     171     

1. We are willing to change....................     173     

2. We believe in "six impossible things before breakfast" and live without
fear....................     177     

3. We maintain our own self-esteem....................     180     

4. We "spend what is in our purse." (Or our heart.)....................     186     

5. We practice joy....................     191     

6. We go for a walk on our Path....................     195     

7. We make personal peace a priority....................     198     

8. We DECIDE to be happy (and then we stop trying so hard).................     203     

9. We accept things as they are (but make them shine brighter).............     208     

10. We place ourselves in win/win situations....................     215     


Ayurveda....................     219     

Yin/Yang Balancing....................     221     

Meditation....................     224     

Breathing and Attunement....................     230     

Blessings....................     236     

Affirmations, Dreams, and Burning Bowl....................     237     

Problem Solving....................     240     

The Universal Golden Rule....................     241     

Native American Ten Commandments....................     242     

Quiz: Are Science and Spirituality Really Worlds Apart?....................     244     

Beyond Space-Time: Author's Note....................     248     

Bibliography....................     249     

Endnotes....................     257     

About the Author....................     279     

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